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Independent 8219 – Hob (Saturday Prize Puzzle 16/02/13)

Posted by Bertandjoyce on February 23rd, 2013


We’ve not come across Hob before – is this another guise of one of the regulars, or is it a new face? If so, we wouldn’t have expected a Saturday debut, but with a first puzzle as good as this, we can only offer a warm welcome! We look forward to more!

This was a good themed puzzle with six of the themed items incorporated as the first parts of longer non-themed answers. There were two other directly clued themed answers and references to the theme appeared in five other clues – quite an achievement in a puzzle with only one unusual word – this was 5A (we’d never come across it before, anyway!) but it was readily solvable from the wordplay, so no complaints there!

1   Embarrassed to spot water being passed by drunkard?
SHEEPISH Sounds like SEE (spot) PISS (water being passed) as said by a drunkard – the key to the theme
5   Wrong tel. no., name forgotten – up a gum tree
TUPELO Anagram of TEL nO UP with n (name) omitted or ‘forgotten’ – anagrind is ‘wrong’
9   Once more almost 1A about East Indian music
OVER AGAIN OVINe (‘sheepish’) with the last letter omitted or ‘almost’ round E (east) RAGA (Indian music)
11   Ordered to be a threat to the Allies in WWII
E-BOAT Anagram of TO BE A (anagrind is ‘ordered’)
12   Crashed car into bus? Must not half have become hard to control
RAMBUNCTIOUS Anagram of CAR INTO BUS MUst (not half) – anagrind is ‘crashed’
15   Priest, 1A part of 26
ELIA ELI (priest) A – the ‘sheepish part of 26 is ‘Lamb’ – Charles Lamb, best known for his ‘Essays of ELIA’
16   European ‘sign of the times’ job fair
EXPOSITION E (European) + X (sign of the times, as in multiplication) + POSITION (job)
18   Print with illuminated corner hit home
LITHOGRAPH LIT (illuminated) + HOG (corner, as in ‘control’) + RAP (hit) + H (home)
19   Sounds like 1A part of 2, 5, 12, 21, 26 or 27 – or a car backfiring?
BAAS SAAB (car) reversed or ‘backfiring’ – reference to all the answers which include a term for sheep
21   A range of sheep-dips? Just the opposite
CHEVIOT HILLS CHEVIOT (breed of sheep) + HILLS (the opposite of ‘dips’)
24   Criminal having a hand in heavy metal number making a comeback
FELON L (left ‘hand’) in FE (chemical symbol for iron – ‘heavy metal’) NO (number) reversed or ‘making a comeback’)
25   Jog one’s memory, as may 1A part of 27
RING A BELL Two meanings – a Wether (the ‘sheepish’ part of 27) (or any other kind of sheep) may have a bell round its neck
26   Letter from priest about bishop having died
LAMBDA LAMA (priest) round B (bishop) D (died)
27   Place for horse-racing article to run in the ‘Independent’ and ‘Times’
WETHERBY THE (article) + R (run) in WE (the ‘Independent’ as an organisation) BY (times, as in multiplied by)
1   Go pop!
SHOT Double definition
2   A jug of wine? We retched a bit
EWER Hidden in (‘a bit’ of) (win)E WE R(etched)
3   Design a man’s flat
PLANAR PLAN (design) + A + R (rook – a chess ‘man’)
4   Elderly person, getting cross, laid into lout interrupting bunkum as served up for one at Speakers’ Corner
SOAPBOX ORATOR OAP (elderly person) + X (cross) in BOOR (lout), all in ROT (bunkum) AS reversed or ‘served up’
6   Familiar with that awful outside toilet, for starters
USED TO IT Anagram of OUTSIDE (anagrind is ‘awful’) + T (first letter or ‘starter’ of Toilet)
7   Cheap electronic card with gangster getting leg-over inside
ECONOMICAL E (electronic) + COMIC (card) + AL (Capone – gangster) round ON (leg, in cricket) reversed or ‘over’
8   Being dim, have fixation about two unconnected bits of melody
OBTUSENESS OB SE SS (have fixation) about TU NE (unconnected bits of melody)
10   Revolting state of sex offender tailed by bent policeman
NONCOMPLIANCE NONCe (sex offender ‘tailed’ or with last letter omitted) + an anagram of POLICEMAN (anagrind is ‘bent’)
13   Sloppy clue, no good, initially left out
NEGLECTFUL Anagram of CLUE NG (no good ‘initially’) LEFT – anagrind is ‘out’
14   Mary’s pet briefly entertains last of circus-goers with impressive set of tricks
LITTLE SLAM LITTLE LAMb (Mary’s pet ‘briefly’ or with thelast letter omitted) round or ‘entertaining’ S (last letter of circus-goerS)
17   Made a proposal, having shown some cheek raising it internally
MOTIONED MOONED (having shown some cheek!) round IT reversed or ‘raised’
20   Lighten blackface originally applied to Archie on Broadway?
BLEACH B (first letter of ‘blackface’) + LEACH (Archie Leach appeared in musicals on Broadway before changing his name to Cary Grant and moving to Hollywood)
22   Try to learn
HEAR Double definition
23   Butcher, 1A type from the Outer Hebrides, left for love
SLAY SoAY (a breed of sheep from the Outer Hebrides) with the O (love) changed to L (left)


4 Responses to “Independent 8219 – Hob (Saturday Prize Puzzle 16/02/13)”

  1. trebor says:

    Magnificent. Favourite puzzle of the year so far. Great clues abound but SOAPBOX ORATOR my favourite.

  2. Dormouse says:

    Spent all week trying to get the answer to 1dn. Obvious, now that I see it.

  3. quodlibet says:

    Thank you, Hob, thank you, Bertandjoyce. One very small quibble re 25A: of course any sheep might wear a bell, but especially a bellwether.

  4. Bertandjoyce says:

    Thanks quodlibet – we wondered about this one!

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