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Financial Times 14,220 by Bradman

Posted by Jed on January 25th, 2013


Complex, tricky and entertaining






1 BOLD FACE prominently visible

BOLD (daring) F (female) ACE (outstanding type)

5 AT LAST dd (with humour)

9 GADARENE from swine of Gadera (Bible)

GAD (gosh) ARE N[ations] E[verywhere]

10 BREMEN German state ME (this person) in BREN (gun)

12 TACKY cheap and nasty

TACK (food) [bo]Y

13 HOLLANDER Dutch ship

HOL[e] (difficult situation almost) LANDER (one going down)

14 PADRES clergy PAD (accommodation) RES[idence]

16 PLAY-OFF decisive match

P (power) LAY OFF (football pass)

18 OTTOMAN Turk without capital a low stuffed seat with no back

20 CATCHY memorable CATCH (drawback) Y[ear]

22 FIRESTORM big blazer I REST (I relax) in FORM (class)

23 LATHE machine L (pounds) (HEAT)*

24 ACEDIA sloth AC (account) AIDE< (help for star reversed)

25 HEAVIEST with biggest handicap

VIES (jockies) in HEAT (race)

26 TISANE herbal infusion ENA (girl) SIT (take a seat)< (returned)

27 WEAR THIN get less convincing

WIN (victory) going round EARTH (circumnavigating)


1 BOGOTA capital B (bishop) A TOGO< (a country heads up)


HATTER (madman) (YELLS)* all in (A VERY COLD)*

3 FORAY attack FOR (to) AY (ever – all eternity)

4 CINCHES pieces of cake 100 inches – average waist 33inches?

6 TERMAGANT scolding woman (TARGET MAN)*

7 ARMED TO THE TEETH dd humorous

6 TENERIFE island TEN (number) FIRE< (shoot up) E (eastern)

11 SLIP strip – underwear

15 REMISSION comes with forgiveness (MISER IS)* ON

17 BOUFFANT puffed up

O (nothing) in BUFF (one who knows a lot) ANT (worker)

19 NOON mad dogs and Englishmen NO (small number) ON (operating)

20 COMPERE TV presenter

C (tory) O[ffice] MP (politician) ERE (before)

21 MERTON Paul & Oxford college

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse    dd = double definition

3 Responses to “Financial Times 14,220 by Bradman”

  1. mike04 says:

    Thanks for the blog, Jed.
    … and, as always from the Don, enjoyably educational! Thanks, Bradman.

    In a couple of clues my parsing was a little different:
    1ac: I took the definition as ‘type prominently visible’.
    24ac: I thought ‘on account of’ was probably being used for the surface reading only,
    with ‘star’ = ACE and ‘help after reverse’ = DAI.

  2. mike04 says:

    Sorry, in the first post I meant to write DIA.
    In 4dn, Bradman uses ‘normal’ rather than ‘average’. For our ancestors on the African plains and for most of humanity since then? Maybe 33 inches is fairly close to the mark!

  3. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Bradman for a pleasant puzzle and Jed for the blog, especially for 25ac which I had taken as simply a cryptic definition.

    I have commented (many times) before on my dislike of grids which nearly split in half. Here the long answer 2/23dn gives an extra link between the two sides, which compensates sufficiently.

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