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Financial Times no.14,249 by Orense

Posted by Ringo on February 28th, 2013


Not a toughie, but a goodie: plenty of variety and invention here from Orense, though perhaps one too many hidden solutions. A nice accompaniment to my morning coffee (and what a splendidly sunny morning it is). Thanks, Orense.


1. DISTEMPER  Double definition (I think): the ‘lab’ in question is a labrador

6. NEIGH  Sounds like nay [no]

9. GRACE  G [good] + race [people]

10. LIBERATED  Regular letters from bLaIr + berated [told off]

11. OBLITERATE  O [zero, love] + b [book] + literate [educated]

12. SODA  Initial letters of Sports Or Dubious Activities

14. THEOREM  The homphone is in the clue, unusually: ‘some’ sounds like sum

15. SHINDIG  Anagram of hidings

17. MARITAL  Mar [ruin] + I [one] + tal(e) [story]

19. FUCHSIA  Anagram of as if much minus (enthusias)m

20. SOFA  So fa(r) [hitherto]

22. FALSE ALARM  Anagram of all safe + arm [supply weapons]

25. OWNERSHIP  Owners [proprietors] + hip [joint]

26. GRAIN  A within grin [smile wryly]

27. ETHOS  Hidden in budgET HOSpitals

28. SO TO SPEAK  Sot [drunk] + O [zero, nothing] + speak [say]


1. DOGGO  Dog [boxer – though there should be a ‘say’ or ‘perhaps’ in here,  think] + go [shot, try]

2. SMALL BEER  Be [live] within smaller [reduced]

3. ELECTORATE  Cryptic definition

4. PILGRIM  Reversal of lip [edge] + grim [serious]

5. REBATES  Anagram of are best

6. NERD  Hidden in dinNER Date

7. INTRO  R [Rex or Regina, monarch] within into [enthusiastic about]

8. HYDRANGEA  Anagram of garden within anagram of hay

13. DICHARGES  Dis [disrespect, insult] + charges [people being looked after]

14. TOMBSTONE  Anagram of mob sent to to give the rootin’, tootin’ town in which numerous westerns have been set

16. DISPARAGE  Anagram of ipadsrage [anger]

18. LEACHES  Hidden in singLE ACHE Silently

19. FUSSPOT  Fuss [worry] + pot [cannabis, drug]

21. FINCH  F [fine] + inch [measure] to give a member of a family of songbirds

23. MINSK  S [son] within mink [fur coat]

24. ARTS  Art [skill] + (horse)s

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  1. Keeper says:

    Two FT puzzles on consecutive days (see 4d in 14,248 by Dogberry) with HYDRANGEA made from GARDEN and HAY. Is this something the editor should strive to avoid? I’m curious as to others’ views.

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