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Enigmatic Variations 1053: Making a Point by Ifor (& Brat)

Posted by Dave Hennings on 2nd February 2013

Dave Hennings.

No time this week for anything more than the bare bones as I’m in the process of moving house … for the second time in six months (and the last time in at least ten years I hope).

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Independent Crossword 8201 by Bannsider (Saturday prize puzzle 26-01-2013)

Posted by twencelas on 2nd February 2013


So it’s a snowy day in January and for those with some time to kill a Saturday puzzle from the enigmatic Bannsider.

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Guardian 25,855 / Philistine

Posted by mhl on 2nd February 2013


I make this Philistine’s first prize puzzle, and their twelfth puzzle overall in the Guardian. This was a good fun puzzle to solve – with the odd exception (1a, 17d) I thought this was a fairly easy. (I was away that weekend, and Jenny and I both solved it completely without each other’s help, whereas I suspect with many prize puzzles one or other of us would have struggled.) My favourite clue was 8 down.

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