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Financial Times 14,240 – Armonie

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on February 28th, 2013

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Feb 18

Just like puzzles by Dante/Rufus or Falcon/Everyman, Armonie/Chifonie’s crosswords are regarded by many as nearly perfect for those new to Our World of Magic. In my opinion, Armonie is a setter who is a master in using a minimum of devices to a maximum effect. Smooth surfaces, simple constructions, no cryptic definitions. This crossword is once more a good example of that. Enjoyable stuff, for which many thanks to Armonie.

Definitions are underlined wherever possible and/or appropriate.

1 HIPPOCRATES Trendy Italian banker boxes celebrated doctor (11)
    HIP (trendy) + PO (Italian banker, i.e. river) + CRATES (boxes)
7 GOA Ruminant has tail docked in India (3)
    GOAT (ruminant) minus its last letter (‘tail docked’) – the definition is a bit loose, but it is clear what Armonie means
9 ASSET It’s useful when established (5)
    AS (when) + SET (established)
10   AS IT COMES A TV programme has opponents however produced (2,2,5)
    A + SITCOM (TV programme) + E,S (opponents, East and South, in bridge)
11 ANARCHISM A rich man’s destroyed by insurgency (9)
    (A RICH MAN’S)*
12 TENOR Voice intent (5)
    Double definition
13 HALIBUT Prince only eats one fish (7)
    {HAL (Prince) + BUT (only)} around I (one)
15 ROUE Libertine male may love in the French way (4)
    O (love) inside RUE (the French way, ‘la rue’ = ‘the street’)
18 MARC Trek endlessly? That’s the spirit! (4)
    MARCH (track) minus its last letter (‘endlessly’)
    I am quite knowledgeable when  it comes to (alcoholic) drinks [no, not excessively :) ] , but I have never come across MARC: a brandy made from grapeskins or other fruit that have been pressed from winemaking.
20   LA SCALA Place in which Callas represented Norma, ultimately (2,5)
    (CALLAS)* + [norm]A)
    Chestnut #1.
23 OCEAN Canoe wrecked in water (5)
    On the very same day this puzzle was published, Rufus (in the Guardian) had ‘ocean’ clued as ‘canoe’. 
24 AUBERGINE Vegetable popular in French tavern (9)
    IN (popular) inside AUBERGE (French tavern)
    Chestnut #2.
26 REHEARSAL Tries interrupting type of tennis practice (9)
    HEARS (tries) inside REAL (type of tennis)
    Real Tennis is: “the original form of tennis, played with a solid ball on an enclosed court divided into equal but dissimilar halves, the service side (from which service is always delivered) and the hazard side (on which service is received). A similar game was played in monastery cloisters in the 11th century” [Oxford Dictionary of English].
27   GROVE Girl to stray in woodland (5)
    G (girl) + ROVE ((to) stray)
28 ERR Blunder of German man lacking aspiration (3)
    HERR (German man) minus its starter H, so ‘lacking aspiration’
29   ENCHANTRESS   Siren in car sent hens crazy (11)
    Yes, that kind of Siren.
1 HEADACHE Leading a revolutionary is a source of worry (8)
    HEAD (leading) + A + CHE (revolutionary)
2 PASSABLE Father’s animal is OK (8)
    PA’S (Father’s) + SABLE (animal)
3 OPTIC Choose integrated circuit for measuring device (5)
    OPT (choose) + IC (integrated circuit, abbreviation)
4 REALIST One is pragmatic about an inclination (7)
    RE (about) + A LIST (an inclination)
5 TRIMMER Garden tool is in better order (7)
    Double definition
6 SECATEURS They make cuts in the plot and Sue reacts badly (9)
7 GEMINI A sign, for example, mounted on a car (6)
    GE (reversal of EG (for example)) + MINI (a car)
8   ASSURE Promise beast has energy to circuit old city (6)
    {ASS (beast) + E (energy)} around UR (old city)
14 BRAINWAVE Great idea putting supporter on cool white horse (9)
    BRA (supporter) + IN (cool) + WAVE (white horse)
    A ‘white horse’ is apparently a white-topped wave, something I didn’t know. Hence, this clue gave me some trouble to parse. Nice use of ‘cool’, btw.
16 CAMISOLE Old king keeps writer in clothing (8)
    COLE (old king) around AMIS (writer)
17 CATERESS Food provider made a hole in the salad (8)
    ATE (made a hole) inside CRESS ((the) salad)
19 CLASSIC Girl one found in volume of great work (7)
    {LASS (girl) + I (one)} inside CC (volume, cubic centrimetre)
20 LOBELIA A bit of ear trouble has arisen in bed (7)
    LOBE (a bit of ear, literally) + LIA (reversal of AIL (trouble))
21   HOARSE Rough stockings worn by Arab (6)
    HOSE (stockings) around AR (Arab, abbreviation)
22 NETHER Stone the reptile hides under (6)
    Hidden solution:   [sto]NE THE R[eptile]
25 RIGHT Terror when losing head is appropriate (5)
    FRIGHT (terror) minus its starter (‘losing head’)

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