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Beelzebub 1196

Posted by Jed on February 8th, 2013


Complex and cunning including some exceptional words






2 Stomach discomfort – endless nuisance – my grub so poorly prepared

BORBORYGMUS sound of flatulence in the intestines

BOR[e] (endless nuisance) (MY GRUB SO)*

9 A daughter comes in merry and beaming RADIANT (beaming)

A D (daughter) in RIANT (merry)

10 Island residence curtailed after incursion by Lake HOLM (islet)

L (lake) in HOM[e] (residence curtailed)

12 One avoiding fuel plant affecting the nose OLFACTORY (of smelling)

O[i]L (one avoiding fuel) FACTORY (plant)

15 Ancient giant fish TROLL dd

16 No longer serves me, getting out of tunic KAES (serves obs.)

ME from KAMEES (tunic)

17 Write text for exam involving college in certain areas SECTORAL (of a division)

C (college) in SET (write text for) ORAL (exam)

20 Company product adopting smart treatment for gout COLCHICINE

gout treatment from meadow saffron CO (company) CHIC (smart) in LINE (product)

21 Start vaguely to accommodate a playwright’s conception? They do drawings ATTRAHENTS muscles that draw

A HENT (conception – Shakespeare) in (START)*

22 Woman apparently involved in game CHAPPESS woman

APP (apparently) in CHESS (game)

23 Dissenter rejecting book and amount of film REEL (amount of film)

B (book) from REBEL (dissenter)

24 Male in drink rolling over? Inevitable consequence KARMA destiny

M (male) in ARAK<  (drink rolling over)

27 Mark going to concert with piano in it: Milhaud’s penultimate composition

IMPROMPTU musical composition

M (mark) PROM (concert) P (piano) in IT U (penultimate in Milhaud)

28 First Schubert work completed? DONE (completed) D 1

Schubert’s work is numbered D 1 – D 998 by Otto Erich Deutsch

29 Personal authority shown by German boss MANAGER (boss)

MANA (personal authority – Maori) GER (German)

30 Domination ahead of vote? English Nationalist clearly losing heart PREPOLLENCY (domination)

PRE POLL (ahead of vote) E (English) N (nationalist) C[learl]Y


1 Mad to keep battered book with damaged spine CROOKBACKED

(with damaged spine) (BOOK)* in CRACKED (mad)

2 Check book opened by American student BALK check

A (American) L (student) in BK (book)

3 Currency: volume offloaded by competitors RIALS currency of Iran

V (volume) from RIVALS (competitors)

4 Footballer’s mate picked up gesture recognizing success? BACKSLAP well done

BACK’S (footballer’s) PAL< (mate picked up)

5 Phone cheat rigged, costing less ON THE CHEAP (PHONE CHEAT)*

6 Nomad’s dwelling that no longer is seen around ancient city YURT tent

UR (ancient city) in YT (obsolete abbreviation of that)

7 Second editor’s excited, provided with machine MOTORISED with machine

MO (second) (EDITORS)*

8 Remarkable thing turned up: an insect screeching ULULANT screeching

LULU< (impressive thing up) ANT (insect)

11 Perfume factory refuse scattered around Lake MILLEFLEURS perfume

MILL (factory) L (lake) in (REFUSE)*

13 Charter LSO, possibly, wanting something of this kind ORCHESTRAL &lit


14 Fruit pie certain before one’s heading off NECTARINE fruit

(CERTAIN)* [o]NE (pie = confusion = anagram)

18 Mineral quality’s limited this month TINSTONE (cassiterite)

INST (this month) in TONE (quality)

19 Furnace, mostly convenient, supported by men ATHANOR (alchemist’s furnace)

AT HAN[d] (convenient mostly) OR (men)

23 Horse around rear of Forum – such as Incitatus? ROMAN

[foru]M in ROAN (horse)

25 A soldier’s reward – zero stuff to fight with AMMO

A MM (military medal) O (zero)

26 Steep in Cairngorms? Certainly climbing absorbs time STEY Scottish for steep

T (time) in YES< (certainly climbing)

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse    dd = double definition


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