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Beelzebub 1198

Posted by Jed on February 22nd, 2013


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2 Ability to prosecute child curtailed by nasty fight about end of case

INFANGTHIEF right to arrest INFAN[t] (child curtailed) [cas]E in (FIGHT)*

10 Business executive heading off to secure new business group UNIT group

N (new) in [s]UIT

11 Recipe used in meals is a monstrosity TERAS monstrosity (biology)

R (recipe) in TEAS (meals)

13 One zealot restricting power supply INPUT power supply

P (power) in I NUT (one zealot)

14 100% in exam? That’s least credible TALLEST least credible

ALL (100%) in TEST (exam)

15 Igneous rock – one cracks some in story LIPARITE rhyolite

I in PART (some) all in LIE (story)

17 Number in French company backing American theatre CINEMA theatre

N (number) in CIE (compagnie Fr) AM< (American backing)

18 Removed basis of discrimination – worried after return – ideal is besmirched

DERACIALISED divest of racism CARED (worried returned) (IDEAL IS)*

20 Calmly nursing muscle, showing due consideration RESPECTFULLY

PEC (muscle) in RESTFULLY (calmly)

22 Lot of damage given to a block of old apartments INSULA Roman buildings

INSUL[t] (lot of damage) A

26 Mistakenly cite this expert in morals ETHICIST (CITE THIS)*

27 Well done backing a German girl EUGENIE girl

EUGE (well done – Greek) EIN< (a German backing)

28 Summer morning is recalled? Little good in that SIGMA (symbol in maths used to indicate summation)

G (good) in (IS AM)< (is morning recalled)

29 Rope twirling display getting cheers RIATA lariat

AIR< (display twirling) TA (cheers)

30 Wide straight edge WHET edge W (wide) HET (straight – heterosexual)

31 Piece of poultry cut – children backing one of their number to tuck in

PARSON’S NOSE (poultry part) SONS (children) SON< (child backing) in PARE (cut)


1 Shudder to receive doctor attending ailing writer QUILLDRIVER writer

ILL (ailing) DR (doctor) in QUIVER (shudder)

2 Inarticulate query: ‘Pub has vermouth?’ INNIT isn’t it

INN (pub) IT (vermouth – gin and …)

3 Cuffs children NIPPERS dd

4 A guy in America goes round the river in an amphibious vehicle AMTRAC

T (the) R (river) in A MAC (a guy in America) in Chambers the amphibious vehicle is AMTRACK

5 Not one story about a message NOTIFICATION message

NOT I (one) A in FICTION (story)

6 Birds change and start flying round Cape GNATCATCHERS birds

C (cape) in (CHANGE START)*

7 He will seize nut plant HELENIUM plant EN (nut – printing unit) in HELIUM (He)

8 Girl not formerly elevated in passion IRENE girl

NE< (not formally elevated) in IRE (passion)

9 Simple question to escape from rough? EASY simple

QUEASY rough minus QU (question)

12 Cosmological theory? Foremost of scientists, with a will, accepting day wrangling

STEADY STATE (theory formulated in 1948 by Hermann Bondi, Thomas Gold and Fred Hoyle – Hermann was the husband of my maths teacher in Reigate, Surrey)

S[cientists] (DAY)* in TESTATE (with a will)

16 Theatrical family turned up in ruined castle CAPULETS Romeo and Juliet

UP< (turned up) in (CASTLE)*

19 No time for tricks in snow vehicles SLEIGHS

T (time) from SLEIGHTS (tricks)

21 Number of climbs limiting one’s vitality FOISON vitality

IS (ones) NO OF< (number of climbs)

23 Money – banknote American picked up SUGAR money

RAG (banknote) US< (picked up)

24 Woman seems easily upset? Not entirely ESMEE woman

hidden backwards in [s]EEMS E[asily]

25 Extinct bird, rodent eliminating it HUIA NZ bird HUTIA (rodent) minus T (it)

( )* = anagram     [ ] = omit     dd = double definition    < = reverse

One Response to “Beelzebub 1198”

  1. Joan MM says:

    This was, as usual, a lovely puzzle – and/but I felt it was slightly easier than most weeks.
    I was glad to have an Oxford Dictionary of English as it had ‘Amtrac’ (answer to 4 D.).

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