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Financial Times 14,236 by Aardvark

Posted by PeeDee on February 13th, 2013


With Aardvark I find getting the solutions easy but the explanations why more difficult.

Today I am completely stuck on 9dn, can anyone help?  Possibly I have a mistake in 10 across?

1 APPLES AND PEARS Ned, joining pals assembling inside, looks for stairs in east London (6,3,5)
(NED PALS)* assembling=anagram in APPEARS (looks) – Cockney rhyming slang
10 OWNED Had particular boundaries in England (5)
OWN (particular) EnglanD (bounding letters of) – definition is ‘had’
11 UNDERLINE Second-in-command, no good against Spain, shows stress (9)
UNDERLINg (second-in-command) missing g=good and E (Espagne, Spain)
12 ATHLETE American allowed to wear the jumper? (7)
A (American) and LET (allowed) inside (wearing) THE – a high jumper possibly
13 ROOT OUT Completely remove bounder seen by all in shot (4,3)
ROO (kangeroo, bounder) and U (seen by all, cinema rating) in TOT (shot, of drink)
14 STOIC “Poorly” mainly coming across to patient (5)
TO inside SICk (poorly) mainly=most of
16 NECTARINE Single figure picks up crate to distribute fruit (9)
NINE (single figure) holds (picks up) CRATE* (anagram=to distribute)
19 POLYNESIA Antipodeans around here heard parrot flapping in sea (9)
POLY (sounds like “polly”, parrot) and (IN SEA)* flapping=anagram – a region of the Antipodes
20 EMPTY Free invite excludes frst year (5)
tEMPT (invite) missing first letter then Y (year)
22 LEAFIER Meadow and wood keep end of village more rural (7)
LEA (meadow) and E (last letter of village) in FIR (wood)
25 LATERAL Some claret almost knocked over sideways (7)
some of cLARET ALmost reversed (knocked over)
27 MAP READER Mother, prepared when travelling, cut out page for navigator (3-6)
MA (mother) then pREPARED* (anagram=travelling) missing p=page
28 RHINO Greek character carries home animal (5)
IN (home) in RHO (Greek character)
29 CONSTANTINOPLE Fixed work, in building line, means capital no longer used (14)
CONSTANT (fixed) then OP (work) in LINE* (building=anagram) – former caprital of Turkey
2 PUNCH BOWL Judy’s partner at front of ship, left vessel (5,4)
PUNCH (Judy’s partner) at (next to) BOW (front of ship) L (left)
3 LODGE Say party line, upsetting group of masons (5)
EG (say) DO (party) L (line) reversed (upsetting)
4 SAUTERNES One leaves sandwiches to grab auntie regularly distributing wine (9)
aUnTiE (regulaly, every other letter) in (grabbed by) SARNiES (sandwiches) missing I (one, Roman numeral) – definition is wine.   Apart from helping the surface reading I can’t see how ‘distributing’ fits in the clue at all.
5 NADIR Bottom drain repaired (5)
DRAIN* repaired=anagram
6 PERCOLATE Strain spread around royal column (9)
PATE (spread) around ER (royal) COL (column) – definition is ‘strain’.  Thanks to AID.
7 AMIGO China’s major highway blocked earlier (5)
MI (M1, major highway) in AGO (earlier) – defintion is ‘china’ (china plate) rhyming slang for ‘mate’, friend.  I don’t like M1 = MI.  I know it is very common in crosswords but it does not work for me.  I=1 as a Roman numeral is fine, and in the context of abbreviations where Roman numerals are commonly used (eg IV for ‘fourth’) then this is OK too, but I have never seen UK road numbers written in Roman numerals.
8 SCEPTRE Staff threat, as numbers two and four are exchanged (7)
SPECTRE (threat) with second and fourth letters exchanged
9 ROMANS Horses attract the eye of bookmaker, making new book (6)
bookMaker (eye of = middle of) in ROANS (horses) – Romans is a book of the New Testament.   Thanks to flashling.
15 CONDIMENT Ketchup perhaps appearing thick inside American bread (9)
ON (appearing) DIM (thick) in CENT (US money, bread)
17 CHARLEROI Domestic garland coated gold, boosting Belgian place (9)
CHAR (domestic) and LEI (garland) going round (coating) OR (gold) reversed (boosting, being sent up) – a place in Belgium
18 IMPARTIAL One quietly gatecrashes military fair (9)
I (one) and then P (quietly) in MARTIAL (military) – definition is ‘fair’
19 POLEMIC Controversial photo captures expression of victory by metres (7)
PIC (photo) contains (captures) OLE (expression of victory) with (by) M (metres)
21 YELLOW Snooker ball forming line, see, in wooden frame (6)
L (line) LO (see) in (framed by) YEW (made of yew, wooden)
23 ASPEN Tree ring follows annual succession, primarily (5)
PEN (ring) following Annual Ssucession (first letters of)
24 RODIN Bar popular French artist manually (5)
ROD (bar) IN (popular) – Auguste Rodin was a French sculptor (an artist who works with his hands, manually)
26 TORSO Body fat’s latest reading – approximately (5)
faT (latest reading=last letter of) OR SO (approximately)


6 Responses to “Financial Times 14,236 by Aardvark”

  1. flashling says:

    Heart of bookmaker is M in ROANS give ROMANS perhaps?

  2. PeeDee says:

    Hi flashling, are you using a paper copy, is the clue different? My online version shows “eye of bookmaker”

    Why is ROMANS ‘new book’?

  3. PeeDee says:

    I get it. Eye=the middle of (as in hurricane) and new book because Romans is in teh New Testament

  4. MikeC says:

    Thanks PeeDee and Aardvaark. Enjoyable puzzle. ROMANS held me up for a while, as well.

  5. AID says:

    Whilst I got the same answer for 6D, I got there differently.
    I had PATE as the spread, and ER for royal and COL for column to give PERCOLATE
    The solution proposed would give two Ls.

  6. PeeDee says:

    AID @5 – so it does, I had not noticed that. Fixed the blog now.

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