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Financial Times 14,210 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on January 24th, 2013

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Jan 14

A not too taxing, but very well written Dante crossword that one can find here. Some typical nautical references (25ac, 5d), one or two great anagrams (16ac, for example), not too many cryptic definitions and some cheekiness (1d). Many thanks to Dante for a puzzle published on a day that Guardian solvers surely must have missed his alter ego.

Definitions are underlined wherever appropriate and/or possible.

1 BRAHMS Composer of number in brash arrangement (6)
    M (number, 1000) inside (BRASH)*
4 HARD UP Being without cash is difficult at university (4,2)
    HARD (difficult) + UP (at university)
8 CARAVAN Moving home (7)
    Cryptic definition
9 CARCASE Body found in the motorist’s boot, perhaps (7)
    CAR CASE (motorist’s boot, perhaps – a case in a car)
11 BERNADETTE    Possibly end a better woman – even a saint! (10)
    (END A BETTER)* – two definitions here, I think
12 IDEA An almost perfect concept (4)
    IDEAL (perfect) minus the final L, making it ‘almost perfect’
13 OUTER Poor shot at route-planning (5)
    (ROUTE)* – the definition refers to the outer ring in archery (or darts)
14 NEST EGGS They’re intended to encourage laying in a little money (4,4)
    Double definition
16 GET RID OF    Got fired, sadly, so sack someone else? (3,3,2)
    (GOT FIRED)*
    Very good anagram! The second part of the clue has a bit of padding, but still.
18 RIPER More mature, so given rent and key, right? (5)
    RIP (rent) + E (key, musical note) + R (right)
20 ADAM A mother for the first orphan? (4)
    A + DAM (mother)
    I won’t start any discussion on the definition here.
21 TASKMASTER    Disciplinarian marks a test harshly (10)
23 TSUNAMI Chap comes back in new suit, gets big wave (7)
    NAM (reversal of MAN (chap)) inside (SUIT)*
24    ALLEGRO Fast scoring rate (7)
    Cryptic definition – think music
25    SHEETS Bedclothes used as ropes (6)
    Double definition
    One of these nautical references from Dante: “A rope attached to the lower corner of a sail for securing or extending the sail or for altering its direction” (ODE).
26 ADORED    Worshipped bustle and colour (6)
    ADO (bustle) + RED (colour)
1 BRAVE It could be a noun, adjective or a verb, perhaps (5)
    (A VERB)*
    An unusual clue. A ‘brave’ could be a noun (an Indian warrior) or an adjective (courageous). Very nice of Dante to use ‘a verb’ for the construction.
2 AGAINST Opposed to making a profit – good man! (7)
    A + GAIN (profit) + ST (good man, Saint)
3 MEANDERED    Wandered, heading Middle East instead of west (9)
    WANDERED (the definition!) with W (west) replaced by ME (Middle East)
5 AWAKE A backwater that’s far from sleepy? (5)
    A + WAKE (backwater, water in the slipstream of a ship)
6   DECLINE Refuse to go through all the cases (7)
    Double definition, the second one a bit cryptic
    ‘To decline’ as in declinations, referring to grammatical ‘cases’ (adjective, accusative etc).
7 PASSENGER    Person who makes little effort to move (9)
    Cryptic/Double definition definition
    A ‘passenger’ is, of course, someone on the move but also someone in a group who does far less work than others in that group.
10    STAND FAST    Either rise quickly or don’t budge (5,4)
    STAND (rise) + FAST (quickly)
13 OVERDOSES Love poems are about the same – too much of a good thing (9)
    {O (love, zero) + VERSES (poems)} around DO (the same, ditto)
15 SCRAMBLED It’s not clear how the eggs may be cooked (9)
    Double definition
17   ROMANCE    Could it lead to an Anglo-Catholic marriage? (7)
    A combination of ROMAN (Catholicism) and CE (Church of England, hence ‘Anglo’)
19 PASTEUR French chemist late on his way up (7)
    PAST (late) + EUR (reversal of RUE (way, in French – his (Pasteur’s) way)
    I liked this clue very much because of ‘on his way up’, a familiar expression with the crucial word ‘his’ embedded here in a natural, er, way.
21 TEMPT Persuade agency girl to start task (5)
    TEMP (agency girl) + T[ask]
    There are also male temps, I presume.
22 ERRED Embarrassed after some hesitation went wrong (5)
    RED (embarrassed) following ER (some hesitation)

One Response to “Financial Times 14,210 – Dante”

  1. John Newman says:

    I agree with you Sil. Some really clever clues. Like you I thought PASTEUR was particularly clever. I also like ADAM, DECLINE, ROMANCE, and ALLEGRO.

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