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Financial Times 14,248 by Dogberry

Posted by PeeDee on February 27th, 2013


It is a lovely sunny morning here, I sat outside for the first time this year and this crossword was a perfect accompaniment to my cup of tea and a pancake.  Smooth surfaces and interesting clues.  I suspect this might disappoint anyone looking for a real challenge, but this morning it fit the bill for me perfectly.  Thank you Dogberry.

1 SPLOTCH Mark’s scheme to infltrate school (7)
PLOT (scheme) in SCH (school)
5 CADDISH Ungentlemanly prayer for the dead recited (7)
sounds like (recited) “kaddish”, Jewish prayers for the dead
9 SATAN Fiend producing half of weekend article (5)
SAT (Saturday, half the weekend) AN (indefinite article)
10 DOUBTLESS Gemini (perhaps) carrying Taurus’s head to Scorpio’s (for sure) (9)
DOUBLES (twins, Gemini perhaps) carrying T (head of Taurus) then S (head of Scorpio) – definition is ‘for sure’
11 EXUBERANT Joyous beaux rent asunder (9)
(BEAUX RENT)* asunder=anagram
12 RISHI Guru adopted by Paris Hilton? (5)
part of (adopted by) paRIS HIlton – Indian mystic
13 TONGS Gripping device for getting Newton clothed? (5)
N (newton) in TOGS (clothes)
15 GIBBERISH Over-large herb is malformed? Nonsense! (9)
BIG (large) reversed (over) and (HERB IS)* malformed=anagram
18 GRAVEYARD Sauce packed with energy fnding a way to fnal destination (9)
GRAVY (sauce) packed with E (enrgy) the A RD (road, a way) – the final resting place.  A very nice clue!
19 TOPIC Subject to supreme one hundred (5)
TOP (supreme) I (one) C (hundred) Roman numerals
21 RENAL Kidney’s true name concealed? (5)
N (name) concealed in REAL (true) – definition is kidney’s, of the kidney
23 ALABASTER A place for experimenting with plant and mineral (9)
A LAB (place for experimenting) with ASTER (plant)
25 EUCALYPTI Play with cutie cultivating trees (9)
(PLAY CUTIE)* anagram=cultivating
26 LOOSE Promiscuous Pole in Cornish resort (5)
S (south, pole) in LOOE (Cornish resort)
27 TREADLE Pedal let out outside study (7)
LET* (anagram=out) outside READ (study)
28 EMBASSY Oriental setter’s catching fsh in diplomatic premises (7)
BASS (fish) caught by E (eastern, oriental) MY (setter’s)
1 SUSPECT Dubious cult holding distinctive appeal (7)
SECT (cult) holding USP (unique selling point, distinctive appeal)
2 LITHUANIA Land to which Nahuatl 11 moved (9)
anagram (moved) of NAHUATL and I I (1, Roman numeral, twice)
3 TENSE Maybe past being uptight (5)
double definition
4 HYDRANGEA Flower found in garden, haymaking? (9)
(GARDEN HAY)* anagram=making
5 COUNT Tell Dracula, say (5)
double definition
6 DETERRENT Nuclear weapons allegedly go astray during curtailed cessation of hostilities (9)
ERR (go astray) during DETENT (cessation of hostilities)
7 ILEUS Bowel problem that’s keeping trainee in America (5)
IE (that is) keeping L (learner, trainee) then US (in America) – blockage of the bowel
8 HASHISH Man’s in mess with drug (7)
HIS (man’s) in HASH (mess)
14 STEEL CLAD Armoured horse receiving garbled call (5-4)
CALL* (garbled=anagram) in STEED (horse)
16 BEDLAMITE Old lunatic’s snack involves cheese getting left inside (9)
BITE (snack) contains (involves, gets mixed up with) EDAM (cheese) with L (left) inside
17 IMPETUOUS Headstrong compiler’s sweethearts cradling heads of ugly old uncles (9)
I’M (compiler’s = the compiler is) and PETS (sweethearts) containing heads of Ugly Old Uncles
18 GARMENT Decent sort of chap holding member’s coat, for instance (7)
GENT (decent chap) holding ARM (member)
20 CARVERY Type of light vehicle on top of food outlet (7)
VERY (type of light) with CAR (vehicle) on the top
22 NICHE Hospital in pleasant, suitable location (5)
H (hospital) in NICE (pleasant)
23 AMPLE Topless taster is quite enough (5)
sAMPLE (taster) topless
24 AD LIB Improvise a German tabloid’s come-uppance? (2,3)
A BILD (German tabloid) reversed (come-uppance)


5 Responses to “Financial Times 14,248 by Dogberry”

  1. Rowland says:

    Very neat and good! I like 26ac best.


  2. jmac says:

    I thought this was great. Loved 18ac. I don’t come to the FT looking for a “real challenge”, I’m happy with an entertaining diversion. Thanks Dogberry and PeeDee.

  3. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Many thanks PeeDee for blogging this fine Shed Lite crossword.

    I like the appearance of your blog, but IMO you could improve on it by underlining the definitions (as a few others do, including me :) ).
    [ps, it’s just a friendly request, not criticism]

    I liked 10ac (DOUBTLESS) best.

  4. PeeDee says:

    Hi Sil, I have thought about underlining the definitions in the past but decided not to.

    I leave it to the reader to look at the clue and see which words are not used in the commentary, those being left over are the definition. Where it is not obvious or I think there is a particular reading neccessary to make sense of the definition then I hightlight this in the commentary.

    I am not keen on the idea of standardising posts on fifteensquared. I like the diverstiy of the styles on fifteen squared and standardisation would suppress creativity and future development. If all posts looked the same it would make the site a bit dull.

  5. Sil van den Hoek says:

    That’s fair enough, PeeDee.
    “I am not keen on the idea of standardising posts on fifteensquared etc etc”.
    I wholeheartedly agree.

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