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Independent 8169 / Dac

Posted by Bertandjoyce on December 19th, 2012


A very pleasing puzzle from Dac.

There was much to enjoy. We thought that the surface reading of many of the clues was excellent – 12 ac, 14ac and 24ac for example. 19d brought back some memories of listening to our son’s music! 2d was a ‘write-in’ when we had a few crossing letters but it took a while to remember that the Oasis hit had an extra word at the start!

There was a lovely misdirection in 11ac which we enjoyed too!

There is a very minor comment about a possible superfluous word in 23ac but we may be missing something. It certainly didn’t spoil the pleasure! Thanks K’s D for your comment which on reflection Joyce would agree with – also thanks for your comment about 18d which I altered on the blog this morning but failed to change in the preamble!

1   Pressure put on old college to achieve growth
POLYP POLY (old college) + P (pressure) = growth
4   Watering holes, mostly cold and uncivilised
BARBARIC BAR  BAR (watering holes) + ICY (cold with last letter removed or ‘mostly’) = uncivilised
10   Backward individual – poor pupil head expelled, say
ENOUNCE ONE (individual) reversed or ‘backward’ + DUNCE (poor pupil) with head removed or ‘expelled’ = say
11   Pages of writing found in box close to West Ealing location?
FILM SET MS (pages of writing as in manuscript) inside FILE (box) + T (last letter or ‘close’ to wesT) = Ealing location
12   Vegetable popular in French restaurant
AUBERGINE IN (popular) inside or ‘in’ AUBERGE (French restaurant) = vegetable
13   Friend from abroad taking a journey on motorway
AMIGO A + GO (journey as in the verb) on MI (motorway) = friend from abroad
14   Mounted action to sort paperwork
DOCUMENTATION Anagram of MOUNTED ACTION (anagrind is ‘sorted’) = paperwork
17   Social security payment, I note, is for discussion by the Left
INCOME SUPPORT I + N (note) + COMES UP (is for discussion) + PORT (left) = social security payment
21   Panic, as marines do?
ALARM A LA (in the manner of or ‘as’) + RM (marines) = panic
23   Former student and university friend meeting over a period
GRADUALLY GRAD (former student) + U (university) + ALLY (friend) = over a period. ‘Meeting’ seems a little superfluous to the parsing of the clue but it is needed to help the whole clue make sense.
24   Author, say, needs to have working PC
RIGHT ON RIGHT (sounds like author as in the verb – to write) + ON (working) = PC as in Politically Correct
25   Worried animal will go round nibbling one flowering plant
GODETIA ATE (worried) + DOG (animal) reversed or ‘go round’ outside or ‘nibbling’ I (one) = plant. We were thinking of making a comment about the fact that we didn’t do this in Vietnam (ate dog) but decided against it! Mind you, if they taste as good as all the rest of the food we had while we were there, they are no doubt delicious!
26   Scandinavian calls Reagan ’regressive’
NORSEMAN NAMES (calls)+ RON (REAGAN as in Ronald Reagan) reversed or ‘regressive’ = Scandinavian
27   Live comfortably after start of downturn
DWELL WELL (comfortably) after D (start of Downturn) = live
1   Trotters in pastry dishes? British lad surprisingly gets stuck in
PIEBALDS B (British) + anagram of LAD (anagrind is ‘surprisingly’) inside PIES (pastry dishes) = trotters as in horses who trot!
2   Play Oasis hit? No don’t!
LOOK BACK IN ANGER DON’T LOOK BACK IN ANGER (THIS Oasis hit) with DON’T removed = the play by John Osbourne. This clip from Judi Dench’s 1989 production features Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thomspon.
3   A Roman gathering in photo giving full view
PANORAMIC A + anagram of ROMAN (anagrind is ‘gathering’) inside PIC (photo) =  giving full view
5   Fear lad upset woman
ALFREDA Anagram of FEAR LAD (anagrind is ‘upset’) = woman
6   Timber transported by Hannibal’s army
BALSA Hidden within or ‘transported by’ hanni(BAL’S A)rmy = timber
7   Euro’s stature nil after crash? It’s a risky business
RUSSIAN ROULETTE Anagram of EURO’S STATURE NIL (anagrind is ‘after crash’) = risky business
8   German wearing extremely clean fabric
COTTON OTTO (German) inside or ‘wearing’ CleaN (first and last letters of CLEAN or ‘extremely’) = fabric
9   Kingdom of Spain enlisting private army
LEGION LEON (Kingdom of Spain) around or ‘enlisting’ GI (private) = army
15   I’m beaten up and incarcerated
IMPOUNDED I’M + POUNDED (beaten up) = incarcerated
16   Vessel crossing river has trouble in part of the rigging
STAYSAIL SS (vessel) around or ‘crossing’ TAY (river) + AIL (trouble) = part of rigging
18   Brief colleague, having received information before a battle
MAGENTA MATE (colleague) with last letter removed or ‘brief’ around or ‘receiving’ GEN (information) + A = this battle.
19   Rap singer drooping about second part of show
SHAGGY SAGGY (drooping) around or ‘about’ H (second part of letter of sHow) = rap singer. One of the few rap singers we know as we were subjected to THIS song when we were skiing one year with our son and his friend!
20   Right turn, changing direction to take in a short cut?
RAT RUN R (right) + anagram of TURN (anagrind is ‘changing direction’) around or ‘taking in’ A = short cut
22   US College course in religion that goes over a cleric’s head?
MITRE MIT (US college) + RE (course in religion) = this thing that goes over a cleric’s head!


9 Responses to “Independent 8169 / Dac”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    You run out of things to say about Dac’s Wednesday Indy puzzles, because week in, week out, they are well-constructed and entertaining. LOOK BACK IN ANGER I enjoyed, but SHAGGY? Is Dac trying to get down with the kids, or what? We’re all middle-aged obsessives, for goodness’ sake: we don’t want any of this modern stuff …

    I don’t think there’s anything superfluous in 23ac: GRAD, U and ALLY are ‘coming together’ or ‘meeting’. And I’m not sure which superfluous word you are referring to in 18dn? But thanks for a comprehensive blog as always.

  2. Bertandjoyce says:

    Hi K’s D. Bert checked the blog this morning after it was posted and pointed out a glaring mistake I’d made in parsing 18d. When there are two of you solving together the other person doesn’t always notice how the clue was parsed by the other one – well at least that is my excuse! I altered the blog but forgot I hade made mention to the clue in the preamble.

  3. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Dac for a crossword that was completely enjoyable apart from 19dn (I gave up on this one) and thanks also to B and J for the blog, especially for 9dn which I had guessed correctly but not been able to parse.

    As usual there is very little to say about a Dac crossword. One think I particularly like is when a multi-word answer is broken up into parts crossing the word break – 11ac, 17ac, and 20dn were good examples of this.

  4. Pelham Barton says:

    Correction to 3: “One thing I particularly like …” What was I thinging of?

  5. hounddog says:

    My musical background clearly differs from Pelham’s as I got Shaggy fairly easily and I got Leon in 9D from the band Kings of Leon (even though I don’t actually know any of their music).

    As is always the case I got held up on what, once I saw it, was blindingly obvious; in this case ‘rat run’.

  6. Rowland says:

    I think the Indy likes to stay hip, so Shaggy would be just fine!

    Smooth stuff, Keep Calm and Do Dac.


  7. Bertandjoyce says:

    As far as the Indy staying ‘hip’ Rowly – the link included for Shaggy’s track goes back to 2000!

  8. Rowland says:

    Still not bad for ‘crossword hip’!

  9. Kathryn's Dad says:

    I refer you all back to my previous comment – for most of the existing audience ‘hip’ will be something they are looking forward to getting replaced one of these days …

    Seriously, I do enjoy the contemporary feel of the Indy crosswords – some new young setters bringing a breath of fresh air, and those who might be described as ‘senior’ compilers still young at heart. Which hopefully will mean a younger generation getting into cryptics.

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