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Puzzle/Clue of the Month

Posted by Admin on February 20th, 2013


Due to the  limited response to the requests for nominations at the end of last month, John Halpern has decided that his time is better spent with other aspects of his Crossword Centenary activities. Consequently, no further nominations will be required.

You will still be able to keep in touch with what else is going on by visiting John’s Crossword Centenary website.

11 Responses to “Puzzle/Clue of the Month”

  1. John (Paul) says:

    Just to add further, thank you Gaufrid for taking the time and the trouble to set this up, and many thanks to all those who contributed.

    With very best wishes,

    John Halpern

  2. Don Manley says:

    I am slightly puzzled. While appreciating the huge and largely unsung efforts of my esteemed coleague Mr Halpern, I can’t see why this exercise shouldn’t continue online and some sort of tally be done — even if there is to be no Oscar-type ceremony where we unsuccessful old bores sit back and pretend to clap the libertarians!

  3. Finn says:

    I can kind of understand the low response rate. Most of us probably do so many crosswords and see so many clues in a month that it is impossible to remember them at the end. The alternative of keeping a note of them during the month is, unfortunately, not uppermost in my mind, certainly, when fitting in my daily fix. Possibly selecting a group of clues from which readers select their favourite would be an alternative? This could be done anonymously so that the setter isn’t immediately obvious to the voter.

  4. Raich says:

    Many thanks to John Halpern (Paul, Punk, Mudd) and Gaufrid for all the work put into this. I seem to remember some years ago Jeff Pearce tried to institute a ‘clue of the week’ on the Crossword Centre but there was little or no response and no more was heard of it. Why? I think Finn at #3 may be on the right track. Clues tend to be quickly forgotten, eg there are often much fewer comments on weekend prize puzzles on this and other blogging sites than on puzzles whose solutions appear on the day even though the weekend puzzles can often be quite special. Clue-writing competitions are another story tho with good interest but I guess that’s another line of country.

  5. John (Paul) says:

    Don, hi.

    Many many thanks. Your comments are very much appreciated.

    It’s also great to see other setters who want great things to happen this year. As a team we are much stronger, and will cause big results together.

    Should anyone out there wish to take up the baton of the Croscars (perhaps Don?), that’d be amazing. We need leadership, from a number of sources, and we’re getting that, from some incredible people around the country, and beyond. The more the merrier.

    My only request to anyone taking on a project is that they are committed to having LOADS of FUN!

    All the best,


  6. Don Manley says:

    Sorry, John — can’t take this on, myself — keep the fun going! Don

  7. John (Paul) says:

    No problems Don.

    And many thanks to Raich too. Very much appreciated.

    All the best,


  8. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Now that it’s all over, my choices: ……

    Crossword: Cinephile’s P45 puzzle (Feb 6)
    Clue: Alberich’s EMBOLDEN (“To cheer me up, thick type starts to
    explain Nietzsche (8)”)

    Crossword: not yet
    Clue: Punk’s CUTIE (“Powerful header struck in knock out fixture, a beauty (5)”, with Dac’s “They eat and drink (8)” for CHAMPERS following closely.

    Crossword: Bonxie (Feb 9)
    Clue: Everyman’s “Working daily? In theory (2,5)” for ON PAPER

    …… don’t matter anymore.

    While I’m still with Kathryn’s Dad about apples & pears, it is a bit of a shame that the whole idea stranded so early in the year.

  9. JollySwagman says:

    Don’t give up too soon. I only just stumbled on this while googling around for something else.

  10. NormanLinFrance says:

    It’s a nice idea, but Finn@3 is probably right.

  11. paul8hours says:

    This seems like a wise decision given the number of other activities you are involved in. I did put my votes in for January but not with any degree of confidence about their veracity.
    Keep up the great wotk on the centenary and let me know if you get to Zurich on your tour !

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