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Independent on Sunday 1194/Poins

Posted by Pierre on January 13th, 2013


I thought this was a lovely Sunday puzzle from Poins – not too fiendish, in the IoS style, but plenty of nice misdirection and some smiley moments.  I have only one tiny niggle.  So small, in fact, that it is a nanoniggle.





cd  cryptic definition
dd  double definition
(xxxx)* anagram
anagrind = anagram indicator
[x]  letter(s) removed

definitions are underlined


Pose about getting an award for TV drama
A charade of SIT for ‘pose’, C for circa or ‘about’ and OM for Order of Merit, or ‘award’.

Found line on animal in reference book
A charade of L, plus an insertion of CAT in OED for Oxford English Dictionary, or ‘reference book’.

Unexpected police operation traps cunning criminal at last
An insertion of ART and L for the last letter of ‘criminal’ in STING for a ‘police operation’.  Art: ‘skilful or crafty conduct’ (SOED).

10  One reflecting on clubs in New York city
The city is in France: it’s a reversal of AN for ‘one’ plus an insertion of C in NY.

11  Come after Rex leaves to make certain

12  Writer includes Old Testament rubbish on Egypt’s foremost ruler
An insertion of OT in PEN, followed by TAT and E for the first letter of Egypt.

13  Land on church’s flat roof
A charade of TERRA and CE.  TERRA is the Latin word for ‘land’ or ‘earth’ (although ‘mundus’ is also ‘earth’ as in Mappa Mundi).  Back on TERRA FIRMA, for example, or TERRACOTA for the earthenware, or ‘cooked earth’.

15  Stay of execution finally after IRA revolutionary secures the return of Poins
Poins, since he is the setter, is ME; if you reverse that to get EM, stick it in an anagram of (IRA)* and add N for the last letter of ‘executioN’, then you’ve got your answer.

17  Witness about two hundred and fifty inside a northern town
An insertion of CCL for the Roman numerals for 250 in a reversal of SEE for ‘witness’.  Best known for its ECCLES CAKES, I guess.

19  It’s used by writers in Cambodia without difficulty
I couldn’t make sense of this, since the only abbreviation I could find for ‘Cambodia’ was KH.  However, a fellow blogger who has Chambers (I don’t) confirms that K is the International Vehicle Registration for Cambodia (it was previously called Kampuchea).  So it’s a charade of IN, K and WELL.

22  Arrest left-leaning lawyer over pages concerning women only
A reversal (left-leaning) of DA for District Attorney or ‘lawyer’ containing (‘over’) PP for ‘pages’, RE for ‘concerning’ and HEN for ‘women only’.

24  Ruined boa found in street with shoe
An insertion of (BOA)* in ST for the type of sandal.

26  This musician‘s a fraud
Gordon Sumner was STING in The Police before his solo career.  A bit careless of Poins to have included the same definition in two clues (cf 9ac).

27  Shape into fancy underwear
(SHAPE INTO)* for the US word for ‘tights’.  I’d always spell it PANTYHOSE; just shows what I know about women’s underwear.

28  Intended to obtain new funding
An insertion of N in FIANCÉ.

29  Numerical data maintaining university’s standing
Another insertion of U in STATS.


Have misgivings about American pressure to infiltrate an extreme religious group
And another – of US and P in SECT.

Upset to some extent before the first of several gins
A reversal (‘upset’) of PART and S for the first letter of ‘several’.

Not surprisingly he gets a joiner without delay
A charade of ONT for (NOT)* HE and NAIL for ‘joiner’.

Set fire to the Queen’s barge
A charade of LIGHT and ER for Elizabeth Regina, our current Queen.  Gawd bless ‘er.

Compliance soon to become law
Well, since CoC stands for Certificate of Compliance, then we can’t quarrel, although it’s probably not the word that the third letter of our alphabet most commonly stands for.  Add ANON for the archaic word for ‘soon’ to that and you’ve got your solution.

Diffident Peron uplifted after wine
TENT for ‘wine’ followed by a reversal of EVITA Peron.

Poet‘s lines discovered by daughter in study
An insertion of RY for railway or ‘lines’ and D for ‘daughter’ in DEN.

Spot politician entering a large building
Good surface reading.  It’s an insertion of MP in PILE for ‘large building’, usually in the phrase ‘country pile’.

14  First class recipe not at fault
My favourite today, with a nicely misleading surface.  (RECIPE NOT)* with ‘at fault’ as the anagrind.  In the English (perhaps UK, I don’t know) education system, the RECEPTION class is the first one that the little darlings enter when they start school.

16  What a dressmaker may do as a stopgap
A dd.

18  Sheepdog’s heart found in derelict steel tower
An insertion (Poins seems to like this type of clue) of EP for the middle letters or ‘heart’ of sheEPdog in (STEEL)* with ‘derelict’ as the anagrind.

19  An element of surprise at the end after Poins meets God
A second appearance for our setter.  This time he’s cluing himself as the subject rather than the object pronoun, so it’s I plus ODIN plus E for the last letter of ‘surprise’ to give you the halogen with atomic number 53.

20  They may indicate a degree of correspondence
A dd.  Degree as in University Degree: BA, MSc, etc.

21  A large number initially introduced to Finland’s principal group of mountains
A charade of MASS, I for the first letter of ‘introduced’ and F for the first letter of ‘Finland’.  Maybe best known for the Massif Central in France.

23  Encourage to leave, say, before beginning of November
Poins is asking you to take GO for ‘leave’, put EG for ‘say’ before it, and then add N for the first letter of November.

25  An increase in temperature after shouts of disapproval
A charade of BOOS and T.

Many thanks to Poins for the puzzle.  I enjoyed solving and blogging this one.

3 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1194/Poins”

  1. Raich says:

    I think 5D uses the (physics) constant c = compliance. Collins dict has it and also the K for Kampuchea (IVR) – 19A. Also think 16D has a wordplay element rather than double definition as the two parts would have to be split.

  2. allan_c says:

    One of those crosswords where many of the answers suggest themselves, as it were, but it’s only when you come to write them in that you understand the wordplay. Most enjoyable – thanks, Poins and Pierre.

  3. Flashling says:

    Have to agree with niall re makeshift. Twas tricky in places as I often find with poins. Cheers Pierre.

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