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Financial Times 14,226 by Alberich

Posted by Jed on February 1st, 2013


Comprehensive including some ingenious misdirections






1 CROSSBAR above goalkeeper CROSS  (pass towards goal) BAR (save)

5 ABELIA plant (LABIA[t]E)*

9 ROTATION cycle [wagne]R O (ringer) [s]TATION (Radio 3)

10 BALLOT election LAB< (labour rejected) LOT (great many)

11 MASSENET French composer S[e]S[t]E[t] in MANET

12 ANGLER one hoping for catch ANGLE (spin) [bowle]R

14 NO-NONSENSE sensible (ONES N ONES N)* (one’s new duplicated novel)

18 AQUAMARINE colour QUA (as) in A MARINE (serviceman)

22 DESPOT dictator

D (democrat) ESP (extra-sensory perception) TO< (returned to)

23 ANTI-HERO principal baddie (ON THE AIR)*

24 NAIADS legendary nymphs

N (Norway) A (are) in AID (help) S[omalia]

25 POOH-POOH ridicule HOOP< (ring about) POO[c]H (dog) minus C[ollar]

26 ANGINA disease GIN (drink) in AN A (articles)

27 STOPPAGE strike (POST)* PAGE (call for)


1 CHROME metal C (century) [detecto]R in HOME (house)

2 OBTUSE stupid OBT[ain] USE (benefit)

3 SETTEE Chesterfield (one for whom setter sets)

4 ABOVE-BOARD honest AB (sailor) OVERBOARD (into the water minus R)

6 BEAU NASH a dandy BEAU (French fine) NASH (John architect)

7 LA-LA LAND intoxicated state LA (Los Angeles) (AND ALL)*

8 ATTORNEY case worker TORN (rent) in ATE (worried) Y (year)

13 DOWN-AND-OUT penniless

D (daughter) OWN (have) HAND OUT (dole) minus H (husband)

15 SARDINIA island hidden backwards in [mount]AIN I’D RAS[hly]

16 QUISLING traitor

QUIS sounds like QUIZ (interrogation) LYING (mendacious) minus Y (unknown)

17 EMBOLDEN cheer ME< BOLD (thick type) E[xplain] N[ietzsche]

19 BISHOP cleric B (book) I SHOP (store)

20 FEDORA hat (capital investment) FE (iron) DORA (lady)

21 SOPHIE she SOP (propitiatory gift) HIE (hurry)

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse

3 Responses to “Financial Times 14,226 by Alberich”

  1. MikeC says:

    Thanks Jed and Alberich. Enjoyed this one. Mostly very neat. Slight ? about 24a – I got NAIADS but I’m a bit unsure about “are” giving the second A. Any thoughts, anyone?

  2. Thomas99 says:

    I think “a” is the official abbreviation for the unit Are (= 100 sq. metres).

  3. Sil van den Hoek says:

    No problems with “are” here – seen it quite a few times before. Also a unit that is (apparently) more common in my home country than here in the UK.

    The usual quality from “I’ll be right back” :).
    Some do not like this grid as it makes up for (more or less) four separate puzzles.
    I made such a flashy start (in the NW) that I expected this crossword to be one of the easiest Alberichs ever.
    But it wasn’t like that.
    I had trouble with the SE corner where eventually I got everything except 21d (SOPHIE).

    Clues with the word ‘composer’ in it are usually my first entry, as it was today (11ac, MASSENET).
    The other musical clue (9ac, ROTATION) was very ingenious and a contender for The Clue of the Month.

    But hopefully, I will remember 17d (EMBOLDEN) when they ask me to vote for the best FT clue in February. First there’s “Cheer me up”, then “me up”, next “thick type” – all splendidly misdirecting. And a nice surface as a bonus.

    I also thought that 22ac (DESPOT) and 1d (CHROME) were above average (whatever that is in the World of Alberich). Both very well written.

    Thanks, Jed, for your blog of this excellent puzzle.

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