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Independent 8189 / Morph (Saturday Prize Puzzle 12/01/13)

Posted by Bertandjoyce on January 19th, 2013


A good challenge from Morph this week, with the expected standard of well-constructed clues.

We were held up for a while in the NW corner until we solved 8ac which included a good bit of misdirection. We’re not sure about the parsing of 2d. ‘Wing’ doesn’t seem to be doing anything and if it was omitted the clue would still work although it does add to the political analogy. On the other hand….. we may be missing something!

Our COD though was a toss-up between 24ac and 5d.

1   Top churchman, perhaps local one?
CARDINAL NUMBER CARDINAL (top churchman) + NUMBER (as in an anaesthetic – something that numbs – which might be local)
8   One encountering measure of resistance rejected expression of false modesty initially?
IMHO I (one) + OHM (measure of electrical resistance) reversed or ‘rejected’ = Abbreviation for ‘in my humble opinion’ (‘initially’)
9   Independent politician behind fourth estate terminally unfeeling
IMPASSIVE I (independent) + MP (politician) + ASS (behind) +IV (Roman numerals for four) + E (last or ‘terminal’ letter of estate)
10   Musical performance using key instrument
CONCERTINA CONCERT (musical performance) IN A (‘using’ the key of A)
11   In grip of regressive Uzbek ruler, keep low profile
LURK Hidden in Uzbe(K RUL)er reversed or ‘regressive’
12   Put in military unit to capture western-inclined African state, held using arms
EMBRACED EMBED (put in military unit) around or ‘capturing’ CAR (Central African Republic) reversed or ‘western-inclined’ in an across clue
15   Novel millionaire happy about bank being revived
GATSBY GAY (happy) around TSB (bank being revived)
16   Artificially inflate male animal’s offspring
RAMP UP RAM (male animal) + PUP (offspring)
18   Faker showed sign of injury, walked unsteadily
SHAMBLED SHAM (faker) BLED (showed sign of injury)
20   One in five gets just over halfway through malaria treatment
QUIN QUINine(malaria treatment) with three of the seven letters omitted
21   Not a calculating type, earn minute rent
INNUMERATE Anagram of EARN MINUTE (anagrind is ‘rent’)
24   Odd to be so focused on Brussels?
ECCENTRIC EC – CENTRIC (‘focused on Brussels’ – Brussels representing the European Community)
25   Drought-hit region’s first to get external help
ARID R (first letter of Region) with AID (help) outside or ‘externally’
26   Lifting phone and climbing higher to improve reception on social network?
UPWARDLY MOBILE Cryptic definition – lifting your mobile phone would move it upwards, and being upwardly mobile would possibly improve your standing and reception in society
1   Small part from old English computer turned up
CAMEO O (old) + E (English) + MAC (computer) all reversed or ‘turned up’
2   Equal ops watchdog controlled by right-wing scoundrel? Come again?
REOCCUR EOC (Equal Opportunities Commission) in, or ‘controlled by’ R (right) (not sure about the inclusion of ‘wing’) CUR (scoundrel)
3   She’s in my view, you ‘ear, increasingly frigid
ICIER Homonym (‘you hear’) of ‘I SEE hER’ with the aitches dropped
4   Put into practice, program gave inaccurate data
APPLIED APP (program) + LIED (gave inaccurate data)
5   ‘Remembrance of Things Past’ again lost in translation
NOSTALGIA Anagram of AGAIN LOST (anagrind is ‘in translation’)
6   Payment one’s picked up, being top in Tour de France
MAILLOT TOLL (payment) + I AM (one is) reversed or ‘picked up’ – French for ‘Jersey’ as worn by the riders in the Tour de France
7   River crustacean the French find loathsome
EXECRABLE EXE (river) + CRAB (crustacean) + LE (French for ‘the’)
13   Pass degree at university
MEASURE UP MEASURE (degree) + UP (at university)
14   Titled officer, one in papers
CAPTIONED CAPT (officer) + ONE in ID (papers)
17   Cooking expert? One that can make anything better
PANACEA PAN ACE (‘cooking expert’) + A (one)
18   Coordinated action from majority of church body and two-thirds of ordained members
SYNERGY SYNod (‘majority’ of church body) + clERGY (two-thirds of ordained members)
19   Dish from India flying in by air
BIRYANI Anagram of IN BY AIR (anagrind is ‘flying’)
22   Jock, son of a prostitute
MACHO MAC (son of, as in ‘Macdonald’, etc) + HO (prostitute)
23   A Lloyd Webber’s former partner’s second
TRICE T(im) RICE was formerly A(ndrew) Lloyd Webber’s partner

5 Responses to “Independent 8189 / Morph (Saturday Prize Puzzle 12/01/13)”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, B&J. It’s very seldom I buy the Saturday Indy, but for some reason I did last week and I was pleased to find a Morph puzzle there. Not sure what the ‘expected’ difficulty level is for these crosswords, but I didn’t find this too tricky and there were some pleasing clues. I always find there’s a contemporary feel to Morph’s crosswords, and I liked IMHO and perhaps the slight nod to the CofE’s recent travails in SYNERGY.

    Needed you to explain MACHO though! Sheltered life I’ve led and all that.

  2. scchua says:

    Thanks BertandJoyce and Morph.
    As it was a prize puzzle, I was prepared for the worst, but it turned out to be a relaxing and enjoyable solve.
    Favourites were IMHO, with its very disguised defn., MACHO, which raised a smile when I finally figured out the parsing, and UPWARDLY MOBILE for its multi-layered defn./wordplay.
    I think the R in 2down might refer to a US Republican, reputed to be more right-wing than a Democrat.

  3. flashling says:

    Re 2d I just took R as the wing i.e. edge of R(ight) , the clue being written to help with the surface reading.

    A lot easier I felt than many recent Saturday puzzles.

    Thanks B&J and Morph.

  4. Graham Pellen says:

    25A the definition is simply “drought-hit”. “Region’s first” is there to signal the “r” in “aid”.

  5. Bertandjoyce says:

    Thanks Graham, it’s what we meant but we underlined too much of the clue for the definition!

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