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Independent on Sunday 1,199 by Alchemi

Posted by Simon Harris on February 17th, 2013

Simon Harris.

This seems to be the first occasion on which I’ve blogged an Alchemi puzzle. I must admit I found it fairly challenging, requiring a few sittings thoughout the week. The explanation for 3dn still escapes me.

There’s a small Nina here, in that the setter’s pseudonym appears in the unchecked squares in the third row. I couldn’t see any more than that, but may have missed something.

1 STARTING Carol eats pie, showing surprise (8)
6 STIFFS Bodies quarrel in vacuous sessions (6)
TIFF in S[ession]S
9 OTTAWA City’s old power unit going into reverse has radioactive core (6)
Old + WATT< + [radio]A[ctive]
10 SUMMONED Mum’s worried about emergency doctor initially being sent for (8)
MUMS* + ON + E[mergency] D[octor]
11 CLIMACTIC Cold inside – to do with the weather reaching a culmination (9)
12 HEDGE Man would shortly get trimmed at barrier (5)
HED + GE[t]
14 PYRE Some jittery people back centrepiece of funerary rite (4)
[jitt]ERY P[eople]<
16 REGENERATE Stir green tea without hesitation to promote new growth (10)
18 ANALYTICAL Being logical, I call at any trouble (10)
21 CODA Company lawyer’s finale (4)
COmpany + District Attorney
23 GUEST Visitor’s sudden blow gathering energy (5)
Energy in GUST
24 EYESTRAIN Note agreement to practise for unpleasant condition (9)
E (one of several musical notes) + YES + TRAIN
27 FILIPINO Islander one to go mad about current number (8)
(I in FLIP) + I (the symbol for current) + NO
28 XANADU Be leaving bandeaux around old Chinese summer capital (6)
[b]AND[e]AUX*. A familiar term, but one I hadn’t ever troubled myself to find the meaning of. Apparently it was “the summer capital of Kublai Khan’s Yuan Dynasty in China”.
29 SHOGUN Paper-wrapped pig for dictator (6)
30 FINISHED Complete flipper I get rid of (8)
2 TOTALLY Entirely high in play (7)
3 REALM Details oddly missing in marine kingdom (5)
You’ll have to help me out here, kind readers
4 INACCURATE Unreliable clergyman supports setter asking permission to do a headstand (10)
5 GASHING Cutting crew smothering quiet one (7)
(SH + I) in GANG 
6 SAME Identical Welsh politician in the Home Counties (4)
Assembly Member in South-East
7 ISOMETRIC Somewhat wearisome trick-or-treaters of similar dimensions (9)
[wear]ISOME TRIC[k]
8 FREIGHT Surprising her with gift that’s carried by rail and road (7)
13 ANGLO-SAXON Earthy language used by Independent puzzler working around western county (5-5)
(GLOS in ANAX) + ON. The GLOS is an abbreviation for Gloucestershire
14 PEA Sound of bells cut short by pulse (3)
15 ENLISTING Nurse inclined to be joining up (9)
Enrolled Nurse + LISTING
17 ERA Time exhibition’s beginning, with support of artist (3)
Exhibition + Royal Academician
19 NOURISH Feed new leader around teatime when chief finally leaves (7)
N[ew] + [f]OURISH
20 CRY WOLF Raise false alarm about railway going over rising water current (3,4)
Circa + RY (abbreviation for railway) + FLOW<
22 DEIRDRE Woman got up when queen forgot her lines (7)
(Elizabeth Regina + DRIED)<
25 RUNES Nurse baffled by old characters (5)
26 LION Touring rugby player picks up new lubricant (4)
(New + OIL)*

* = anagram; < = reversed; [] = removed

2 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1,199 by Alchemi”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    HI Simon

    For 3dn: EAL (even letters of Details) in RM (marine)

  2. Dormouse says:

    Just couldn’t get 26dn. I’d heard of the Lions, but I’d been successfully misdirected into thinking that “lubricant” was the definition. (Apart from that, I found this considerably easier than most of the weekly puzzles this week, and finished the rest of the puzzle in an hour or so last Sunday night.)

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