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Financial Times no.14,243 by Falcon

Posted by Ringo on February 21st, 2013


Thanks, first off, to Jed for covering my FT shift last week. This was a nice puzzle to come back to: fairly straightforward, but enjoyable and inventive. Thank-you, Falcon.


1. FACE CARD  Face [overlook] + card [eccentric]

5. CAUCUS  A within Cu [copper] Cu [still copper…] + s [south, quarter]

10. REMIT  Double definition

11. FIRST HAND  First [leading] + hand [crew member]

12. STAG NIGHT  Tag [mark] within anagram of things

13. RURAL  R [river] + Ural [river] – didn’t this same clue crop up a couple of weeks ago?

14. CIRCLE  Double definition

15. STETSON  Stet [put back] + (mas)son

18. MINIMUM  Mini [skirt] + mum [mother]

20. BIGWIG  Big [significant] + Brutus [wig]

22. CAPRA  Cap [top] + RA [Royal Academy, artist]

24. SCIENTIST  (Boffi)n within anagram of ICI tests – lovely &lit

25. BOSSA NOVA  Boss [control] + a + nova [star]

26. RIOJA  Rio [port] + J [jack] + a

27. ENDING  Double definition: Meg and Mog both end in G

28. IDOLATRY  Anagram of adroitly


1. FOREST  E [Eastern] within anagram of frost

2. COMPANION  Double definition

3. CUT-AND-COME-AGAIN  Double definition

4. REFUGEE  Anagram of ge(t) free U [superior]

6. ATTORNEY GENERAL  Anagram of on treaty + general [military officer]

7. CHAIR  Ch [church] + air [look]

8. SIDELINE  Deli [food store] within sine [mathematical function]

9. GRATIS  Rat [informer] within GIs [soldiers]

16. SPIT IT OUT   ItI [Italian] within spout [pontificate]

17. AMICABLE  Mica [mineral] within able [fit]

19. MOSCOW  Mos [Medical Officer’s] + cow [milk provider]

20. BRIGAND  Brig [prison] + and [also]

21. STEADY  Double definition

23. POSED  P(aper) + OS [outstanding] + ed [editor]

4 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,243 by Falcon”

  1. Ferret says:

    Thanks to setter and blogger.

    I read 15a as STET ( put, as in stay put) back ON all after S ( end of mass).

  2. flashling says:

    Quite enjoyable, cut and come again new to me but gettable.

    ! saw 15a as Ferret

  3. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Falcon for an enjoyable puzzle and Ringo for the blog.

    15ac: Chambers 2011 defines stet as a verb meaning “to restore after marking for deletion” (or, as a noun, an instruction to do this). To me, this means you need “put back” as the just to indicate STET. I therefore favour Ringo’s parsing to the one proposed by Ferret@1 and flashling@2.

  4. Pelham Barton says:

    Correction to 3: Please ignore the words “as the” after “put back”: poor editing on my part.

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