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Beelzebub 1192

Posted by Jed on January 11th, 2013


A real challenge as usual






1 I don’t want computers, no kidding! TAKE IT FROM ME dd!

10 Urges Government to invest in – say Society EGGS

G (government) in EG (say) S (Society)

11 For ‘______ loads’, read ‘colonials’, possibly CREOLIAN (of colonial language)


12 Detective vehicles reversed and withdrew DETRACTED

DET (detective) CART BUS (vehicles)<

14 Unites around King in rows R (king) in TIES (unites)

15 Idle tale no longer enthrals lawyer now TODAY

DA (lawyer) in TOY (idle tale)

16 Heads south first for survey SCAN

CANS (heads – ship’s toilets) S put first

19 Slight resentment I initially found between the sexes? MIFF

I F[ound] in M[ale] F[emale]

20 Attitude borne by scoundrel or worm HAIR-EEL

AIR (attitude) in HEEL (scoundrel)

22 Surround old and new rocks on bank ENWHEEL

(NEW)* HEEL (bank)

23 Nobody backed Australia about soldiers ZERO

(RE (soldiers) in OZ (Australia))<

25 Poet’s to prove hackneyed only one time TRIE

TRITE (hackneyed) minus T

27 Exactly what’s wanted in article for donation to church TITHE

IT (exactly what’s wanted) in THE (article)

30 Beg to dispose of church’s old apparel BESEE BESEE[ch] (beg)

31 Dictate sot may become this TOSTICATED (fuddled) &lit


32 Synonym for ‘vapour’ provided by dictionary was heard again REECHOED

REECH (vapour) OED (dictionary)

33 Runs article by current princess RANI

R (runs) AN (article) I (current – electricity)

34 Gas for each light repeatedly backfiring YADA YADA YADA

(A (each) DAY (light))< x 3 (repeatedly back)


1 Meets a tyrant in conflict of wills TESTAMENTARY (MEETS A TYRANT)*

2 Old dressing – endless fever – one needs energy AGUIZING

AGU[e] (fever – endless) I (one) ZING (energy)

3 Suggest romance encapsulates inspiration for Petrarch ESTRO (Italian)

hidden in [sugg]EST RO[mance]

4 Block hearts getting into ecstatic state TRANCHE

H (hearts) in TRANCE (ecstatic state)

5 The bulk of Scots spot where Loch’s disappeared FECK F[l]ECK (spot minus L)

6 Prints sign held by sailor OLEOS (abr. Oleographs)

LEO (sign) in OS (ordinary seaman)

7 Admit Leeds would be misplaced in this part of the world MIDDLE EAST


8 Mature woman raised by Americans? MAMA (AM AM<)

9 Reference work – decline a copy that’s battered ENCYCLOPEDIA


13 Dull buzzer supplied (week to be installed) BEEFWITTED

BEE (buzzer) W (week) in FITTED (installed)

16 Restore temporary implant, forgoing end of operation STET

[operatio]N taken from STENT (temporary splint implant)

17 New concept incomplete, making the old brood  NIDE N (new) IDE[a]

18 Sensor never worked in study that’s turned over NERVE END

(NEVER)* in DEN< (study turned)

21 Made excuses for bass, one in a song ALIBIED

B (bass) I (one) in A LIED (a song)

24 Past caging this seal PHOCA HOC (this) in PA (past)

26 Drain, twisted, filled with running water WEARY

EA (running water) in WRY (twisted)

28 Fancy one passed, losing diamonds IDEA I (one) DEA[d] (passed)

29 Nineteen characters back in portico STOA (S to A in alphabet backwards)

definitions underlined

(  )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse    dd = double definition


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  1. Dormouse says:

    Think there’s a mistake in parsing 20ac. The scoundrel is a HEEL not a RAT.

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