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Financial Times 14,199 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on January 10th, 2013

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Dec 31

After the excitement of last week’s Carte Rosée, this FT puzzle (celebrating the end of the year 2012) was Dante as we all know him:  smooth and friendly.  And one with a grid  :) . Nothing too taxing – more or less plain sailing, I would say.   Perhaps an overdose of CDs and DDs in the Across clues, while a similar thing could be said about anagrams in the Down ones.

Definitions are underlined wherever possible and/or appropriate.

1 FLAWLESS Impeccable fellow criminal (8)
    F (fellow) + LAWLESS (criminal)
5 SPOT ON Spinners put back on, being very accurate (4,2)
    SPOT (reversal of TOPS (spinners)) + ON
9 UPBRAIDS Rebukes for violent pub attacks (8)
    (PUB)* + RAIDS (attacks)
10   MOSCOW Doctor takes boat to capital (6)
    MO ( doctor) + SCOW (boat, a flat-bottomed barge)
12 HITCH Signal to driver to stop – it’s a hold-up (5)
    Double definition
13 CONCEITED   Called round on one occasion in vain (9)
    CITED (called) around ONCE (on one occasion)
14 CANCER Tropic disease (6)
    Double definition
16 SOUNDLY How people who snore sleep? (7)
    Cryptic definition
19 ETERNAL Point learnt afresh, always to be remembered (7)
    E (point, East) + (LEARNT)*
21 CREASE Run in to stop batsman reaching it (6)
    R (run) inside CEASE (to stop)
23 PROMOTION Advertising campaign that should result in more money (9)
    Double definition
25 CUPID Flying heart specialist (5)
    Cryptic definition
    I fear I would never have found this without crossing letters – but then, it is a crossword.
26 RECORD It may get brokenput it down! (6)
    Double definition
27 BOARDERS Students staying at school are the ones who get on (8)
    Double definition
28 GARDEN Cultural centre? (6)
    Cryptic definition
29 GREY AREA Ray eager to resolve doubtful situation (4,4)
    (RAY EAGER)*
1 FOUGHT Battled for stronghold, we hear (6)
    Homophone of FORT (stronghold)
2 ARBITRATE Bar attire set out for judge (9)
3 LEASH The French male remains in control (5)
    LE (the French, male) + ASH (remains)
4 SIDECAR A cider’s mixed in cocktail (7)
    (A CIDER’S)*
6 PROCEDURE    Reproduce new way to get things done (9)
7 TACIT Understood one to be in diplomacy (5)
    I (one) inside TACT (diplomacy)
8 NOWADAYS Unfortunately, Don’s away at the moment (8)
    ((DON’S AWAY)*
11 GNUS Antelopes – their turning up is celebrated (4)
    Reversal of SUNG (celebrated)
    One of these ambiguous clues – ‘sung’ would have fit the bill just as easily, in my opinion.
15 CONCOURSE Crowds study the route (9)
    CON (study) + COURSE (the route)
17 DISAPPEAR Amend paper said to go by the board (9)
18 LEAPFROG A golfer upset about first putt in game (8)
    (A GOLFER)* around P[utt]
20 LOIN Part of a carcase the lion chewed up (4)
    Dante is a setter who uses ‘articles’ very often where I would not have done that. In most cases I am fine with it, but here that little word ‘the’ stands in the way for me. Looking at the construction of the clue, one expects an anagram of ‘the lion’ (7), but no, it is (4). So, ‘the’ is a bit hanging in the air. Not a major issue for me (especially since the surface needs ‘the’), but still.
21 CANDOUR Frankness and love seen in a dog (7)
    {AND + O (love)} inside CUR (a dog)
22 ODESSA Lines up a ship in port (6)
    ODE (lines, a poem) + SS A (reversal of A SS (ship))
24 OCCUR Turn up to upset company dog (5)
    OC (reversal of CO (company)) + CUR (dog, again!)
25 CARRY Motor and railway transport (5)
    CAR (motor) + RY (railway)
    Perhaps simple, but elegant clue.

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  1. fearsome says:

    thanks Sil and Dante
    soundly made me smile,

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