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Independent 8173 by Quixote

Posted by Jed on December 24th, 2012


Festive fare from the Don






1 MASS dd

3 HAVERSACKS bags AVERS (states) in HACKS (cuts)


11 EXACTOR demanding person EX ACTOR

12… Once in royal David’s city stood a lowly cattle shed (anagram from ‘today – to’)

16 SNOWFALL winter feature S (sun) NOW (this time) FALL (autumn)

18 CORSAGES flower sprays COR (gosh) SAGES (wise men)

24 IN-HOUSE within organisation (HEINOUS)*


26 INDEFINITE a – indefinite article (FIEND)* IN (TIE)*

27 USED exhausted [am]USED (tickled minus A M)


1 MISCONDUCT bad behaviour M (maiden) IS CONDUCT (wave arms!)

2 SLIP COVERS book jackets COVER in SLIPS (cricket)

4 AWEARY tired WEAR (clothes) in A Y (yen)

5 EVERYONE all – hidden in [chor]E VERY ONE[rous]

6 SWALLOW-TAILED like extreme of bird WALLOW(indulgent act) in ST (street) AILED (wasn’t well)

8 SARK island SHARK (fish) minus H (hard)

10 BLINDMAN’S BUFF game dd

13 EARTHWORKS defences and EARTH WORKS (electricity)


17 MELODEON musicmaker (ONE MODEL)*

20 ODDEST most peculiar O (old) DD (theologian) EST (French for is)

22 MIDI in France ID (I had) in M1 (fast road)

( )* = anagram    dd = double definition    [ ] = omit

2 Responses to “Independent 8173 by Quixote”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Quixote for a pleasantly straightforward puzzle and Jed for the blog. Favourite clue 26ac for the definition “Like a”, although I am sure that this is not the first time this has been used.

    I took the long anagram on trust and it certainly opened the puzzle up, giving us two letters each of 1/2/13/14dn and three each of 6/10dn. Normally I regard it as undesirable when two answers cross more than once, but with an answer as long as the one here, it is practically inevitable.

  2. Bertandjoyce says:

    A quiet day on the blog – we wonder why!

    Thanks Quixote we enjoyed 25ac, it raised a smile. One of us saw the long answer fairly early on thankfully as we started the puzzle quite late.

    Thanks Jed for the blog – may you have an enjoyable day tomorrow!

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