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Financial Times no.14,231 by Hamilton

Posted by Ringo on February 7th, 2013


I’ve always found it a bit of a struggle to get on Hamilton’s wavelength, and this morning’s offering was no exception – but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the challenge. Even though this was a themed puzzle, of which I’m not usually a fan, I found this a fun solve. There were some complicated constructions, and one or two stubborn puzzles – and I learned a new word, at 12ac. which is always a bonus. Thank-you, Hamilton.


9. QUEEN-SIZE  Anagram of squeeze in

10. STEAD  Steadfast [firm] minus fast – see 18ac.

11. ASTRIDE  Astride [walk]

12. TRENTAL  Rental [payment], but I’m not sure how t = 60% agree…

13. SIT  Anagram of its – see 18ac.

14. POSTER GIRLS  Cryptic definition

17. ROLLS  A tent-dweller would probably sleep on a bed-roll (see 18ac)

18. BED  Hidden in suBEDitor – thus we have bedstead (10ac), bedsit (13ac), etc…

19. ASSES  Assess [evaluate] minus s(tudying)

21. STAND AT EASE  Stand [put up with] + a + tease [kid] – nice definition

23. PAN  Reversal of nap [certainty] to give, with 18ac, bedpan

25. CULPRIT  Pri(zes) [winnings] within cult [group]

27. CLOTHES  Lot [loads] within chest [crate] minus t(thinking) to give, with 18ac, bedclothes

28. ROMEO  Anagram of more O [ordinary]

29. TOM PEARSE  Anagram of tempers a(pproached) o(ld) to give a character in the song Widecombe Fair (more often spelt Pearce, it seems)


1. SQUAWS  Qu [question] within saws [what proverbs are]

2. TEETOTAL  Double definition: there are a total of eighteen tees on a (golf) course…

3. INDISPOSED  Anagram of do side spin

4. TIME  I’m within te [note?] to give, with 18ac, bedtime, when one goes down? Not sure about this one…

5. GET THE IDEA  Et [Egypt, in vehicle registration code] + the [definite article] within Gide [French author] + a

6. ISLE  Even letters from lIpSaLvE; the allusion is to London’s Isle of Dogs

7. WETTER  With 18ac, gives bedwetter [one who has lost control]

8. IDOLISES  Anagram of Isolde is – not sure what heroine is doing here

15. SUBSTITUTE  Subs [fees] + institute minus inst [this month]

16. GRACE NOTES  Grace [cricketer] + notes [alludes to]

17. REST CURE  Restore [make good] with o [zero, nothing] replaced by Cu [chemical symbol of copper]

20. SAPPHIRE  Sap [energy] + phire [sounds like fire]

22. AFLAME  A + flame [lover]

24. NOSIER  Reversal of re [about] + I [one] + son [relative]

26. ROOM  With 18ac, gives bedroom, a place for people who are retiring

27. CAMP  With 18ac, gives camp-bed, which can be taken anywhere


5 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,231 by Hamilton”

  1. Hamilton says:

    Hi Ringo, thanks for an excelent blog. You’re not alone – I struggle with my wavelength at times….

    Just to say that:
    12a – 60% of tally (agree) around rent
    29a – the Oxford Book of Ballads quotes “Pearse” but I accept it could go either way
    4d – in my childhood I was always told I was going down to sleep even though the bedroom was upstairs! Is that a Midlands peculiarity? Having said that, my children (and latterly my grandchildren) have always as young babies been put down for a sleep. I’ll be interested in what others think…
    8d – I’m afraid “heroine” is only there for the surface

  2. MikeC says:

    Thanks Ringo and Hamilton. Enjoyed this. TRENTAL was new to me also. I eventually spotted the 60% of TALLY, by analogy with 25a (half of PRIZES). Several to smile at, like 7d.

  3. ernie says:

    For 13A I assumed that ‘sit’ was inside ‘oppo-sit-ion’.

    Thanks for the blog, Ringo

  4. Ringo says:

    Hi Hamilton – thanks for stopping by and clearing up my various confusions!

    @Ernie – oh, of course, you’re quite right – I thought “in opposition” was rather unsatisfactory as an anagram indicator…

  5. mike04 says:

    Thanks Hamilton and Ringo.

    Re 4dn: Under ‘put down’ the COD gives ‘put (baby) to bed’.
    If sleepy, I think the youngster will indeed be ‘ready to go down’!

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