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Financial Times 14,234 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on February 21st, 2013

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Feb 11

A friendly starter of the week (a week ago, that is), one that can be found here. Not much to groan or moan about, although I realise that at another place, nowadays, this crossword might perhaps be dismissed as one not worth paying the price of the newspaper. Well, I guess Dante’s criticasters do not buy the FT anyway. But then, do I? Um …. :)

Definitions are underlined wherever possible and/or appropriate.

1 DEPORT Turn out a bad citizen, perhaps (6)
    Cryptic definition, I guess? Bit macabre, to my taste.
4 ENDANGER Peace-making counsel is put at risk (8)
    An advice (‘counsel’) to make peace could be: END ANGER
10 SCRATCHED Scored, but taken from the field (9)
    Double definition
11 TANGO Colour and leave the dance (5)
    TAN (colour) + GO (leave)
12 RAFT Craft lacking a prow? (4)
    CRAFT minus its initial letter (its ‘prow’) producing another ‘craft’
13 CONSUMMATE Study maths problem with friend, find total (10)
    CON (study) + SUM (maths problem) + MATE (friend)
15 CULPRIT A responsible person (7)
    Cryptic definition
16 SAT-NAV Took a seat on returning vehicle – one way to get home? (3-3)
    SAT (took a seat) + NAV (reversal of VAN (vehicle))
19 LOCKER Cupboard key (6)
    Double definition
21 CANOPUS Star able to work (7)
    CAN (able (to)) + OPUS (work)
    Shouldn’t it be “is able to”? Canopus is the second-brightest star in the sky.
23 ASTONISHED A dishonest organisation leaves one dumbfounded (10)
25 VISA Pole enters by way of travel authority (4)
    S (pole, South) inside VIA (by way of)
27 CAIRO Company about to declare capital (5)
    CO (company) around AIR ((to) declare)
28 DEPOSITED Banked left (9)
    Double definition
29 REFUNDED Put more money in, or gave some back (8)
    Double definition
30 RANDOM Fire at it and you’ll probably miss (6)
    When you ‘fire at RANDOM’, you will probably miss the target
1 DISTRICT I’d set up rigidly defined area (8)
    DI (reversal of I’D) + STRICT (rigidly defined)
2 PORTFOLIO Opt for oil production as responsibility of minister (9)
    (OPT FOR OIL)*
3 RATE Value mid-afternoon tea-break (4)
    [afte]R[noon] + (TEA)*
5 NUDISTS They are not suited for camp life (7)
    Cryptic definition
6 AUTOMATONS They act unthinkingly, placing plant needing warmth in a sickly sun (10)
    TOMATO (plant) inside {A + (SUN)*}
7 GENOA Sail from Italian port (5)
    Double definition
8 RHODES Island’s anchorage in the sound (6)
    Homophone of ROADS (anchorage) with a very appropriate indicator (sound = inlet/bay)
9 THROAT It’s hard to say if you’ve got a bad one (6)
    Cryptic definition
14 BROKEN DOWN Cracked up, oddly enough (6,4)
    Straightforward definition plus an allusion to the fact that one is ‘up’ and the other is ‘down’
17 APPOINTED Taken on and taken off without reason (9)
    APED (taken off) around POINT (reason, as in “What’s the point?”)
18 ASWAN DAM Mother chases a bird on the Nile (5,3)
    A SWAN (bird) + DAM (mother), the definition being a bit loose as it is “something” that can be found on the Nile
20 RESIDUE New rise to be paid now? Remains to be seen (7)
    (RISE)* + DUE (to be paid now)
21 CHEEPS The sound of free speech (6)
22 SAUCER Dressing right for part of the service (6)
    SAUCE (dressing) + R (right)
24 THIEF He’s taken to be a criminal (5)
    Cryptic definition, or perhaps a Double if one reads “He’s taken” as “He has taken (something that doesn’t belong to him)”
26 ASIA Like to take one over a continent (4)
    AS (like) + I (one) + A

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