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Financial Times no.14,192 by Orense

Posted by Ringo on December 20th, 2012


My brain has already gone on its Christmas holidays. This, coupled with a handful of tricky words, made this enjoyable offering from Orense a tougher-than-expected solve – but there was a reward waiting for me at the finish, in the form of a perimetrical…

This is my last blog of 2012, so I’ll take this opportunity to wish everyone – setters, bloggers, solvers, lurkers, commenters – a very merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!


1. TELUGU  T(h)e + lug [pull] + U [universal]

9. EMOTICON  Anagram of economist minus s [small]

10. IDOL  Sounds like idle [‘resting’]

11. FISCAL DRAG  FI [F1, Formula One] + scald [burn] + rag [(news)paper]

12. ARNE  RN [Royal Navy, military service] within a(bsenc)e; ‘noted person’ is a cryptic definition of a composer, i.e. one who deals in musical notes

13. AESTIVATES  Anagram of vet is at sea

17. WELT  Initial letters of Worry English Lanuage Teachers

18. KYOTO  Reversal of toy [play] within KO [knockout]

19. LAIC  L [left] + I [one] within Ac [account]

21. OOPS-A-DAISY  O [zero, duck] + anagram of soap + dais [platform] + Y [yes]

23. GO TO  Got [obtained] + o [ring]

24. HULLABALOO  Hull [outside of ship] + a + Baloo [the bear in Kipling’s Jungle Books]

28. EXAM  Reversal of axe [cut] + (ter)m

29. WRITE-INS  Anagram of win theirs minus (cas)h

30. SETTEE  set [group] + tee [supporter of (golf) course]


1. GENDARME  Gen [lowdown, information] + anagram of armed; ‘Nice’ refers to the French city

2. OUBLIETTES  I [one] within (d)oublet [jerkin] + reversal of set [fixed]

3. OUTFLANKED  Double definition

4. DENS  De [French for ‘of’] + n(ational)s

5. TOGA  Alternate letters of sTrOnGmAn

6. HIND  Hand [worker] with I [one] replacing a

7. IODATE  I [independent] + [old] + date [assignation]

14. SHOJI  Ho(ur) [thirty minutes being a ‘half hour’] within SJ [Society of Jesus, Jesuits] + I [one]

15. IVORY COAST  Ivory [cream-coloured] + s [son] within coat [fur]

16. ALLEGRETTO  All [everybody] + egret [long-legged bird] + (s)to(p)

20. INTRANET  Anagram of natterin(g)

22. OEUVRE  O(rchestra) + anagram of revue

25. LOTS  Lo [look] + t(hing)s

26. BRIO  B [born] + Rio [carnival venue]

27. LASH  As [when] within L [left] + H [hand]

The letters around the edge of the completed puzzle – the ‘perimetrical’ – spell out GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT…

3 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,192 by Orense”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Orense for an enjoyable puzzle and Ringo for the blog. I failed to spot the perimetrical (or Nina) until I had finished solving. it would have helped with 2dn – my last answer in, and it certainly goes some way to compensating for a rather disjointed grid.

  2. fearsome says:

    Thanks Ringo and Orense
    I was still a few off yesterday but then got down to just 2 this morning
    so cheated to get Telugu and Oubliettes to end my frustration
    I noticed at the start that there was the maximum perimeter squares in the grid but still missed the message. Doh

  3. MikeC says:

    Thanks Ringo and Orense. Enjoyable, good stuff – as usual the Nina was totally lost on me!

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