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Independent 8207 / Nimrod (2/2/13)

Posted by Gaufrid on February 9th, 2013


Sorry for the late appearance of this post but the scheduled blogger hasn’t turned up. In the interest of minimising further delay, I have kept my comments to a minimum.

An enjoyable puzzle from Nimrod on the day that saw the start of this year’s 7dn competition (and a convincing win for England in the Calcutta Cup match).

The first part of the clue for 7dn refers to the fact that one or more of the participating countries can precede various answers, as follows:

Irish/Scotch/Welsh terrier; Scotch broth; French onions; Scotch egg; English Channel; Welsh dragon, Italian Mafia; French stick; Scotch woodcock; Irish coffees; French dressing; English disease; Italian vermouth; Irish/Scotch whisky; French knickers; Irish baloney

If I’ve missed any please let me know (strictly speaking it should be Irish whiskey).

6 ERMINE ER MINE (I think it belongs to me)
7 TERRIER ERR (behave like a human) in TIER (row)
9 STEAMIES anagram (ordered) of ITEMS SAE
10 BROTH ROT (something decadent) in BH (Belize {IVR})
11 MISSOURI IS SOUR (off) in MI (Michigan)
12 ONIONS cryptic def. & def. – know one’s onions & Graham Onions
13 EGG EG (as) G (good)
15 CHANNEL N (name) in CHANEL (name supplying No 5)
17 SKY [I a]SK Y[ou] without the vowels (not to be vocal)
20 DRAGON DRAG ON (all set to be dame {pantomime})
21 THE MAFIA A ME (writer) reversed (backsliding) in anagram (criminal) of FAITH
22 STICK double def.
23 WOODCOCK W (women) OD (excess) CO (business) C (clubs) in OK (approved)
24 COFFEES C[appuccino) O (old) F (French) FEES (service charges)
25 WHERRY HER (the woman) in WRY (mocking)
1 DRESSING cryptic def. – a dressing can be wound over a wound
2 DISEASE anagram (resort) of SEASIDE
3 VERMOUTH M (money) in [o]VER [o]UT H (husband) – def. ‘it’
4 TRIBUNAL BUN (baby rabbit) in TRIAL (test)
5 VENOMOUS anagram (maverick) of MOVE ON US (America)
7 THE SIX NATIONS X (by) N (name) in HESITATIONS (delays) with T (temperature) rising to the top – see preamble for first part of clue
8 WHISKY def. & cryptic def. – a reference to Thin Lizzy’s hit ‘Whiskey in the Jar’
13 EN DASH END (climax) ASH (remains)
14 GRAVITON GRAV[e] (not completely serious) TO (of) in IN
15 CLOCK OFF LOCK (secure) in COFF[in] (box when moving home)
16 EYES DOWN YES (agreed) ED (Balls) OWN (have) – a bingo reference
18 KNICKERS homophone (in the auditorium) of ‘nickers’ (they steal)
19 BALONEY ALONE (on one’s own) in BY (though)


6 Responses to “Independent 8207 / Nimrod (2/2/13)”

  1. crypticsue says:

    It seemed ages since we last had a Nimrod and I thought this one was well worth the wait. From the giggle as I solved 6a right down to the last penny drop, I thought this a great puzzle. So many clues were solved and then I re-read the wordplay and ah yes! 20a being a prime example of that phenomenon. Interestingly, it was only spotting some of the links that enabled me to solve 7d.

    Thanks to Nimrod for a great puzzle and to Gaufrid for the review – I think you have all the links.

  2. sidey says:

    Thank you for the elucidation Gaufrid. This very firmly nailed the lid on the worst solving week I’ve ever had so I’ve been doing old Listeners for some light relief. An extremely cleverly constructed puzzle nevertheless and deserves a place in the puzzle of the month list. I would suggest that 16d is a semi &lit clue as I understand that bingo involves the numbers being selected with balls.

    I suppose there could also be French vermouth, (Old) English terrier and Welsh whisky.

  3. Gaufrid says:

    Hi sidey
    “I suppose there could also be French vermouth, (Old) English terrier and Welsh whisky.”

    You are right on all three counts. I had previously only ever heard of Italian vermouth but a google confirms there is a French version. Wikipedia confirms the existance of the old English terrier and, despite my strong liking for the amber nectar, and have drunk it for many, many years, I was not aware that there was a distillery in Wales. However, there is.

  4. Wil Ransome says:

    “There once for a time was ‘Welsh’ whisky, manufactured, I suppose, under the mistaken belief that Celtic surroundings would suffice, but we will not reason of it, only mention it and pass” [Saintsbury, Notes on a Cellar Book, 1920]

  5. beermagnet says:

    Many thanks to Gaufrid for producing the blog at such short notice.
    And sorry to him and everyone for failing to write it – I just completely missed that it was my turn. No excuses, just simple incompetence. I’m going to make damn sure that doesn’t happen again.

    A fantastic Nimrod too – What a fool I feel.

  6. MikeC says:

    Thanks Gaufrid and Nimrod. Just about completed this but needed your help to explain some of the answers. Btw, the Welsh malt whisky is called “Penderyn”. It’s distilled not far from where I live and is rather good, though a bit expensive imho.

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