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Financial Times 14,244 by Peto

Posted by Jed on February 22nd, 2013


Pretty straightforward – not sure about a couple of double definitions






1 DISTRACT amuse DI (policeman) S[teele’s] TRACT (political pamphlet)

5 PHENOL acid O (old) HEN (layer) in P[owerfu]L

9 SMALL FRY (they are unimportant) Stephen Fry as a lad

10 PAGODA temple PA (father) GO (work) D[hak]A

12 OUSTS throws out US (American) in OT (books) S (society)


14 IN TIME dd? or on time?

16 TREASON disloyalty T[he] REASON (principal)

18 HOSTAGE one seized TAG (security label) in HOSE (socks)

20 DESIRE longing [t]ES[s] in DIRE (desperate)

22 PARTISANS spikey weapons P[oland] ARTISANS (craftsmen)

23 DRAWN dd

24 REPEAT do once again A in (PETER)*

25 PARADISE state of bliss IS (island) in PARADE (march)

26 NASSER old Egyptian leader (SNARES)*

27 ORNAMENT decorative object hidden in [l]ORNA MENT[ioned]


1 DESPOT Louis XVI was one DES (of the in French) TOP< (be more than upset)

2 STARS AND STRIPES flag RATS< (deserters hoist) SAND (polish) (PRIESTS)*

3 RULES controls RU (game) LES (the in French)

4 CORACLE boat [h]A[t]C[h] (odd letters removed) L (left) all in CORE (centre)

6 HEARTLESS Scrooge was [bone]HE[added] ARTLESS (without guile)


8 LEARNING instruction

RA< (soldiers in retreat) in LENIN (revolutionary) [sprin]G

11 HURT dd (John Hurt)

15 INANIMATE dead A AMIN< (former dictator turned up) in INTE[r]  (bury)

17 CHAPERON escort CHA (tea) PERON (Evita)

19 ELAN style hidden in [lilli]E LAN[gtry]

20 DESPAIR hopelessness DE (of in French) PA (publicity agent) in SIR (title)

21 INTENT design IN (trendy) TENT (accommodation)

23 DRAMA play DRAM (drink) A

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse    dd = double definition

3 Responses to “Financial Times 14,244 by Peto”

  1. AID says:

    I think that 14A is definitely IN TIME as a DD
    1 Musicians aim to be (by following the leader or the conductor)
    2 Eventually

  2. peterj says:

    I also had COUNTDOWN and finally convinced myself that it was a charade of..
    COUNT vb(tr). to believe to be; consider; think; deem – “count yourself lucky”
    DOWN adv. immediately “cash down”
    (Definitions from Collins – no BRB to hand!)

    Thanks to Jed and Peto

  3. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Peto for a crossword which I generally enjoyed and Jed for the blog. I agree with AID@1 re 14ac and thanks to peterj@2 for explaining 13ac.

    My usual grumble with this type of grid: having solved half the puzzle (in this case the right-hand side), I only had two letters in unsolved clues to take me forward.

    7dn: I think the definition by example needs a clearer indication.

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