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Inquisitor 1262: WARM INSIDE by eXternal

Posted by Hihoba on January 9th, 2013


A new setter this week – eXternal (not quite sure why the strange capitalisation).  Standard rubric with wordplay leading to extra letters which led to a quote and the quoter. We had to find a group (including the quoter) in the grid.

Usually when when 1A and 1D yield quickly the rest of the crossword is tricky, but I need not have worried, as the clues were quite straightforward. There were some unusual words – BAM and FELLOE to mention two.

The quote was unfamiliar to me “I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER” by JOHN SMITH.

A swift Google of “plan comes together”  led me to the A-Team (US TV series, 1983-1987) and its four members:

Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith, whose catchphrase is the quote above.

Lieutenant Templeton “The Faceman” Peck, usually called “Face”.

Captain H.M. “Howling Mad” Murdock.

Sergeant First Class Bosco “B.A.,” or “Bad Attitude,” Baracus.

It wasn’t clear whether we were looking for nicknames or surnames, and it turned out to be two of each. HANNIBAL and FACE were the nicknames and MURDOCK and BARACUS the surnames. (The occurrence of PECK using the CK of Murdock is taken to be accidental!) These, when highlighted form a letter A.

Fun but not over-taxing, despite not being a watcher of the series. The only thing outstanding is to understand the title – which we don’t! (See comment #1 below!)

Grid 1262


 No.  Clue (definition)  Answer  Wordplay  Letter
 1 Fold organisation of lot made redundant from political environment (5)  PLICA  POLITICAL minus LOT = [PI{I}CAL]*  I
 5 Mature guards lacking quick reply (7)  RIPOSTE  RIPE (mature) round (guards) {L}OST (lacking)  L
 10 Man in Cape Town’s piping back?red, nothing services minor buildings (9)  OUTHOUSES  OU (S.A. man) + H{O}T reversed (piping back)  + O (nothing) + USES (services)  O
 11 Turning covers halfway back, dog is to be found (5)  OCCUR  {V}OC (turning covers halfway back) + CUR (dog)  V
 12 Stag’s mate finds place with bars including grand waterfront accommodation (7)  DOCKAGE  DO{E} (Stag’s mate) + CAGE (place with bars) round K (grand)  E
 14 Join the extravagant set for eating (5)  TEETH  T{I}E (join) [THE]* (the extravagant)  I
 16 Book club for dance (5)  SAMBA  SAM(uel – book) + BA{T} (club)  T
 18 Chop in the morning? Excuse me! (4)  AHEM  HE{W} (chop) in AM (morning)  W
 19 American Indians that man’s seen in Pennsylvania (4)  PIMA  {H}IM (that man) in PA (Pennsylvania)  H
 21 It’s great with nuts, south Asian cheese, north duplicated (7 )  SPANNER  Superb definition!! S(outh) + PANE{E}R (Asian cheese) with N(orth) duplicated  E
 22 Outside races brought back with prestige (7)  SURFACE  RU{N}S (races) reversed + FACE (prestige)  N
 25 Denials irrelevant, utter backtracking (4)  NAYS  NA (Not Applicable = irrelevant) + S{A}Y (utter) reversed  A
 26 King gets to choose a list of duties (4)  ROTA  R (king) + O{P}T (choose) + A  P
 27 Knight cheeky and nimble (5)  NIPPY  N (knight) + {L}IPPY (cheeky)  L
 29 Block animal drinking beer (5)  CLEAT  CAT (animal) round {A}LE (beer)
 32 Forbidden local network gets right to be organised systematically (7)  TABULAR  TABU (forbidden) + LA{N} (network) + R(ight)  N
 33 Peppered throughout, crucial in that Indian side dish (5)  RAITA  Alternate letters in cRu{C}iAl In ThAt  C
 34 Butler set off from county, having caught brief moment with priest (9)  SOMMELIER  SOMER(set) (set off from county) round M{O}(ment)+ ELI (priest)  O
 35 Judge writes down increases (7)  DEEPENS  DEE{M} (judge) + PENS (writes down)  M
 36 Repulse me with weird old comic (5)  EMERY  EM (me reversed) + {E}ERY  E
 No.  Clue (definition)  Answer  Wordplay  Letter
 1 Unanimated idiot prospers, amazingly (12)  POOR-SPIRITED  [IDIOT PROSPER{S}]*  S
 2 Italian saint ultimately turned spies (5)  LUCIA  UL{T} reversed + CIA (spies)  T
 3 Associate cream bun with mass (4)  CHUM  CH{O}U (cream bun) + M(ass)  O
 4 Vessels in past crashes (6)  AORTAS  A{G}O (in past) + RTAS (Road Traffic Accidents)  G
 5 Violent game to end in Glasgow (4)  RUDE  RU (game) + D{E}E (Scottish for die)  E
 6 Setter‘s muscle tone (6)  PECTIN  (Jam setter): PEC (muscle) + TIN{T} (tone)  T
 7 Ugly old woman intercepting hapless criminal gives rubbish tips (9, 2 words)  SLAG HEAPS  [HAPLESS]* round {H}AG (ugly old woman)  H
 8 Georgia’s double in party clothes (7)  TOGGERY  TORY (party) round G{E} GE (Georgia twice)  E
 9 Broke years on, merely dependent on charity (12)  ELEEMOSYNARY  [YEARS ON ME{R}ELY]*  R
 13 Steadfast Scottish bloke shortly to join university board (9)  IMMUTABLE  {J}IMM(y) (Scottish bloke) + U(niversity) + TABLE (board)  J
 15 Carry out model underneath capsized boat (5)  ENACT  T (model) under CAN{O}E reversed  O
 17 Southern lighthouse is unused (5)  SPARE  S(outhern) + P{H}ARE (lighthouse)  H
 20 Cut off unkempt toenails (7)  ISOLATE  [TOE{N}AILS]*  N
 23 Rival protects trade for wheel part (6)  FELLOE  FOE round {S}ELL (trade)  S
 24 Involved in government remedial course (6)  ENTREE  Hidden in governmENT RE{M}Edial  M
 28 Sport’s lesson, row safe (5)  PETER  P(hysical) E(ducation) + T{I}ER (row)  I
 30 Maiden enthralled by sailor’s outfits (4)  ARMS  {T}ARS (sailors) round M(aiden)  T
 31 Cheat hiding left hand ointment (4)  BALM  BAM (cheat) round L{H}  H



7 Responses to “Inquisitor 1262: WARM INSIDE by eXternal”

  1. Joan MM says:

    The A Team is HEAT inside TEAM, ‘warm’ in ‘side’.

  2. Liz Geear says:

    I do love it when a setter gives me a theme I can actually remember! Nice one eXternal and welcome to the IQ club.

  3. Hi of hihoba says:

    Thank you Joan MM (#1) – I would never have thought of that! Well done!

  4. kenmac says:

    Rats! Missed this one and The A Team is one of my favourites – it’s just tongue-in-cheek mindless nonsense. If you’ve never seen it, it’s worth trying to catch it on some obscure satellite channel or get hold of the 2010 movie starring Liam Neeson: if just to see Murdock jump starting an ambulance with a defibrillator!
    And I have The A Team theme as my mobile phone ringtone, which I’m sure makes me very popular ;-).

  5. Bertandjoyce says:

    We are of an age when we remembered the A Team because our son watched it. We were misled for a while thinking that Mr T was one of the characters – an electronic search put us right.

    Welcome to the new setter, eXternal – we look forward to more of your puzzles!

    Thanks also to Hihoba.

  6. Phil Richardson says:

    Good Lord, just had a bottle of champers delivered – one of those very rare occasions I’ve ever won something. I may start doing these more regularly.

  7. Hi of hihoba says:

    Well done Phil! Nice to hear from a successful entrant.

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