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Everyman N° 3,457 (6 January 2013)

Posted by PeterO on January 13th, 2013


Everyman’s usual mix of fine clues, with nothing that I saw as too obscure or difficult.

1. Girl having a short walk (6)
ASTRID A charade of ‘a’ plus STRID[e] (‘short walk’).
4. Knight‘s weapon, auction item (8)
LANCELOT A charade of LANCE (‘weapon’) plus LOT (‘auction item’).
10. Cliché from first of prisoners given freedom (9)
PLATITUDE A charade of P (‘first of Prisoners’) plus LATITUDE (‘freedom’).
11. Imitate La Bohème female beginning to cry (5)
MIMIC A charade of MIMI (‘La Bohème female’, her with the tiny frozen hand) plus C (‘beginning to Cry’).
12. Manage to score before Italian (3,2)
CUT IT A charade of CUT (‘score’) plus IT (‘Italian’).
13. One excluded strange isle abroad (3,3,3)
ODD MAN OUT A charade of ODD (‘strange’) plus MAN (‘isle’) plus OUT (‘abroad’).
14. Line in a Henry Miller novel (6,2,6)
TROPIC OF CANCER Double definition.
18. Court trouble having fish cooked in hot Riviera resort (5,2,4,3)
SKATE ON THIN ICE A charade of SKATE (‘fish’) plus ONTHI, an anagram (‘cooked’) of ‘in hot’ plus NICE (‘Riviera resort’).
20. Result of fine jump (9)
OFFSPRING A charade of ‘of’ plus F (‘fine’) plus SPRING (‘jump’).
22. Operatic heroine not quite of sound mind (5)
NORMA NORMA[l] (‘of sound mind’) cut short (‘not quite’), for the eponymous heroine of the opera by Bellini.
23. Heading for marina in carriage, a vagrant (5)
TRAMP An envelope (‘in’) of M (‘heading for Marina’) in TRAP (‘carriage’).
24. A settler from abroad, I’m male with one permit (9)
IMMIGRANT A charade of ‘I’m’ plus M (‘male’) plus I (‘one’) plus GRANT (‘permit’).
25. A guiding principle on credit is shown to be misplaced (8)
DOCTRINE An anagram (‘is shown to be misplaced’) of ‘on credit’
26. Famous composer – Her Majesty is among supporters (6)
BRAHMS An envelope (‘is among’) of HM (‘Her Majesty’) in BRAS (‘supporters’).
1. Animal from mountain, a cat with no tail (6)
ALPACA A charade of ALP (‘mountain’) plus ‘a ca[t]’ ‘with no tail’.
2. First-class crumble and pie over in restaurant (9)
TRATTORIA A charade of AI (A1, ‘first class’) plus ROT (‘crumble’) plus TART (‘pie’); all reversed (‘over’).
3. I do it foolishly, being a fool! (5)
IDIOT An anagram (‘foolishly’) of ‘I do it’.
5. FIFA’s president, for example, is in an advantageous position (5,2,3,4)
AHEAD OF THE GAME Definition and literal interpretation.
6. Return with pardon? (4,5)
COME AGAIN Double definition.
7. Member’s introduction to old dance (5)
LIMBO A charade of LIMB (‘member’) plus O (‘introduction to Old’).
8. Saying little, volunteers about one opportunity (8)
TACITURN A charade of TA (Territorial Army, ‘volunteers’) plus C (circa, ‘about’) plus I (‘one’) plus TURN (‘opportunity’).
9. Released from nick, unfit (3,2,9)
OUT OF CONDITION A charade of OUT OF (‘released from’) plus CONDITION (‘nick’).
15. One who enticed children in Dieppe with rip off? (4,5)
PIED PIPER An anagram (‘off’) of ‘Dieppe’ plus ‘rip’.
16. See pest rock violently on board single-decker (9)
COCKROACH An envelope (‘on board’) of CKRO, an anagram (‘violently’) of ‘rock’ in COACH (‘single-decker’). ‘See’ just introduces the clue’s definition.
17. Miscellaneous trades, so varied (8)
ASSORTED An anagram (‘varied’) of ‘trades so’.
19. New stakes in French football club (6)
NANTES A charade of N (‘new’) plus ANTES (‘stakes’).
21. Boy is missing a Swiss coin (5)
FRANC FRANC[is] (‘boy’) ‘is missing’.
22. Turbulent reign in African country (5)
NIGER An anagram (‘turbulent’) of ‘reign’.

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  1. Robi says:

    Thanks to PeterO and Everyman.

    I thought OFFSPRING might be an &lit. 😉

    I particularly liked TRATTORIA, nice clue!

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