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Enigmatic Variations 1050 Double Entry by Nudd

Posted by twencelas on January 11th, 2013


It’s the Sunday before Christmas, so does Double entry refer to something festive?

Simple answer is No.

Ten clues are actually double clues, with the solver having to work out what is entered and one clue is not clued, but is of a similar theme.

Some tough clues and some easy clues, possibly a few in the middle, but they did seem to all be at one end of the difficulty spectrum.

So what of the double clues:





29 TIGER and LION – the one that gave me the method of entry






34 SUB and SLUM

36 WELD and MELT

They are all words that can be combined to produced another word – LION + TIGER = LIGER. Full details below.

And the unclued one = LEWROLL as in LEWIS CARROLL who  was an exponent of this technique in his writing.

And the final piece of the jigsaw is PORTMANTEAU – defined by Chambers as “Lewis Carroll’s term for a blend, a word into which are packed the sense (and sound) of two words, eg slithy for lithe and slimy (also portmanteau word).”

So there you have it – an interesting, but not exactly festive offering – well perhaps it was as another portmanteau word is CHRISTMAS – Christ and Mass.

Happy New year to all and thanks Nudd for keeping my brain cells ticking over, during the festive period.

Key: * Anagram, rev. reverse, DD Double Definition and Underline is the definition in the clue.


1 Service in sun behind Provencal farm (4)

Mas (Provencal farm) + s (sun) = MASS

4 Alloy in favour with value added reseller (5)

In (in favour with) + V.A.R (Value added reseller) = INVAR

8 Cooker’s right for jelly (4)

Aga (cooker) + r (right) = AGAR

12 Skin disease returned when brushing against coloured plant (6)

Rev (Pinta (skin disease) + c (coloured)) = CATNIP

14 Smooch more freely—this might influence sex/ (embarrassment from French author finishing too early) (6)

Genet (author) – t = GENE

(smooch more)* = CHROMOSONE

 Entry is GENOME

15 Prize component of personality—one representing love (5)

Cup (proze) + id (personality) = CUPID

16 Perhaps Suffolk female leads European Parliament/to vigorously attack lecher (4)

She (female) + EP (european parliament) = SHEEP


Entry GEEP

18 Former coppers in brief conversation wrongly interpret the Spanish Creed (5)

Ex (former) + change (coppers) = EXCHANGE

(interpret + el(the Spanish))* = TELEPRINTER (Named after George Creed)


19 Gelatinous stuff put in a barrel before decorating cake—not good (7)

Tun (Put in a barrel) + icing – g (decorating cake) = TUNICIN

21 Money from Macau etc. repaired scooper (6)

Avo (money from Macau) + (etc)* = AVOCET

22 Diminutive man (wise protector) born to be king once (5)

Ray (short for Raymond – wise protector) + ne (born) = RAYNE

26 God in Iona’s divine spit (5)

Spae (divine) around d (god) = SPADE

29 Liveried boy to touch queen for 74 shillings on entering pool (5)

Tig (touch) + er (queen) = TIGER

O (on) in lin (pool) LION

Entry = LIGER

30 Entirely enthusiastic about Telegraph office (6, two words)

Into (enthiusiastic) + to (telegraph office) = IN TOTO

31 Substantially cunning when drinking tea (7, two words)

Art (cunning) around Thea (tea) = AT HEART

32 Old ill-tempered scoundrel emptied sandpit (5)

Cur (scoundrel) + st (emptied sandpit) = CURST

37 Mostly sexy suit seen in carriage (7)

Phat (sexy) – t + eton (suit) = PHAETON

39 After first in Olympic’s Bolt’s home estate made available to the public (4)

O (first in Olympic) + Pen (Bolt’s home estate – as in Jamaican) = OPEN

40 Shred handful of grass in Dundee, limiting United (5, two words)

Ripp (handful of grass in Dundee) around u (united) = RIP UP

41 Dance in a familiarly comfortable location receiving cry of encouragement (6)

Bro (familiarly comfortable location) around ole (cry of encouragement) = BOLERO

42 Waste duct network in city of old (6)

Rete (network) in Ur (city of old) = URETER

43 Rumpus, not quiet, in car race (4)

Shindy (rumpus) – sh (not quiet) = INDY

44 Small piece of brocade left to finish shade off (5)

B (small piece of brocade) + l (left) + end (finish) = BLEND

45 Electronic books section declines (4)

E (electronic) + bb (books) + s (section) = EBBS


1 Scoff at only child splitting a couple of thousand/ after small pile legally limited halfbred racehorse (8)

Oc (only child) in M K (a couple of thousand) = MOCK

Cock (small pile) + tail (legally limited) = COCKTAIL


2 Incision in the Great Glen’s very piercing (5)

Cut (incision) in ae (the Great Glen as in Scottish) = ACUTE

3 Upright member’s special hat (5)

S (special) + tile (hat) = STILE

4 Symbols of power in the name of God supported by former partners (7)

In + d (name of god) + exes (former partners) = INDEXES

5 Idiot Ghanaian wearing Australian watch (6)

Twi (Ghanaian) in nit (Australian watch) = NITWIT

6 Stranded Atty-Gen on rung of ladder (7)

Ag (atty-gen) on round (rung) = AGROUND

7 Clydeside yard left to waver (4)

Ree (Clydeside yard) + l (left) = REEL

8 5c tribesman, behind in English, to catch up (7)

Ang (In English)+ Rev nail (catch) = ANGLIAN (as in 5th century)

9 Promiscuous person, one beyond hope of recovery in all but name (4)

Goner (one beyond hope of recovery) – n (name) = GOER

10 One carrying out orders gets help back in hostelry/ (maybe Obama working in camera) (7)

Rev (aid) in Inn (hostelry) = INDIAN

(in camera)* = AMERICAN

Entry is AMERIND

11 Somewhat obscure psychedelic ribbed cloth (4)

Hidden obscure PSychedelic = REPS

13 Carrier left ship on time with water for Cognac (11)

Port (left) + man (ship) + t (time) + eau (French word for water – Cognac is a place) = PORTMANTEAU

17 Short African dog shed skin (6)

Sloughi(African dog) – I = SLOUGH

20 Living entity, soaring freely, marks/ internet prefix from Cyprus mountain forgetting last letter (6)

(soaring)* + m (marks) = ORGANISM

Cy (Cyprus) + berg (mountain) – g = CYBER

Entry is CYBORG

23 Environmentally adapted group run from tense battle site in pursuit of Italian author (8)

Eco (Italian Author as in Umberto) + t (tense) + Ypres( battle site) – r(run) = ECOTYPES

24 Spinout damaged can in Hollywood (7, hyphenated)

(spinout)* = SIT UPON

25 Just in time, longing returns for cheap American/ go faster pedal in four-wheel-drive (7)

JIT (just in time) + Rev(Yen(longing)) = JITNEY

Jee (go faster) + p (pedal) = JEEP

Entry is JEEPNEY

27 Former marquise not quite alone supporting Brazilian state (7)

Para (Brazilian state) + Sole (alone) – e = PARASOL

28 American footballer entertaining gang called for more (7)

End (American footballer) around Core (gang) = ENCORED

30 Keeping time, entomb one after another (6, two words)

In urn (entomb) around t (time) = IN TURN

33 Make one support from manganese ore (5)

Braunite (Manganese ore) – bra (support) = UNITE

34 Outlying community’s advance payment/ securing brick chimney from Scotland after beginning to sell some crude oil (5)


Lum(brick chimney) after s (beginning to sell) = SLUM

Entry is SLURB

35 Space left after extraction—in Mumbai cabbage? (4)


36 Dye you patronisingly put on Lord/ Melbourne’s premier sow’s spleen (4)

We (you patronisingly) + ld (lord) = WELD

M (Melbourne’s premier) + elt (sow) = MELT

Entry is MELD

38 Heir born later could be Paterson’s curse (4)

Her (Heir) = b (born) = HERB


3 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations 1050 Double Entry by Nudd”

  1. Phi says:

    And what’s unseasonal about a little Christmas Carroll?

  2. twencelas says:

    Fair Point Phi – an understated Christmas puzzle, perhaps.

  3. Nudd says:

    Well I did keep humming Good King Twencelas when composing it.
    Actually I have no idea why it was selected to appear on that date, but assume there were no suitable seasonal offerings in the pipeline.
    Thanks for the blog T, and a Happy New Year to all

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