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Independent 8196 by Quixote

Posted by flashling on 21st January 2013


It’s that Monday morning feeling again today, slightly delayed as I’d forgotten it was my turn…..

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Guardian Cryptic 25850 Rufus

Posted by scchua on 21st January 2013


The usual Monday fare from Rufus.  Not everyone’s cup of tea, as the many cds do not allow the solver to synthesise the answer from scratch, but require one to take a macro view.  Thanks Rufus for the usual enjoyable (to me) puzzle.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[Each pictures at the bottom has 1 of 3 unidentified links to the puzzle.  Please double bracket any comments about them.  Thank you.]]

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Guardian Quiptic 688/Pan

Posted by Pierre on 21st January 2013


A bit tricky for a Quiptic, I thought, but perhaps you think differently.

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