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Inquisitor puzzles – 2012 favourites

Posted by HolyGhost on December 31st, 2012


Having aggregated the “votes” for the most favoured Inquisitor puzzles of 2012, I can now reveal the outcome:

No. Title Setter Date
1243 Paradise Kruger 18-Aug-12
1245 Barred Nutmeg 01-Sep-12
1257 Cover Version Jambazi 24-Nov-12
1240 Solve for x and y Gila 28-Jul-12
1254 Alike Ferret 03-Nov-12
1215 Countdown Schadenfreude 04-Feb-12

So, congratulations to Kruger (well ahead of the rest of the field), and an honourable mention goes to Schadenfreude for the top clue of the year (in puzzle 1215): 38a How many times on time? [TOFT]

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One Response to “Inquisitor puzzles – 2012 favourites”

  1. Kruger says:

    My thanks to HolyGhost for conducting the survey and to all solvers who “voted” for Paradise. I’m pleased you enjoyed it.

    Thanks must also go to the Indy team, our IQ editor and the vetters who make the whole Inquisitor experience possible. They do a great job!

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