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Enigmatic Variations 1049: Iris by MynoT

Posted by Dave Hennings on January 5th, 2013

Dave Hennings.

A fairly straightforward puzzle this week by the looks of it. Six extra words to be found in the clues which would give an instruction.

I’ve struggled with some of MynoT’s puzzles before, but this one was on the easy side. It all came together pretty quickly, with only one slight detour. That was in 4ac Erect monument irregularly, where I thought that the extra word was men, and the clue should read Erect monut irregularly. Of course, ‘monut’ doesn’t appear to be a word, at least not in English. It was only later, when I’d sussed out the other extra words that I realised that this clue didn’t have an extra word. Not that made me happy with it (see comment at 4dn below).

EV 1049 SolutionSo, the extra words in six clues read Join country’s letters showing flag shape. My first instinct was to look at all the letters in COUNTRY … but that seemed to be nearly the whole grid. However, it did make me notice that there were no Es there (well, there was one). Nor, for that matter, were there any As … except one!

If you’ve done any pub quizzes, you’ve probably come across a picture round consisting of questions about flags. Luckily I have, and it didn’t take long to remember that Nepal has the oddest of the lot. It’s in the shape of … well, just join up the solitary N, E, P, A and L in the grid and you’ll find out.

A really nice puzzle from MynoT, as indeed all of his are.

Definition in clue
xxx = extra word in clues
ABC* = anagram
ABC< = reversal
abCDef = hidden

No Entry Extra
Clue and Explanation
1 BOSOMY Join Join well-endowed wild boys to secure honour (6)
BOYS* around OM (honour, Order of Merit)
5 SCISSORS Stokes is cross struggling in hold (8)
S (stokes) + (IS CROSS)*
11 COMO Firm second in Italian city (4)
CO (firm) MO (second, ie moment)
13 SKIDOO Child in very good old RV (6)
KID (child) in SO (very good) + O (old); RV = recreational vehicle
14 ROOF Jumper’s forte to be top (4)
ROO (jumper) + F (forte)
15 ROOTKIT Support Christopher’s secretive programme (7)
ROOT (support) + KIT (Christopher, short form)
16 CROWN American Indian’s new cap (5)
CROW (American Indian) + N (new)
17 STOW Pack special fibres (4)
S (special) + TOW (fibres)
19 RITT Slowing down to scratch in Perth (4)
RIT (slowing down, ie ritardando) + T (to)
20 MISKITO Central Americans omit ski at sea (7)
21 RUSH Hurry to stalk (4)
2 meanings
22 SHOOK Second attraction is set of parts (5)
S (second) + HOOK (attraction)
23 HOST One who invites headless spectre (4)
[G]HOST (spectre, headless)
25 SCROOP Somewhere a scraping noise that is lousy returns (6)
SC (that is) + POOR< (lousy)
27 THEISM country’s End of tolerance in this country’s mass belief (6)
E (end of tolerancE) in THIS + M (mass)
29 DSOS Orders crosses (4)
2 meanings (DSOs and DSOS)
31 SMOGS Such mixtures start to slay cats (5)
S (start to Slay) + MOGS (cats)
34 GRIM Stern with good edge (4)
G (good) + RIM (edge)
36 THRIFTY letters Gap in your providing letters for the future (7)
RIFT (gap) in THY (your)
37 UMBO Boss beheaded 33 (4)
[G]UMBO (33dn, beheaded)
40 CORM Storage structure holding gold in outskirts of Cheltenham (4)
OR (gold) in CM (outskirts of CheltenhaM)
41 ARCHY Cockroach could be chary (5)
42 OCTUORS Packs of eight alter our cost (7)
43 GOOR After game soldiers get sugar (4)
GO (game) + OR (soldiers)
44 THYMUS showing Herb‘s for showing sweetbread, perhaps (6)
2 meanings
45 SORB Brothers return for rowanberry (4)
BROS< (brothers)
46 HUMORIST Wag‘s inarticulate murmur: “Men first” (8)
HUM (inarticulate murmur) + OR (men) + IST (first, ie 1st)
47 COHORT Squad of soldiers using mortar with time for a large number (6)
COHORN (mortar) with T (time) replacing N (large number)
No Entry Extra
Clue and Explanation
1 BIRCH ROD Switch flyer round Switzerland and Romania (8)
BIRD (flyer) round CH (Switzerland) RO (Romania); should be annotated as (8, two words)
2 ODOROUS flag Smelly old bishop concealing alternative American flag (7)
ODO (old bishop) concealing OR (alternative) + US (American)
3 STOORS Battles of once great Saracens’ leader (6)
STOOR (great, obsolete) + S (Saracens’ leader)
4 MOUNT Erect monument irregularly (5)
MOnUmeNT irregulary; I’m not 100% sure of this
5 SOFT TOP Car found South of the summit (7, two words)
S (south) OF T (the) TOP (summit)
6 CHROMO Room with central Heating spoilt print (6)
(ROOM CH (central heating))*
7 SKOOSHES Man’s following appeal for help about knockout fizzy drinks (8)
HE’S (man’s) after SOS (appeal for help) about KO (knockout)
8 SITH Time to brood on the end of Earth (4)
SIT (brood) + H (end of eartH)
9 ROISTS Swaggers when one’s surrounded by corruption and sin, but not at home (6)
I’S (one’s) surrounded by ROT (corruption) + SIN – IN (at home)
10 SOTHO Language group in South not acceptable to orientals at first (5)
SOUTH – U (acceptable) + O (Orientals at first)
12 MUSTH Heat new wine with heroin (5)
MUST (new wine) + H (heroin)
18 BIOS For short life-stories put nothing in twice (4)
O (nothing) in BIS (twice)
22 SOY FLOUR For lousy cooked pancakes use this (8, two words)
24 TOMMYROT Soldier’s course not finished? Nonsense (8)
TOMMY (soldier) ROT[A] (course, not finished)
26 CORF shape Shape cage for lobsters in leather substitute but not in the morning (4)
CORFAM (leather substitute) – AM (in the morning)
27 TOURIST Traveller to ancient city is on time (7)
TO + UR (ancient city) + IS + T (time)
28 MIDHOUR Doctor visiting voluptuous woman gets iodine raised in the intervening time (7)
MD (doctor) HOURI (voluptuous woman) with I (iodine) raised
30 SHOCHU Rough spirit finds house and church in outskirts of Shantou (6)
HO (house) CH (church) in SO (outskirts of ShantoU)
32 MYOSIS My old sibling has abnormal contraction (6)
MY + O (old) SIS (sibling)
33 GUMBO Lady’s fingers stick to man (5)
GUM (stick) + BO (man)
35 ROCOCO Grotesque starts to reading one’s palm (6)
RO (starts to Reading One) + COCO (palm)
36 TOOTH It projects cutting into others (5)
in inTO OTHers
38 MACRO Crashed car (in second) in instruction (5)
CAR* in MO (second)
39 SUMO God doesn’t start to return for sport (4)
[C]OMUS< or [M]OMUS< (god, without start)


One Response to “Enigmatic Variations 1049: Iris by MynoT”

  1. Dave Hennings says:

    Those of you who saw my blog earlier today may have wondered why I drew the outline of the Nepalese flag in green. The same thought crossed my mind just now! The revised animation reveals all.


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