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Financial Times 14,196 by Armonie

Posted by Jed on December 27th, 2012


Fine fare







7 SAFE dd

9 STAG (animal) T[hreatened] in SAG (decline)

10 ASTOUNDING (shocking) [h]OUND (‘arry) in STING (scam)

11 SCREEN (guard) CR (crown) in SEEN (noticed)

12 NUTRIENT (sustenance) NUT (lunatic) I (island) in RENT (tore)

13 ASPIRATE (supply air) ASP (snake) IRATE (very angry)

15 STEP (tramp) PETS< (caresses rejected)

17 EDIT (check) TIDE< (tendency retrograde)

19 ON THE JOB (at work) (JOHN TO BE)*

22 REVEREND (minister) EVER (always) in REND (distress)

23 INFLUX (stream) N FLU (new infection) in IX (nine)

25 ILLITERATE (a dunce) ILL (sick) ITERATE (quote)

26 VIEW (opinion) VIE (contest) W (wife)

27 TREK (march) hidden backwards in [po]KER T[ournament]

28 ELECTORATE (voters) ELECT (prefer) O RATE (no local tax)


2 NOTICES (advertisements) (SECTION)*

3 INGLE (fire) [s]INGLE (one)

4 CHAINSAW (powered devise) CHAIN (bond) SAW (noticed)


6 TRUSTY (faithful) T (tenor) RUSTY (out of practice)

7 SIDE ISSUE (lesser matter) (SUSIE DIES)*

8 FINANCE (money) N[ationalist] in FIANCE (intended)

14 IN THE PINK (very well) IN (batting) EP (record) in THINK (reason)

16 STRIDENT (unpleasantly rough) STRIDE (walk) NT (National Trust)

18 DWELLER (denizen) D WELLER (Sam in Pickwick Papers)

20 OPULENT (rich) OP (work) U (university) LENT (fast)

21 SEVERE (dangerous)  SEVER (disconnect) E[lectricity]

24 FEVER (delirium) F (fellow) EVER (always)

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse    dd = double definition

2 Responses to “Financial Times 14,196 by Armonie”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Armonie for a crossword that was reasonably straightforward to solve but very enjoyable because of the many smooth surfaces, and thanks Jed for the blog. Too many good clues to single out a favourite.

    17ac: My one grumble. This really is a completely ambiguous clue, although of course the ambiguity is resolved by either of the checked letters.

    2dn: I am not completely happy with “special” as an anagram lead, but it is in the list in Chambers 2011 (in the section called A Wordgame Companion) so setters have every right to use it.

  2. fearsome says:

    Thanks Armonie and Jed
    Very enjoyable

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