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Puzzle/Clue of the Month

Posted by Admin on 20th February 2013


Due to the  limited response to the requests for nominations at the end of last month, John Halpern has decided that his time is better spent with other aspects of his Crossword Centenary activities. Consequently, no further nominations will be required.

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Financial Times 14,242 by Monk

Posted by PeeDee on 20th February 2013


A tough and very enjoyable puzzle from Monk, as always.

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Independent 8222/Dac

Posted by John on 20th February 2013


Sorry this is a bit late, at any rate later than it would have been. The online crossword when I switched on around 9.00 was yesterday’s Tees, so I had to go out and buy a paper. I hope this isn’t to become the norm, for I see that the Indy has risen in price since I last bought it. (The right crossword’s there now, so I hope potential posters won’t be deterred.)

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Guardian Cryptic N° 25,876 by Philistine

Posted by PeterO on 20th February 2013


The crossword may be found at or

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Inquisitor 1268: Ply by Schadenfreude

Posted by HolyGhost on 20th February 2013


A welcome return to Schadenfreude – you kinda know what you’re getting.
The rubric is clear: ten answers, having something in common, are encrypted using a 26-letter phrase, the nth letter of which replaces the nth letter of the alphabet.

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