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Independent 8216 / Dac

Posted by Bertandjoyce on February 13th, 2013


An enjoyable puzzle as expected from Dac. Lovely surface readings and some clever misdirections.

Joyce liked 2d and thought it could be the Clue of the Month but it was certainly our COD.

We weren’t sure about BUSTER being a synonym for mate in 21ac – it was listed as a form of address to a man or boy and mate is a friendly or ironic form of address. So, we guess that’s near enough. Perhaps someone out there can point us in the right direction if it’s not!


1   Expect chemical company head back to worker
ANTICIPATE ICI (chemical company) + PATE (head) after or ‘back to’ ANT (worker)
6   Maybe puts icing on jam rolls
TOPS Reversal of SPOT (jam) Thanks to NeilW for pointing out the typo.
10   French individual engaged by government department makes a pile
MOUND UN (French individual or ‘a’) inside or ‘engaged by’ MOD (government department)
11   Russell’s early letters included in publication showing scholarship
ERUDITION RU (early letters in RUssell) inside or ‘included in’ EDITION (publication)
12   Coppers making a difference
CHANGE Double definition CHANGE (as in small coins or coppers)
13   For example, after setback, a Liberal joins Tory set
CONGEAL EG (for example) reversed or ‘after setback’ + A + L (Liberal) after or ‘joining’ CON (Tory)
15   Wine from heart of Loire knocked back with German’s approval
RIOJA OIR (the middle letters or ‘heart of ‘ Loire) reversed or ‘knocked back’ + JA (German for yes or approval)
16   Upsets, as pot is found in public school
OVERTURNS URN (pot) inside or ‘in’ OVERT (public) + S (school)
18   Keep celebrating, allowed to enter only one club?
SINGLETON SING ON (keep celebrating) around LET (allowed). The card could be from any suit but the use of ‘club’ adds to the smooth reading of the clue
20   Male has removed middle bit from fruit tree
MAPLE M (male) + APpLE (fruit) with middle bit removed
21   Here’s coffee and caviare, mate announced
ROBUSTA RO (sounds like ROE – caviare) + BUSTA (sounds like BUSTER – mate). We were a little doubtful about mate being a synonym for buster but maybe we are missing something!
23   Chap changed gear, taking minor road
GERARD Anagram of GEAR (anagrind is ‘changed’) + RD (minor road)
25   Igloo’s constructed in part for scientist
BIOLOGIST Anagram of IGLOO’S (anagrind is ‘constructed’) inside BIT (part)
26   Foreign friend recalled long film, say, forgetting odd extracts
AMIGO Hidden backwards  or ‘recalled’ within lOnG fIlM sAy (omitting all the odd letters)
27   Panto character in Mother Goose finale
DAME DAM (mother) + E (last letter or ‘finale of goosE)
28   Perhaps a male couple discussed as part of meeting?
AGENDA ITEM A + GENDA (sounds like or ‘discussed as’ GENDER – perhaps a male) + ITEM (couple).
1   Commander turned up carrying explosives, perhaps
AMMO Hidden and reversed or ‘turned up’ within cOMMAnder
2   Reach end of flight and feel sad
TOUCH DOWN TOUCH (feel) + DOWN (sad). Nicely misdirected!
3   Piece of music unknown in a dance arrangement
CADENZA Z (unknown –  as used in mathematics) inside or ‘in’ anagram of A DANCE (anagrind is ‘arrangement’)
4   Component that is needed in computer upgrade at last
PIECE IE (that is) inside or ‘in’ PC (computer) + E (last letter of upgradE)
5   Staff right upset, given meal with no starter
TRUNCHEON Reversal of RT (right)  or ‘upset’ + lUNCHEON (meal with first letter removed or ‘no starter’)
7   Round sort of biscuit kept for later?
ON ICE O (round) + NICE (type of biscuit)
8   Tracey Ullman hit performed by female group?
SUNGLASSES SUNG (performed) + LASSES (females). We were thinking of including a link to the Tracey Ullman hit but you really wouldn’t want to listen to it!
9   Singer turns up unusual score
LINNET TEN NIL (unusual score) reversed or ‘turned up’
14   Clipped writing style copy editor banned
PROSCRIBED PROSe (writing style) with last letter removed or ‘clipped’ + CRIB (copy) + ED (editor)
16   During trip, kid is infuriating
OUTRAGING RAG (kid) inside or ‘during’ OUTING (trip)
17   Introduction taped by fantastic star performer
RAP ARTIST PART I (introduction) inside or ‘taped by’ anagram of STAR (anagrind is ‘fantastic’)
19   Lean on fighter
20   Alcoholic drink – bar unfortunately runs out early
MARSALA MARS (bar, as in the chocolate variety!) + ALAs (unfortunately) with last letter removed or ‘running out early’
22   Plant beginning to revive in economic upturn
BROOM R (beginning to Revive) in BOOM (economic upturn)
23   Boarded, taking journey northwards
GOT ON GO TO N (taking journey northwards)
24   After party, empty room where several people can sleep
DORM DO (party) + RM (RooM) with middle letters removed or ‘empty’

10 Responses to “Independent 8216 / Dac”

  1. NeilW says:

    Thanks, Bertandjoyce.

    Tiny correction: TOPS is a reversal of SPOT – as in 5being in a tight spot.

  2. NeilW says:

    Sorry about the 5 – my answer to the captcha accidentally included!

  3. Bertandjoyce says:

    Thanks NeilW – blog amended!

  4. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks both.

    Another nicely crafted puzzle from Dac. LINNET was my favourite this morning, although OVERTURNS was good too.

    Glenn Campbell last week, Tracy Ullman this week … is Dac setting a trend here?

  5. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Dac for an enjoyable puzzle – lots of really good clues – and B&J for the blog.

    9dn: I do not think 10-0 is all that unusual a score. After all, it is only a converted try and a penalty or drop goal to nothing. That seems quite plausible if both fifteens have good defences, especially if the weather is poor.

  6. Flashling says:

    Ten nil was my last toda. Thanks to dac and b&j.

  7. hounddog says:

    Pelham – I must disagree. Nil would be most unusual in any situation other than a complete mismatch, in which case the opposition would get more than 10. Having said that I played in a 0-0 draw at school. Under 12 ‘B’s if I remember correctly. They were just as clueless as we were.

  8. Pelham Barton says:

    hounddog @7: I take your point. After typing my comment, I thought again. Note that the clue says “score”, not “result”, so really my last sentence @5 is unnecessary. It just took a few minutes searching to find two matches in this season’s Heineken Cup in each of which the score was 10-0 at some point in the first half.

    (P.S. I do not really think there is anything wrong with the clue.)

  9. Wil Ransome says:

    But 10-0 is an unusual score in soccer. And this being the Indy I’m sure that was what was being referred to.

  10. nmsindy says:

    Readers may (or not may not) be interested to note that in over 185 000 games played in Football League and Premier League since the start, there have been 16 scores of 10-0 ie less than one in 10 000. All but two of these happened before World War II.

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