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Financial Times 14,202 by Falcon

Posted by Jed on January 4th, 2013


Enjoyable puzzle






1 COWSLIP rabbit in Watership Down COW (heifer) SLIP (lose footing)

5 DECAMP leave suddenly D[e]E CAMP (affected)

8 SNODGRASS Thomas Jefferson DONS< (fellow aback) GRASS (rat)

9 NORTH statesman hidden in [u]NORTH[odox]

11 ASPIC relish A S[ausage] PI (very good) C (cold)

12 TROUT FARM hatchery OUT (visible) in (RAFT)* RM (marines)


15 ABBESS head of convent A B (bishop) BESS (Elizabeth)

17 ERRANT wayward E (English) RR (bishop) ANT (social worker)


22 VINGT-ET-UN pontoon (cards) (VETTING)* UN (French a)

23 PIQUE ill-feeling PIQUE[t] (card game curtailed)

24 RIOJA wine O (nothing) (JAR I)*

25 ESOTERICA mysterious objects (I CREATE SO)*

26 PROSIT salutation PRO (for) SIT (model)

27 FANTASY dream F (female) (A NASTY)*


1 CAST AN EYE OVER look casually at CAST (actors) AN EYE (lamp) OVER (extra)

2 WHOOPEE love (make) HOOP (ring) in WEE (very small)

3 LOGIC reason I (one) in LOG (record) C (clubs)

4 PRACTISE work CT (court) in PRAISE (admiration)

5 DESPOT tyrant S (south) in DEPOT (military station)

6 CONSTABLE painter CON (with in Spanish) STABLE (firm)

7 MARGATE seaside resort MAR (damage) GATE (barrier)


14 CANE-TOADS bufo marinus C (caught) (ONE DATAS)*

16 SOUND OFF speak angrily SOUND (safe) OFF (dropped)

18 RANCOUR bitterness RAN (managed) COUR[t] (provoke endless)

20 TEQUILA drink (QUIET)* LA Los Angeles

21 AT REST dd

23 PREEN groom RE (about) in PEN (writer)

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    dd = double definition    < = reverse

2 Responses to “Financial Times 14,202 by Falcon”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Falcon for a nice straightforward puzzle with lots of good clues, and Jed for the blog.

    My main gripe with this puzzle is that I thought that all three of the “double definition” clues were a bit feeble, especially 21dn. To me, this type of clue is at its best when two words of different origins have converged in spelling. Here the double definitions were really small differences in meaning from the same root word.

  2. fearsome says:

    thanks Jed and Falcon
    I enjoyed the surface of some treachery in the cabinet

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