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Financial Times 14,197 by Bradman

Posted by Jed on December 28th, 2012


Absolute corker – especially 15down






1 APPOSITE suitable A P (quiet) PO (river) SITE (location)


9 ABEYANCE suspension ANC (African party) in A B (British) EYE (detective)

10 ARMADA fleet RM (marines) in A ADA (girl)

12 LABEL mark L (left) on ABEL (Bible)

13 ACID HOUSE (1980s youth movement) AC (bill) (HIDEOUS)*

14 ITHACA island hidden in [w]ITH A CA[stle]

16 ROSEOLA German measles ROSE (girl) A LO< (a look back)

18 PARESIS partial paralysis PARE (cut) SIS (little girl)

20 MEDINA 2nd holiest city in Islam ME (this writer) D (died) IN A

22 DRAVIDIAN dark, wavy-haired race DR (doctor) AVID (eager) IAN (Scot)

23 MATER mother MATE (reliable friend) R (recipe)

24 MAIDEN girl AID (help) in MEN (blokes)

25 ACRIMONY (bitterness) IM (I am) in A CRONY (chum)

26 COMITY civility OM (honour) in CITY (square mile)

27 RELEASED freed LEAS (meadows) in DEER<


1 ARABLE farming ARAB (horse) LE (the French)


3 SMALL piddling [loutishness]S MALL (shopping area)

4 TOCCATA music piece CAT (jazz fiend) in A COT< (a bed turning over)

6 PURCHASED got hold of (USED CAR HP)*


8 SPACE BAR witty dd

11 DIOR couturier DI (princess) OR (gold)

15 ABSTINENT &Littish TIN (can) in ABSENT (off)

17 EPIDEMIC disease MED< in EPIC (large-scale)

19 SHIN to kick H (hard) in SIN (something wicked)

20 MONOCLE optical device CON< (trick upset) in MOLE (spy)

21 FRAYED ragged F (female) RAY ED (chaps)

23 MAINE in America sounds like MAIN (premier)

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse    dd = double definition


3 Responses to “Financial Times 14,197 by Bradman”

  1. ernie says:

    Thanks, Jed.

    In 17D it is med plus i(one) which is reversed inside epic.

  2. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Thanks, Jed.
    Not sure this is an ‘absolute corker’, but I must say that in the last two years or so I have become a great admirer of this setter in all of his disguises. Effortless and precise cluing combined with good surfaces. I won’t complain.

    As you say, 15d (ABSTINENT) is utterly brilliant.
    It will go down in my Book of Classic Clues, and is surely a contender for the Clue of the Year.

    Only one comment (now two), not much for a quality puzzle like this.
    Blame it on the season.

  3. fearsome says:

    Thanks Bradman and Jed
    Paresis eluded me, really liked abstinent.

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