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Independent on Sunday 1,195 by Crosophile

Posted by Simon Harris on January 20th, 2013

Simon Harris.

I must admit to finding this one relatively tough for a Sunday. That isn’t a complaint since it was terribly good, but it did take a little longer than usual and one or two escaped me right up until blogging day.

There are a couple of band names among the answers. This may well be coincidence rather than a theme as I don’t see any others, and it’s one of the few areas of general knowledge where I feel relatively confident. Still, who knows what the youngsters listen to these days. Maybe there’s a happening new combo named EASTER EGG OSMOSIS.

Enough of my nonsense, and many thanks to Crosophile for a challenging but enjoyable puzzle.

1 SOMEWHERE Irritated about catcall, fellow’s uncertain regarding place (9)
(MEW + HE) in SORE
6 ATTIC 28 garret (5)
9 RURAL Country right by Russian river (5)
Right + URAL
10 IN-BETWEEN In pub small wager at first is within limits (2-7)
(BET + WEE) in INN
11 NOISOME Unpleasant feeling returns for second time? On the contrary (7)
Some very complex wordplay here. This is from EMOTION< but with S instead of T (so “for time, second”)
12 WRAPPER With 50 Cent say Hershey Bar comes included in this (7)
13 SERIF Character’s decorative foot brings passions back (5)
15 TALKING TO Becoming fond of nursing student in lecture (7,2)
Learner in TAKING TO
18 EASTER EGG Seasonal treat, like gathering Michaelmas daisy for instance (6,3)
(ASTER + E.G.) in E.G. Again this is quite complex, as you need to find the EG twice
19 LEITH Scottish port is part of isle, I think (5)
[is]LE I TH[ink]
21 OSMOSIS Becoming absorbed by large flowerless plant seen around island (7)
Island in (OS + MOSS)
24 TRAMPLE Public transport? Please, that’s not half a squash (7)
TRAM + PLE[ase]
26 IMPROMPTU I mark concert, put out by unrehearsed piece (9)
I + Mark + PROM + OUT*
27 RAITA An Indian dish from e.g. Madhur Jaffrey broadcast? (5)
hom. of “writer”, as in the old “Paperback Raita” pun
28 GREEK Bad odour following Grand National? (5)
Grand + REEK
29 SUBMERGES Dunks beer mugs washed up with last of slops (9)
(BEER MUGS)* + [slop]S
1 SPRINTS Son makes a mark in careers (7)
2 MARDI GRAS The lead up to fast runs in sporting diagrams (5,4)
DIAGRAMS*. The definition, “The lead up to fast”, is nicely hidden here, I thought
3 WILCO When originally I left company it indicated acquiescence (5)
W[hen] + ILeft + COmpany. A new term to me, though I’m familiar with a very good band by this name
4 EPICENTRE Disaster area on grand scale – go in but there’s a final twist (9)
EPICENTRE, being ENTER but with the final two letters “twisted”
5 ELBOW Jeff Lynne’s band touring Belgium with another one (5)
(Belgium in Electric Light Orchestra) + With. Another band, best known for winning Mercury music prizes and covering Beyoncé songs
6 ACTUARIAL It’s substantial taking recurrent strain of a risky business (9)
7 TIE UP Tether ram that is brought in (3,2)
I.E. in TUP
8 CON BRIO Caught old Robin dancing vivaciously (3,4)
Caught + Old + ROBIN*
14 FEEDSTOCK Raw material for manufacture of iron and dockets with slips (9)
16 LIGHTBULB Glower as gentle sob rises up? (9)
LIGHT + BLUB<. Again, a very nicely hidden definition
17 GLIMPSING Seeing head of government tired with cough (9)
G[overnment] + LIMP + SING
18 EVOKING Magician’s bird flies up but with court card for head – that’s conjuring (7)
[d]OVE< + KING
20 HEEHAWS This man initially experiments with fruit – sounds like an ass … (7)
HE + E[xperiments] + HAWS
22 MAPLE … – tree’s first of modified fruit with no core (5)
M[odified] + AP[p]LE
23 SEPTS One short month with Southern clans (5)
SEPTember + Southern
25 AURAE Haloes are beaten gold on top (5)
Au + ARE*

*=anagram; <=reversed; []=removed; hom.=sounds like; dd.=double definition

8 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1,195 by Crosophile”

  1. NeilW says:

    Thanks, Simon.

    Couple of tiny points: in 26, you need PUT* at the end of your parsing and you’ve left the runs out of MARDI GRAS.

    Doesn’t 18dn actually clue “EVOGNIK”?

  2. flashling says:

    Anyone explain the Aerial and Kate Bush nina elements in the across unchecked lines?

  3. NeilW says:

    Hi Flashling. According to Wiki, Aerial was the title of her comeback album in 2005. One of the tracks is “Somewhere In-between” – 1ac + 10ac.

  4. Crosophile says:

    Many thanks for the blog, Simon – and for the suggestion I might know what the young are listening to these days!
    I am indeed a huge fan of Elbow [Seldom Seen Kid is a flawless album, I reckon] but most of my listening is stuck in the 60s/70s.
    Having said which, the second CD of Aerial by Kate Bush is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard [though it took me about three listens before I really got into it, after which there was something new to notice each time I put it on]. So it amused me to reference the track ‘Something In Between’ (good detective work, Flashling and NeilW) with the nina indeed appearing somewhere in between.

  5. allan_c says:

    A most enjoyable and relatively quick (circa 25 minutes) solve with no external assistance. The band references were vaguely familiar so could be guessed at and turned out to be correct. The only clue to hold me up for a bit was WRAPPER – I was looking for a letter sequence DOL or LAR (half a dollar = 50 cents), then with some of the crossing letters I was trying to make the clue fit ‘whisper’ – hom. of ‘Wispa’, brand of chocolate bar.

    The theme/nina passed me by, but (obviously) wasn’t necessary to solve the crossword.

    Thanks, Crosophile and Simon.

  6. DaveB says:

    3D: “Wilco” is WWII military jargon – probably a contraction of “WIll COmply”.

  7. pennes says:

    Still puzzled about 12 ac; if anyone could kindly explain it

  8. nmsindy says:

    pennes at #7 50 Cent is a rapper (musician) – Hershey bar refers to chocolate company. w = with

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