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Beelzebub 1194

Posted by Jed on January 25th, 2013


An excellent puzzle as usual






1 Quiet – that’s our team’s appearing between rugby posts

HUSH quiet US (our team) in HH (rugby posts)

4 Immobility’s associated with city transport ECSTASIS transport

EC (city) STASIS (immobility)

11 Looks dark after once mixing shades

ENCOLOURS shades (ONCE)* LOURS (looks dark)

12 Hold on, after backing Asian currency for investment of pound

NELSON hold ON after L (pound) in SEN< (Japanese currency backing)

13 One runs into workers turning against property

IN REM against property (law) I (one) R (runs) in MEN< (workers turning)

15 Make stars of unknown bands? That’s revolutionary

STELLIFY make into stars Y (unknown) FILLETS< (bands revolved)

16 Woman in Human Resources, name of Castle

HEVER castle in Kent EVE (woman) in HR

19 I am satisfied after investing in factory-owner’s current machine

MILLIAMMETER electric machine I AM MET (satisfied) in MILLER

20 Attorney to ridicule university syllabus that’s due ATTRIBUTABLE due

ATT (attorney) RIB (ridicule) U (university) TABLE (syllabus)

23 Study of Parisian participating in summer in Nice, laid back ETUDE study

DU (of in French) in ETE (summer in French) < (laid back)

25 Wasting little time, ailing set bathed here? BETHESDA


26 Head off frustrated drunk OILED drunk [f]OILED (frustrated – head off)

27 Region around river river’s no longer behind ARREAR behind (obs)

R (river) in AREA (region) R (river)

28 Again implement watercourse for church RE-ENFORCE implement again

REEN (watercourse) FOR CE (church)

29 Strait’s water-plant surrounding ship under pressure STRESSED under pressure

ST (strait) SS (ship) in REED (water-plant)

30 Marry women in love? Not half WIFE  marry (take to wife)

W (women) I (in) FE[el] (love not half)


1 Servant to challenge Scots monarch in prison HENCHMAN servant

HEN (challenge Scots) HM (monarch) in CAN (prison)

2 Old East European leaders of some Czechs linked to throne SCLAV old E European

S[ome] C[zechs] LAV (throne)

3 Crowd left in Queen’s Head in Yeovil (a pub) HOSTELRY pub

HOST (crowd) L (left) in ER (queen) Y[eovil]

5 Carbon assets reassessed by instruments in deep?


6 Heavenly star adopting universal style, taking on Hamlet? SUPERMUNDANE heavenly U PERM (universal style) in SUN (star) DANE (Hamlet)

7 Musical effect’s unfortunate produced by couple of trombonists TRILL music

TR[ombonists] ILL (unfortunate)

8 Hand bag no longer Thatcher’s prime feature? SCRIPT feature

SCRIP (old pilgrim’s pouch) T[hatcher’s] (prime)

9 Reserve occupies first slip? Something of a waste ICEFIELDS wasteland

ICE (reserve) FIELDS (action of first slip in cricket)

10 Asian coins American picked up? Gosh! SUMY money in Uzbekistan

SU (US< American picked up) MY (gosh)

14 Enthusiasm about computing etc I say elevated current spirit ZEITGEIST (spirit of the age) IT (computing etc) I EG< (I say elevated) all in ZEST (enthusiasm)

17 US lawyer’s pitch about homicide’s last option here? DEATH ROW &lit

E (homicide’s last letter) in DA (American lawyer) THROW (pitch)

18 Topless suit repeatedly showing exotic charm GREEGREE (charm)

[a]GREE (suit topless) twice

21 One no longer claiming lieutenant’s elevated in rank TITLER (claimant obs)

LT< (lieutenant’s elevated) in TIER (rank)

22 Decides once to eradicate river mosquito AEDES (mosquito)

AREDES (decides old) minus R (river)

24 Some cute ribbons where babies may be found? UTERI (babies source)

hidden in [c]UTE RI[bbons]

25 Excellent stud’s aberration BOSS triple definition

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse




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