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Enigmatic Variations 1054 Connections by Salamanca

Posted by twencelas on February 8th, 2013


A simple preamble – some theme words and connections and a little bit of highlighting to finish. Sounds like a very accessible EV, one for the first timer, even.

For those, just dipping their toes into these “advanced” cryptics, a Salamanca puzzle is a good starting point. And this puzzle, though not trivial by any means, was a good example at the easier end of the difficulty spectrum.

For those venturing into these puzzles, start with the clues and fill in as much as you can. The majority, here, are no more difficult than an average daily cryptic.

Then you need some inspiration either from one of the ‘Connections’ and then to the theme words. Peter and Peacock made me think of colours and albeit I misread the clue – I associated both with BLUE, whereas Peacock was clued with a different theme word WHITE. Something then White and Blue – a little bit patriotic – of course – Red, White and Blue.

Then it was just a case of completing the connections.

The final highlighting being UNION FLAG from commUNION and oFLAG.

Thanks Salamanca for a fun workout and my only quibble is that whilst there is a white peacock, peacock-blue is a more accessible coloured connection, though as all the others precede the connection, it makes sense.

Also when is the Telegraph going to return the closing date to normal.


Rev  reverse; * Anagram, DD Double definition, underline = definition in the clue


1 Theme word A (3)


3 Theme word B (5)


8 Theme word C (4)


12 At the exact moment at any time content’s acceptable (two words, 5)

Once (at any time) around u (acceptable) = ON CUE

14 Brilliant 1 set apart Scots miser (4)

Scarlet (Brilliant red) – Set = CARL

15 Connection A (7)

SNAPPER (Red Snapper)

16 Against malaria it’s uncertain (5)

V (against) + ague (malaria) = VAGUE

17 Connection A, C (6)

STREAK (Red Streak, Blue Streak)

20 Book one has shortly — short in religion (5)

B(book) + a (one) + ha (has shortly) + I (short in) = BAHAI

21 Kick hard market stall (5)

Boot (kick) + h (hard) + BOOTH

22 A log trail that’s mistaken for reptile (9)

(a log trail)* = ALLIGATOR

26 Varsity taken in by ordinary fellowship (9)

Uni (varsity) in common (ordinary) = COMMUNION

29 No stimuli are recognised here — in turn nothing gets round me (5)

Rev (nil (nothing)) around me = LIMEN

30 Fellow in gaol possibly prison camp (5)

(f + gaol)* = OFLAG

33 Queen with family left out forced to divide into branches (6)

(r(queen) + family – l)* =  RAMIFY

36 Connection C (5) PETER (Blue Peter)

37 Connection B (7) PEACOCK (White Peacock)

38 Taxmen working can be inflexible (4)

Ir (taxmen as in Inland revene) + on (working) = IRON

39 They practised polyandry — no one’s right (5)

Nay (no) + a (one) + r (right) = NAYAR

40 Connection B, C (4) NILE (White Nile, Blue Nile)

41 Topless woman cheers most sacred places (5)

Lady (woman) – l (topless) + ta (cheers) = ADYTA

42 Connection B (3) FLY (White Fly)



1 Connection A, B (4) ROSE (Red Rose, White Rose)

2 Elevate French nursemaid to rise against the French (7)

Rev (Bonne (French nursemaid)) + le (the French) = ENNOBLE

4 No hat-peg’s made into geometric shape (8)

(no hat peg)* = HEPTAGON

5 Cold part of NE Asia head off for warmer parts(6)

Siberia (Cold part of NE Asia) – s (head off) = IBERIA

6 Menace with hint of harm in early negotiation (6)

Treat (negotiation) around h (hint of harm) = THREAT

7 The King’s female counterpart displays volume in highest pitch (singing) (4)

V (volume) in Ela (highest pitch(singing) = ELVA (Female form of Elvis – never met anyone called Elva myself)

9 Connection C (6) LAGOON (Blue Lagoon)

10 Bison’s game in America (4)

Ru (game – rugby union) in us (America) = URUS

11 Connection B (8) ELEPHANT (White Elephant)

13 Hat — a caballero might wear it (4)

Cap (hat) + a = CAPA

18 King (or knight) has place in Papua (4)

K(king) + or + n (knoght) + KORN

19 Lacking oxygen a pilot’s in trouble — this might result in a crash (8)

(apilots in – o(oxygen))* = TAILSPIN

21 Bulging of fat bun? Could be (8)

(of fat bun)* = BOUFFANT

23 One holding a commission drops off decorator (4)

Officer (one holding a commission) – off = ICER

24 Following from events on record laic scribbled (7)

Log (record) + (laic)* = LOGICAL

25 There’s TNT in this mostly old match’s cavity — not HE (6)

Amate (match – old) – e (mostly) + hole (cavity) – he = AMATOL

27 Mother going to gym at end of road complained to Scots (6)

Mum (mother) + pe (gym) + d (end of road) = MUMPED

28 For wicked liar in old play that’s a small share for the Bard (6)

Morality (old play) – (liar)* including ie (that’s) = MOIETY

31 Call from one on singledecked boat (4)

A + hoy (single decked boat) = AHOY

32 Some rioter’s holding a club (4)

Hidden (soME Rioter’s) = MERI

34 Wheeled carriage, one needing support when going uphill (4)

Rev (a + bra (support) = ARBA

35 Gaze into crystal? That’s right in C (4)

R (right) in sky (blue) = SKRY

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