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Azed No 2122

Posted by bridgesong on February 10th, 2013


Another relatively easy puzzle by Azed standards, I thought, although it took me some time to parse all the answers. Two Hebrew terms (both in Chambers) and two French (also in Chambers) along with words of Russian (drosky) and Irish (scraw) origin demonstrate how English borrows from other languages.


1 SAMADHI Gentleman in India, not British, frantic at heart for object of yogic meditation (7)
MAD in SAHI(b).
7 RAND A cut from golf club in the fringe? (4)
R AND (a): The Royal and Ancient Golf Club at St Andrews has given its name to golf’s governing body.
10 CLAG Stick cut shin in striking noisily (4)
11 RANDOMLY My lord appears thus when receiving one (8)
AN in *(MY LORD).
12 RANI Queen in ME country, first to last (4)
Iran, with first letter put at the end.
13 OOBITS Scruffy titches sit uneasily after audience disapproval returns (6)
BOO(rev), *SIT.
15 ADAR SHENI Notice a shrine specially prepared for intercalary period (9, 2 words)
AD *(A SHRINE).  The Jewish lunar calendar has a thirteenth month in some years.
17 KIWANIAN Sickly one before being taken in by family of charitable US types (8)
WAN 1+A (nte) in KIN.  Referring to the Kiwanis.  Thanks, Nick.
18 BRADYSEISM Slow shifting of crust scattered by a messy bird (10)
19 KENOPHOBIA King on phone abandoned former charm, showing aversion to empty space (10)
K(ing) *PHONE, OBIA.  “Abandoned” is the anagram indicator; OBIA is the obsolete form of a word meaning a fetish or charm.
23 AB INITIO I’ll be hugged by a girl, briefly in love from day one (8, 2 words)
I in BINT, I(n) 0.  Azed makes no apology for using a word described by Chambers as “slang, usually derogatory”.
27 ICHNEUMON Threat to croc’s young – munching on Munchie! (9)
28 HEATER Maître d’ forgetting central piece in oven? (6)
HEA(d wai)TER.  Not a very precise definition, hence the question mark.
29 FORA In favour of adult media for debate (4)
FOR A(dults).
30 IGNITION Back scoring one – I’ll be gripped, getting fired up (8)
I in NOTING 1 (rev).
31 DREW Was attractive, going about in power dressing (4)
Hidden and reversed in “power dressing”.
32 ALAS Harrow? A girl won’t be finishing here (4)
A LAS(s).
33 INGRESS French painter, special: having made it, one’s in (7)
INGRES, S(pecial).
1 SCRAW Second crop in thin turf (5)
S, CRAW.  According to Chambers, no etymological connection with SCRAWNY.
2 A LA DEROBEE Stealthily redo plays after one penned by playwright (10, 3 words)
3 MANAT Some monetary units from a nation’s coffers (5)
Hidden in “from a nation’s”; “coffers” is the indicator.  It’s both the singular and the plural form, hence “units”.
4 DROSKY Road up? O, heavens – get a cab (6)
RD(rev), O SKY.
5 HACHIS Mixed dish keeps (not anti wine being included) (6)
CHI(anti) in HAS.  Took me quite some time to see this.
6 ADONAI Lord and lady dividing fish on Japanese menu (6)
7 ROBINSON Castaway no longer mutters about having to trap bass (8)
8 AMID Surrounded by money in donations? (4)
M in AID.
9 DYSPNEA Not breathing easily, as NYPD found out about ultimate in sleaze (7)
(sleaz)E in *(AS NYPD).  It’s an American spelling, as the reference to the New York police department implies.
14 TRADITORES Deals involving wavering trio – they betrayed fellow – Christians (10)
16 ADENITIS Glandular infection: it’s found among some Yemenis (8)
18 BRACHIA Chair broken in half of back and arms (upper parts thereof) (7)
*CHAIR in BA(ck).
20* NICETY Delicate management (6)
The competition word.
21 PINION Pressure lump on back of head: bind, restricting movement (6)
22 HOEING Don’s work perhaps that is held up in warehouse (6)
IE(rev) in HONG.  The reference is to Monty Don, television gardener, not to any crossword setter with a similar name.
24 SMORE Scot’s put out, touchy about suggestion of miserliness (5)
M(iserliness) in SORE.
25 GNAWS Poet’s controlled rising worries (5)
SWANG (rev).
26 MANA 50% of US party leaders will display such personal prestige (4)
MANA(gers).  Tucked away at the end of the entry in Chambers is this definition for “manager”: “a party leader (US)”.


5 Responses to “Azed No 2122”

  1. sidey says:

    Shame the definition was (and still is) missing from the online versions of 19a. It should read King on phone abandoned faulty charm, showing aversion to empty space (10)

    Thanks bridgesong. Some really good clues here.

  2. RCWhiting says:

    Thanks all
    Fortunately there is neither an international scale or unit to measure Azed difficulty so I can quite confidently say that I thought this was much harder than 2121.
    My favourites were 7ac, 5d and after I finally parsed it 28ac.
    Last two were ‘clag’ and ‘Kiwanian'(very obscure?).
    The answer to misprints on line is to buy the newspaper and help fund the compilers.

  3. sidey says:

    I would like to purchase the paper more often but four newspapers a month would cost more than my internet access. I fear they will have to make it access by subscription again.

    Sorry for the off-topicness.

    Today’s is an absolute belter. I am still laughing at two clues in particular.

  4. bridgesong says:

    Sidey @1, thanks for pointing out the missing words in 19a, which I have now inserted. I solved the puzzle from the paper version and didn’t notice that words had been omitted from the online version, which I used (thanks to PeeDee’s software) for compiling the blog.

  5. The Trafites says:

    Ref. 17ac – there is an ‘A’ missing. I believe it should be ‘WAN+I+A[before]’ in KIN.


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