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Financial Times 14,228 – Crux

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on February 14th, 2013

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Feb 4

A very satisfying crossword by Crux who is one of my favourite setters at the easier end of the FT’s spectrum (but only when he keeps the number of cds to a minimum – as he did today).  It’s all very fair what’s happening here, and perhaps therefore – for once – I didn’t feel the need to make any additional comments.  Many thanks to Crux for the enjoyment!

Definitions are underlined wherever possible and/or appropriate.

1 ABBREVIATION   Somehow put Britain above the EU, for example (12)
10 ABDOMEN Could be bad sign for the corporation (7)
    (BAD)* + OMEN (sign)
11   LUNETTE Old instrument with central mesh that’s crescent-shaped (7)
    LUTE (old instrument) with NET (mesh) at its centre
12 GLEAN Pick up antiseptic that’s good for cold (5)
    CLEAN (antiseptic) that has the C (cold) replaced by G (good)
13 SHORT CUT Bob, for instance, has a way to save time (5,3)
    Double definition, the first BOB being a hairstyle
15 INSPECTORS   Scripts one translates for the examiners (10)
16 EDGE Press chief, say, about to gain advantage (4)
    ED (press chief, editor) + GE (reversal (‘about’) of EG (say))
18 GODS Dogs let loose  in the gallery (4)
20 GEOGRAPHER   George, extremely eager to acquire chart of Mercator? (10)
    {GEO (George – yes it’s in Chambers) + E[age]R} around GRAPH (chart)
22 TEMPLATE Model office worker not staying behind (8)
    TEMP (office worker not staying) + LATE (behind)
24   DISCS Recordings of debate that excludes America (5)
    DISCUSS (debate) minus US (America)
26 CHIANTI I’m with child and opposed to drink (7)
    CH (child) + I (hence, I’m with child) + ANTI (opposed to)
27 GHILLIE Highland attendant is grand, like the Highlands, they say (7)
    G (grand) + HILLIE (homophone of ‘hilly’ (like the Highlands))
28 GRAVE DIGGERS   Serious Aussies working in excavation (5,7)
    GRAVE (serious) + DIGGERS (Aussies, esp. soldiers from down under)
2 BADGERS Bullies sporting logo on middle of jersey (7)
    BADGE (logo) + [je]RS[ey]
3   REMINDER The rest don’t need a hint (8)
    REMAINDER (the rest) minus A
4 VINO Exotic wine number six comes top (4)
    NO (number) with VI (six) coming first (‘on top’)
5 ALL THE RAGE   Possibly lethal temper is most desirable now! (3,3,4)
    (LETHAL)* + RAGE (temper)
6 INNER Ring has bull inside (5)
    Cryptic definition – think darts (or bullfighting, in the surface of this clue)
7 NOTICED How less sugary cake might be regarded (7)
    NOT  ICED (how less sugary cake may be)
8 LAUGHING STOCK Aunt Sally’s happy cows, one presumes (8,5)
    LAUGHING  STOCK (happy cows, one presumes)
9 BEETLE-CRUSHER   Large boot in small car – a “compacter” machine? (6-7)
    BEETLE (small car, a VW) + CRUSHER (a “compacter” machine, a device that makes things, er, compact)
14 STREETWISE Wily, like your London cabbie, no doubt (10)
    Double definition, the second cryptic
17 SADDLING Preparing to ride, attach inside strap (8)
    ADD (attach) inside SLING (strap)
19   DAMNING Holding back, they say, can be incriminating (7)
    Homophone of DAMMING (holding back)
21 HUSTLER Luther’s Reformation exposed fraud (7)
23 LINDA Girl with nothing on, notice, appears all upset (5)
    LIN (reversal of NIL (nothing)) + DA (reversal of AD (notice)), both separately reversed
25 UGLI A trug likely to contain mixed fruit (4)
    Hidden solution:   [tr]UG LI[kely]

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