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Financial Times 14,200 by Gozo

Posted by PeeDee on January 2nd, 2013


Apologies for the late post today.  Any help with 20dn?

Gozo crosswords are on a subject, I think of them as lessons in Crossword School.  Today we are having games.  I found this quick to solve but not nearly so quick to explain why.  I am still stuck on 20dn – any help please?  Thank you Gozo (sir).


1 Footballer’s game – it’s not true(6)

GOALIE GO (board game) A LIE (its not true)

4 Why this fielder hobbles? 5,3)

SHORT LEG cryptic definition

10 Risky system revealed to a frisky A-lister (9)

TOTALISER TO and (A-LISTER)* – a betting system

11 Not told about this game’s inside(5)

LOTTO found inside nOT TOLd, reversed (about)

12 Flower that’s thrown at a bull? (4)

DART double definition – river in Devon and bull on dart board

13 Team accepting initial direction during attack by hammer, say (5,5)

FIELD EVENT D (first letter of direction) in ELEVEN (team) in FIT (attack)

15 Butter in German wine before a fight (5-2)

WEIGH-IN GHI (Indian butter) in WEIN (wine, German) – before boxing match

16 Statistician making twenty runs(6)

SCORER SCORE (twenty) R (runs)

19 Eton oarsman, tipsy, gets twelve old pence (3,3)

WET BOB WET (tipsy, opposite of dry) BOB (shilling, twelve pence) – slang for rower at Eton

21 The worst peak at F1 race feature 3,4)

PIT STOP PITS (the worst) TOP (peak)

23 More insurance for fielder (5,5)

EXTRA COVER cryptic definition

25 Man on foot going north (4)

PAWN PAW (foot) N (northerly, going north) – a chess man

27 Small select rowing boat (5)

SCULL S (small) CULL (select)

28 Lutz performer performing trick with ease (3,6)

ICE SKATER (TRICK EASE)* anagram=performing – the Lutz is a skating manouevre

29 Agassi’s not one who’s showing wisdom of equestrian discipline(8)

DRESSAGE anDRE’S (missing AN=one) SAGE (showing wisdom)

30 Club suit (6)

HEARTS souble definition – Scottish football club and cards


1 Completes the hole – gods went wild (4,4)

GETS DOWN (GODS WENT)* – get to the bottom of the hole, job done

2 A fire left raging following death(9)

AFTERLIFE (FIRE LEFT)* raging=anagram

3 In torpid lethargy (4)

IDLE in torpID LEthargy

5 Problems for Ennis during race?(7)

HURDLES cryptic definition

6 It is reported Dahl loves porridge (6,4)

ROLLED OATS sounds like (reported) “Roald dotes”

7 Turner putting strip of wood on edge of table (5)

LATHE LATH (strip of wood) on tablE (edge of)

8 Play group’s leading entertainers(6)

GHOSTS G (leader of group) has HOSTS (entertainers – play by Ibsen

9 Appoint while on post (6)

ASSIGN AS (while) on SIGN (post)

14 Group out late in old capital (3,7)

THE BEATLES LATE* (out=anagram) in THEBES (old capital)

17 Sort of fan of former farm vehicle(9)

EXTRACTOR EX (former) TRACTOR (farm vehicle)

18 Rioting at university, embracing(2,2,4)

UP IN ARMS UP (at university) IN ARMS (embracing)

20 Chap approving reservation (7)

BOOKING BO (chap) OK-ING (approving) – thanks to Pelham

21 Bits of sandwiches and barrels of wine (6)

PIECES triple defintion – bits, sandwiches and wine barrel measures

22 Knowing much of the language in 5 down (6)

VERSED ERSE (language) in V (five) D (down)

24 Time former police force starts engineering halt in fighting (5)

TRUCE T (time) RUC (former police force)  Engineering (start of)

26 Possible limit to English island (4)

SKYE SKY (possible limit) and E (English)


7 Responses to “Financial Times 14,200 by Gozo”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Gozo for the puzzle and PeeDee for the blog.

    20dn: BO = chap OK’ING = approving.

  2. PeeDee says:

    Thanks Pelham, never heard of BO for ‘chap’ before. I should have spotted the OK-ING for ‘approval’ though, no excuses for that.

  3. Bryan says:

    Many thanks PeeDee and Sir (?) Gozo.

    This was very enjoyable but, even though I entered WEIGH IN, I only discovered where GHI came from just now. I must try and remember that.

    Funnily enough, I have never heard of it before – not even when I have been in India.

    No problem with WEIN – I’ve heard that many times before in Germany and Austria.


  4. PeeDee says:

    it is normally spelled GHEE, which might be more familiar

  5. Bryan says:

    Thanks PeeDee @ 4

    Not to me it ain’t.

    Gee … what next?

  6. ernie says:

    Thanks PeeDee

    Re 29A

    It is the an (one) which is missing from Andre’s which I am sure you knew.

  7. PeeDee says:

    Thanks ernie. Its amazes me how when I look at one of my own blogs I only see what I think I wrote, not what I actually wrote.

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