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Guardian no. 25862 by Rufus

Posted by flashling on February 4th, 2013


Pretty typical Rufus I felt this morning, shed loads of double definitions which aren’t really my favourite clue type.

Andrew is away, so I’m standing in, AMP and BROAD appear twice in the acrosses but I can’t see any reason for this.


Thanks to PeeDee for his blogging software.



1 Time for expansion (7)
Double Definition

5 Further progress (7)
Double Def

10 Current assertion of private secretary status (4)
(I) AM P(rivate) S(ecretary)

11 Youngster’s grants in a foreign currency (10)

12 Rises for many members (6)
C (many) LIMBS

13 Anonymous travelling salesmen (8)
SALESMAN* nothing to do with reps this time

14 Wide variety of actors giving a sound performance (9)

16 Thought leading lady to be perfect (5)
IDEA L(ady)

17 Join in a very loud number (5)
A FF IX (nine)

19 Bombardment damaged sideboard (9)

23 Pain and gain makes a great violinist (8)

24 Sunlit cheek? (6)
SUNLIT* unusual clue anagrind appears to be “?”

26 Incomplete description of a Schubert composition (10)
Double def.

27 Improvise with a 5-amp fuse (4)
V (five) AMP

28 All-inclusive cover for retirement (7)
Double Def

29 Flight departure (7)
Double Def


2 Part of a lock that holds water (7)
Double def

3 Course in translated poems (5)

4 Top quality work produced by pupils in college, initially (7)
CLASS I(n) C(ollege)

6 My dear, it can be quite unpractical! (6)

7 Touching displays of regal appreciation (9)

Double def

8 Is a good man able to get a game? (7)
CAN A S(ain)T A

9 Evidently not turning to crime (5,8)
Cryptic def

15 I’m in a race — go! (9)

18 Stuff and nonsense (7)
Double Def

20 Lover of Theseus gives song with uplifting finale (7)

21 A problem of choice (7)
Double Def

22 Excellent to include it, within limits (6)

25 Cut, cut hard (5)





17 Responses to “Guardian no. 25862 by Rufus”

  1. tupu says:

    Thanks flashling and Rufus

    I found it quite hard to see some of the answers in this fairly typical Rufus piece.

    I too wondered about the double ‘amp’ and ‘broad’. I also felt that one or two clues were a bit weak e.g. 29a which was my last in.

    I admired several of the surfaces. I ticked 1a, 13a, 1d, 4d and 7d as I moved along.

  2. michelle says:

    Thanks Flashling.

    This was an enjoyable puzzle. It took about 40 minutes to complete, which is fast for me. Thanks to fifteensquared, I think I have made quite a lot of improvement.

    New definition for me today was ‘FLANNEL’ = nonsense.

    I liked 20, 14, 23, 9 and 28.

    I solved but could not parse 25d, 10a and 2d.

    Re 10a – does ‘assertion’ always solve as ‘(I) am’ or can it be other answers such as ‘(he) is’, ‘(they) are’ etc?

    Re 2d – I still do not understand dd of ‘tumbler’, ie I know it is something that ‘holds water’ , but can someone explain the ‘part of a lock’ part to me in more detail?

    Re 25d, I still don’t completely understand the parsing, apart from cut=sever. How to parse the ‘cut hard’ part?

  3. crypticsue says:

    Enjoyable – although not keen on 29a which was my last one in. Thanks to Rufus and Flashling

    Michella @2
    Assertion more often than not means (I) am
    2d a tumbler is a part of the lock that holds the bolt in place until it is removed by the key
    25d Severe = hard and if you cut it (ie remove the last letter) you get a word meaning cut

  4. coltrane says:

    Thanks Flashing and Rufus. Not hard but enjoyable.

    Michelle @2 Re 25d, I think Flashing has parsed this but it is mixed up with the answer to 22d. So cut = sever and severe is hard in the sense of “he was very severe with his children” which, if you cut the last e becomes sever(e). Flashing you might want to correct this!!

  5. coltrane says:

    Sorry crypticsue @ 3, we crossed!!

  6. Trailman says:

    Bad start this morning, went out without a pen so had to liberate one from William Hill’s. Then all fairly straightforward till RETREAT, last in; I could not see beyond Retread, with its other ‘flight’ connections. Doh!

  7. flashling says:

    Re last few entries confusion, oops sorry… fixed I hope.

  8. michelle says:

    crypticsue@3 and coltrane@4

    thanks, now I understand how to parse 10, 2 25. Sorry all, but we beginners sometimes need it explained in more detail!!! I guess that is the definition of “being a beginner’.

  9. Robi says:

    Thanks Rufus; I did not think this was as entertaining as usual, maybe because of some dodgy dd’s, I thought.

    Thanks flashling; strange puzzle with 7 answers beginning with ‘A.’ The clues I didn’t like were 27, which had ‘amp’ in clue and answer; 19 with a fairly obvious anagram from sideboard to BROADSIDE; RETREAT, which I am having difficulty in seeing as a dd [maybe my problem, although departure has the synonyms of ‘flight’ and ‘retreat;’] 24, where either ‘cheek’ is doing double duty as an anagrind or, as flashling points out, the ? is the anagrind.

    I quite liked CANASTA and SEVER.

  10. RCWhiting says:

    Thanks all
    I shall make a rapid ‘retreat’ from this discussion.

  11. Rowland says:

    I was glad finally to get to the puzzle threads! Have we to put up with Mister Halpern’s centenary celebrations for a whole year? Woe is me, I am not much fun at Xmas either though, to be honset.

    Pretty basic stuff from R today, worthy of the Quiptic, I’m probably liking ANIMATION best.


  12. coltrane says:

    RCW @10, you mean you are going straight no broadcast broadside, don’t give us that old flannel!!

  13. chas says:

    Thanks to flashling for the blog. I had SEVER for 25d without spotting that severe=hard :(

    There were several clues I felt were weak today: 5, 24, 27, 9 and 21.

  14. RCWhiting says:

    coltrane,you had better watch out. I am studying your contributions very closely to decide whether you are a John or a Robbie.

  15. coltrane says:

    RCW @ 14 I’m actually a David, pleased to meet you, but as our Sainted leaders say I will try to stay on message!!

  16. Brendan (not that one) says:

    Thanks to flashling & Rufus.

    As others have said some dodgy DDs which prolonged this a little beyond the usual 10 minutes.

    I know it’s a matter of taste (and editorial policy!!) but couldn’t we have easy Monday fare that was a little more like the rest of the week’s puzzles.

    Or is “Retro is the new Black”

  17. flashling says:

    @ Michelle, sorry this blog was done in a hurry before work as a favour, I just hadn’t got the time to make it more beginner friendly, will try to in future next time I’m asked.


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