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Financial Times 14,216 – Falcon

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on January 31st, 2013

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Jan 21

Once more an immaculately clued crossword by Falcon which can be found here. Not one at the higher end of the spectrum, but just like the Observer’s weekly Everyman – no coincidence, of course – one that will please beginners and more experienced solvers equally alike.

Definitions are underlined wherever possible and/or appropriate.


1 SEAMANSHIP   An emphasis at sea? (10)
    Original start to this crossword. Some may call this an &Lit, but I am not sure – the clue as a whole is only an allusion to the answer rather than a definition. That said, I liked it very much (even if ‘sea’ is part of both clue and solution).
6 STAG Male part shortened (4)
    STAGE (part) minus the final E
9 COTERIE Group from Great Lake bed shown first (7)
    COT (bed) coming before ERIE (Great Lake)
10   MEMENTO Souvenir from Rome, men took (7)
    Hidden solution:   [Ro]ME MEN TO[ok]
12 SQUEEZE BOX   Clutch case for concertina (7-3)
    SQUEEZE (clutch) + BOX (case)
13 SAG Decline to show epic that appears endless (3)
    SAGA (epic) minus the final letter
15 OCELOT Cat in patch of ground by old church (6)
    O (old) CE (church) plus LOT (patch of ground)
16 GLAD RAGS Jokes about stableman, last to wear best clothes (4,4)
    GAGS (jokes) around {LAD (stableman) + [wea]R}
18 LAWGIVER Legislator in Volksraad originally appearing in real wig, plaited (8)
    V[olksraad] inside (REAL WIG)*
20 FLACON Young cow back on bottle (6)
    FLAC (reversal of CALF (young cow)) + ON
    … and the solution is an anagram of the setter’s name, too!
23 RUN Ladder having last two of steps missing (3)
    RUNGS (steps, of indeed a ladder) minus the last two letters
    Clever clue – very elegant. Also the third one in this puzzle (after 6ac and 13ac) in which a word should be cut off to get the solution.
24   FOLLOW SUIT   Do the same as someone else and pay close  attention to businessman (6,4)
    FOLLOW (pay close attention to) SUIT (businessman)
26 GAGARIN Slightly mad king accompanied by popular cosmonaut (7)
    GAGA (slightly mad) + R (king, Rex) + IN (popular)
27 DRIFTER Itinerant type in fishing boat (7)
    Double definition
28   RUMP Meat and drink to head of programming (4)
    RUM (drink) + P[rogramming]
29 PROPAGANDA   Publicity material has right look, reportedly (10)
    Homophone of PROPER (right) GANDER (look)
1 SACK Rifle fire (4)
    Double definition
    In the clue both ‘rifle’ and ‘fire’ are nouns, but for the solution they should be seen as verbs: ‘to plunder’ and ‘to dismiss (from employment)’, respectively.
2 ANTIQUE Article, quite new – not this then? (7)
    AN (article) + (QUITE)*
3   AGREE TO DIFFER          Diane’s put in a welcome bid, so end unresolved argument amicably (5,2,6)
    DI (Diane) inside {A + GREET (welcome) + OFFER (bid)}
4 SLEAZY Disreputable son, good-for-nothing pocketing Ecstasy (6)
    S (son) + {LAZY (good-for-nothing) around E (Ecstacy)}
5 IMMOBILE Male after one on phone still (8)
    I (one) + M (male) + MOBILE (phone)
7 TUNISIA SI unit spelt differently – ampere, initially, in this country (7)
    (SI UNIT)* + A[mpere]
8 GEORGE SAND   Novelist in danger, goes abroad (6,4)
11   MIXED BLESSING            By implication, glibness – it has advantages and disadvantages (5,8)
    Reverse anagram:  ‘glibness’ could lead to ‘blessing’ when ‘mixed’
    One of my favourites.
14 JOLLY ROGER Happy chappie produces a flag (5,5)
    JOLLY (happy) + ROGER (chappie)
17 JETLINER Black passenger ship and plane (8)
    JET (black) + LINER (passenger ship)
19 WINE GUM Sweet plonk plonker knocked over (4,3)
    WINE (plonk) + GUM (reversal of MUG (plonker))
21 CLINTON Statesman left in style after start of convention (7)
    {L (left) IN TON (style)} after C[onvention]
22 HOLD-UP Robbery claim raised (4-2)
    HOLD (claim) + UP (raised)
25   ARIA Piece of music filed away by librarian (4)
    Hidden solution:   [libr]ARIA[n]

One Response to “Financial Times 14,216 – Falcon”

  1. John Newman says:

    Agree with you Sil. A nice puzzle. Took me a long while to work out Jolly Roger and Wine Gum.

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