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Enigmatic Variations 1057: Market Loan by Moordon

Posted by Dave Hennings on March 2nd, 2013

Dave Hennings.

A larger than normal grid this week, 14×14, and a lot of clues to go with it. What’s more, all the clues were normal, not a misprint or extra letter in sight. There were just the quotation at 28 and 38ac and another eight unclued entries to find.

It transpired that, not only were the clues normal, they were on the easy side for an EV, so ideal for those making the transition from the normal 15×15 cryptic to the barred thematic. There were quite a few 3-letter entries, and the unching (or lack of) was very generous, so extra help there for any newcomers.

EV 1057After a first pass through the clues, I had ··DD·CO·B··AI· at 39ac, and the theme was thus revealed as the old ballad, Widdicombe Fair. The first verse goes:

Tom Pearse, Tom Pearse, lend me your grey mare.
All along, down along, out along, lee.
For I want for to go to WIDDICOMBE FAIR,
Wi’ Bill BREWER, Jan STEWER, Peter GURNEY, Peter DAVEY, Dan’l WHIDDON, Harry HAWK,
Old Uncle Tom COBBLEIGH and ALL,
Old Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all.

All the names mentioned in the ballad appear in the grid, together with the third line of the verse (apart from the second ‘for’). The song tells how Tom Pearce’s grey mare is borrowed to go to Widdicombe Fair with the singer and the others mentioned. Unfortunately, the horse dies on the way, and eventually its ghost comes back to haunt the moor, together with the others who have also, by now, died.

To complete the puzzle, Tom PEARSE in row 4, and his GREY MARE in rows 7 and 8, had to be highlighted. All in all, a lot of thematic material was packed into the grid. Thanks to Moordon for a gentle week.

EV gremlins: missing entry length for 53ac (4), and a missing T from ‘dissertation’ at 8dn

Definition in clue
ABC* = anagram
ABC< = reversal
abCDef = hidden

No Entry Clue and Explanation
1 PAELLA Small old pan taking time to produce stew (6)
PATELLA (small pan, historic) – T (time)
5 DECEITS Frauds last month on site resolved (7)
DEC (last month, December) + SITE*
11 ARSON Minister missing opening of Parliament causes offence (5)
PARSON (minister) – P (opening of Parliament)
15 HUH Thought regularly leading to an expression of surprise (3)
regular letters of tHoUgHt
16 COBBLEIGH Unclued thematic
18 TIKI Part of Identikit image from Polynesia (4)
hidden in idenTIKIt
19 TILE Cover school subject that’s backward-looking (4)
E LIT< (school subject, English LITerature); I can’t find any justification for this abbreviation
21 APPEAR A Lord’s heard in show (6)
sounds like A PEER (a lord)
22 SED Nameless forward spoke once (3)
SEND (forward) – N (name)
24 IRA Name used in broadcast first to last (3)
AIR (broadcast) with first letter moved to end
25 NEVE Snow just returned (4)
EVEN< (just)
26 LIP Mistake, not the first and it may be glossed over (3)
SLIP (mistake) without first letter; as in lip gloss
28 FOR I WANT TO GO TO Unclued quotation
29 GNU Animal with face of goat, name unknown (3)
initial letters of Gnu Name Unknown
31 SEGRE Learn about grey tributary of the Ebro (5)
SEE (learn) about GR (grey)
33 YSAME Together as earlier? Yes, man almost smitten (5)
(YES MA[N])*
36 SPERM Sort of oil found in second wave (5)
S (second) PERM (wave)
37 ARETE Ridge‘s advanced network (5)
A (advanced) RETE (network)
38 ERK Aircraftsman is from middle of southern county (3)
[B]ERK[S] (southern county)
39 WIDDICOMBE FAIR Unclued quotation
44 OIL Painting of island on lake (3)
O (of) + I (island) + L (lake)
46 HAWK Unclued thematic
47 LOD Tricky old mathematical function (3)
49 LEA Urgent request, no parking in open area (3)
PLEA (urgent request) – P (parking)
51 LOLLOP Endless brass work in lounge (6)
LOLL[Y] (brass, as in money) + OP (work)
52 LIRA Turkish bread recipe for millions in S American capital (4)
LIMA (South American capital) with R (recipe) replacing M (millions); bread as in money
53 TAXI Vehicle duty and one’s stuck with it
TAX (duty) with I (one) added on
55 STIR FRIED Dire first supply of pan?cooked dish (9, 2 words)
58 ELL Get the measure from ‘orrible place (3)
[H]ELL ([h]orrible place)
59 GENIE Spirit in general starts to interest everyone (5)
GEN (general) + IE (first letters of Interest Everyone)
60 SELECTS Head of safety ordered carbon and steel picks (7)
S (head of Safety) + (C (carbon) STEEL)*
61 GURNEY Unclued thematic
No Entry Clue and Explanation
1 PARTI One light carriage brought up for group in the Elysée (5)
I (one) TRAP (light carriage)
2 ARC Part of circle seen in Garrick regularly (3)
regular letters in gArRiCk
3 LOBE Chuck gets horse finally in common place for a stud (4)
LOB (chuck) + E (horsE, finally)
4 ALL Unclued thematic
5 DEEPEN Increase river dam (6)
DEE (river) PEN (dam)
6 COGENT Powerful man props up company (6)
GENT (man) propping up (ie underneath) CO (company)
7 ETHAL Radical mortal out of line at the beginning (5)
LETHAL (mortal) – the L (line) at the start
8 THIS Heartless dissertaion is an event (4)
TH[ES]IS (dissertation, heartless)
9 SUK This country’s supporting special Middle East market (3)
UK (this country) supporting S (special)
10 WHIDDON Unclued thematic
12 SOLAR Mobile hacked suspect morals of The Sun (5)
MORALS* with M (mobile) hacked (choped)
13 TIPSTER One perhaps helping better parking on street row outside (7)
P (parking) + ST (street) with TIER (row) outside)
14 STRIGAE Greta is upset and bristles (7)
17 BREWER Unclued thematic
20 IRONSIDE Derision upset a puritan (8)
21 AVA Sparkling wine not cold at all in Glasgow (3)
CAVA (sparkling wine) – C (cold)
23 EXTERIOR Appearance of unconstrained fox-terrier barking (8)
27 POME Fruit lasts in Coop morello jam and marmalade (4)
last letters of cooP morellO jaM & marmaladE
30 UPDO Hairstyle amiss before party (4)
UP (amiss) + DO (party)
31 SEDILIA Ideal is to refurbish seats in church (7)
32 RAOULIA Ourali flourishing with a plant down under (7)
34 STEWER Unclued thematic
35 SWELTER Feel uncomfortably hot in southern wallow (7)
S (southern) WELTER (wallow)
40 CELTIC Soccer club caught and then let off, I see (6)
C (caught) LET* I C (see)
41 MHORRS Gazelles mass outside in Senegal around end of summer (6)
M (mass) + HORS (outside in (French-speaking) Senegal) around R (end of summeR)
42 BAP Roll in bed alongside partner at first (3)
first letters of Bed Alongside Partner
43 ALIEN Tale boring one foreigner (5)
LIE (tale) in AN (one)
45 LOSTE Behold French saint set free by poet (5)
LO (behold) +STE (saint, French)
48 DAVEY Unclued thematic
50 AXLE Rod‘s cut around top of leg (4)
AXE (cut) around L (top of Leg)
52 LIER One lying in ship, not navy (4)
LINER (ship) – N (navy)
54 ALS Man’s too old (3)
2 meanings; Al’s (man’s name)
56 FOG Driving hazard from reversing Golf (3)
OF< (from) + G (golf)
57 DIE Fulham, for example perish (3)
2 meanings; a fulham is a weighted die


5 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations 1057: Market Loan by Moordon”

  1. Tony says:

    Thanks, Dave. However I don’t know what “unching” means or what it’s a typo for, if a typo it is.

  2. Tony says:

    Thanks, Dave. However I don’t know what “unching” means or what it’s a typo for, if a typo it be.

  3. Tony says:

    Sorry about the duplicate. It’s because I didn’t complete the sum at the bottom first time and then it told me I’d already posted the message, hence the changed word at the end. But I didn’t realize it would accept my message without the simple sum.

  4. jim360 says:

    unching = “unchecked” = letters that are only used by a single grid entry. Checked letters are those used by both across and down clues.

  5. Dave Hennings says:

    Tony, many apologies for not making clear the meaning of “unching”, and Jim, thanks for the explanation. There were a number of entries in this puzzle which were fully checked, such as 21ac APPEAR and 8dn THIS.

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