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Independent 8225 by Bannsider (Saturday Prize Puzzle 23 February 2013)

Posted by mc_rapper67 on March 2nd, 2013


The usual high-quality clueing from Bannsider, with a varied mix of the old and the new – and no particular theme or nina (that I could see).

The old/classic? References to Levi, Hosea, Eucharist, Coeur de Lion, Russian dissenters and Lilliputians. The new? A recent Manchester United goalkeeper, some hi-tech scanning equipment and a Spielberg film. And a bit in the middle – stamp collectors and a pop star’s daughter.

A bit of a curious mix, and once the long answers round the outside and the four relatively quick-get 3-letter answers were in place, it all fell together maybe a bit too quickly for a Saturday prize puzzle? With a few Xs, Vs and a Z I did wonder if it might be a pangram – but it is at least a Q and a J short of that.

As ever, on closer inspection of the clues for blogging, there are some gems that I glossed over first time round. 1A – suggesting that SCHINDLER’S LIST may be a little overlong?! (I have to admit I have never watched it in full.) 10A with a NEWSSTAND as a ‘Sun’-seeker’s objective. And 11A with Cockney Rebels and The Sweet scoring number ones with their chart music. Sublime! And that is just 3 of the first 4 clues…

My favourite was probably ‘One minute…’ for LILLIPUTIAN at 13D – which was educational as it took a little Wiki-oogling to work out that the setter was not ennobling himself – there really is a Lord Bannside – any relation?! Probably closely followed by Lisa Marie Presley as ‘The King’s daughter’.

One minor quibble (or minsinterpretation by me) would be the homophone(?) of ROWS/ROSE at 5D – which needs a bit of visualisation as well, as ROWS meaning arguments/scraps would sound more like ROUSE than ROSE?

Anyway, in a busy week I was grateful for a relatively uncomplicated solve/blog – either that or I was in too much of a hurry to spot anything fiendishly clever hidden here…


Clue No Solution Clue Definition (with occasional embellishments) /
1A SCHINDLER’S LIST Hours into shifting stills, discern picture (10,4) Picture (Steven Spielberg film) /
anag (i.e. shifting) of STILLS DISCERN plus H (hours)
9A AFFIX Glue maybe sounds like something addict must have (5) Glue /
sounds like ‘a fix’, which is something an addict (drugs, coffee, crosswords?!) may need
10A NEWSSTAND Sun-seekers’ objective perhaps is fresh place to bask, without stone (9) Sun-seeker’s objective, perhaps (where one might buy the Sun newspaper/comic) /
NEW (fresh) + SAND (place to bask, ‘in the sun’), around (without) ST (stone)
11A PEAR DROP Listened to Cockney Rebel’s number one, chart music covers and The Sweet (4,4) (the) sweet /
POP (chart music) around (covering) EARD (heard, dropping the ‘h’, as a Cockney might do) plus R (first letter of Rebel)
12A AMALFI Earlier Hitchcock, familiarly one showing Italian location (6) Italian location /
AM (morning, earlier) + ALF (familiar form of Alfred – Hitchcock) + I (one)
15A OLD BELIEVER Dissenting Russian using daggers to keep lord still (3,8) Dissenting Russian (vs. the Orthodox church) /
OBELI (daggers – symbol used in printing, to indicate a footnote) around (keeping) LD (lord), plus EVER (still)
17A LEV Priest almost ready for trip to Sofia? (3) Ready (money, cash) for trip to Sofia (Bulgaria) /
LEV (Bulgarian currency) = LEV(I) (priest, almost)
18A LOU Male or female watch that comes with centrepiece for hours or minutes (3) Male or female (name) /
LO (interjection – ‘behold!’ or ‘watch!’) + U (middle letter of either hoUrs or minUtes)
19A COEUR DE LION For Richard I talked of separate energy supplier (5,2,4) (Nickname) for Richard I /
French (talked of, in another language) for Lionheart – Richard I’s nickname, and a lion’s heart could be a separate ‘energy supplier’ (?)
20A CAFTAN Shirt worn at FA Cup needs returning (6) Shirt /
reversed and hidden word in ‘worN AT FA Cup”
21A ART HOUSE Type of cinema seat that engulfs you (3,5) Type of cinema /
ARSE (seat, behind) around (engulfing) THOU (you)
24A OUT WITH IT Demand for comment from fool meeting success (3,4,2) Demand for comment /
OUTWIT (fool someone) + HIT (success)
26A SWISS Tell, say, Westminster tale Tory overlooked twice (5) (William) Tell, say /
SW1 (Westminster postcode) + S(TORY) twice (tale, without Tory)
27A FLATBED SCANNER Dull county person taking stick bringing in new image-maker (7,7) image-maker /
FLAT (dull) + BEDS (Bedfordshire, county) + CANER (one using a stick, or cane) around N (new)
Clue No Solution Clue Definition (with occasional embellishments) /
1D STAMP COLLECTOR Rock act promotes fifties clubs: one makes albums (5,9) one makes albums /
anag (i.e. rock) of ACT PROMOTES + LL (Roman numerals, 50s) + C (clubs)
2D HUFF AND PUFF Remove from board with great publicity and fuss (4,3,4) fuss /
HUFF (remove e.g. draughts piece, from game board) AND (with) PUFF (great publicity)
3D NIXED Team in retreat after lift gets cancelled (5) cancelled /
DEN (retreat, or lair) around XI (eleven, or team) – all lifted up
4D LONDONIZED Scrawled on old note one last letter resembling capital? (10) resembling capital (of England) /
anag (i.e. scrawled) of ON OLD, plus N (note) + I (one) + ZED (last letter)
5D ROWS Scraps were revolting when picked up (4) scraps /
visual homophone(?) – ROWS (scraps, fights), when pronounced as in rowing a boat, sounds like ROSE (rebelled, revolted)
6D LISA MARIE The King’s daughter in fairy story stuff, as one recalled (4,5) The ‘king’ (Elvis Presley)’s daughter /
LIE (fairy story) around ISA MAR – RAM (stuff) + AS + I (one) – all recalled
7D SPA First-placer from Aintree’s odds on for Cheltenham? (3) Cheltenham (spa town) /
SP (starting prices, bookies’ odds) on A (first letter of Aintree)
8D EDWIN VAN DER SAR Dutch goalkeeper, having arrived, swanned about (5,3,3,3) Dutch (and former Manchester United) goalkeeper /
anag (i.e. about) of ARRIVED SWANNED
13D LILLIPUTIAN One minute left, after which I’m going to one place Lord Bannside goes (11) One minute (as in ‘someone tiny’) /
L (left) + ILL (I’ll, I am going to) + I (one) + PUT (place) + IAN (Ian Paisley, aka Lord Bannside)
14D OVERWRITES Finished with liturgies, replaces with something new? (10) replaces with something new /
OVER (finished) + W (with) + RITES (liturgies)
16D EUCHARIST Bread and wine and tea is breaking the day up (9) Bread and wine /
EUT (Tue, day, up), broken by CHAR (tea) + IS
22D HOSEA Good book – one taken to bed to counteract dry article (5) Good book (of the Bible) /
HOSE (something used on a (flower) bed to counteract dryness) + A (indefinite article)
23D SHOE Trainer maybe has run out of support (4) Trainer, maybe /
SHO(R)E – support, shore up, without R (run)
25D TEL Scaled down fellow’s steeple regularly (3) Scaled down (diminutive) fellow’s (name) – i.e. short for Terry, which, in turn, can be short for Terence) /
regular letters of sTeEpLe


4 Responses to “Independent 8225 by Bannsider (Saturday Prize Puzzle 23 February 2013)”

  1. Richard Heald says:

    A hugely entertaining challenge as usual from Bannsider, with lots of imaginative and misleading definitions.

    Must say I share mc_rapper67’s unease about 5Dn – to me it seems unfair and illogical that the homophonous wordplay fails to match the definition.

    19Ac I took to be a homophone of CURDLE (to separate) + E.ON (German-based energy provider), although I’m not entirely convinced that ‘curdle’ and ‘separate’ mean the same thing.

  2. NormanLinFrance says:

    Thanks for the blog. 19a as per @Richard Heald’s comment.

  3. crypticsue says:

    This was the second ‘who are you and what have you done with Bannsider puzzle’ for me in a row. Either that or I am finally achieving my aim of getting on his wavelength. I solved this in a couple of sessions but all on the same day which is a first. The final penny drop moment being the splendid ‘king’s daughter’ D’oh indeed.

    Thanks to Bannsider for an extremely enjoyable challenge. Thanks for the blog too.

  4. Bannsider says:

    5dn was an error for which I sincerely apologise. In future I must read my homophone clues aloud!

    Lord Bannside is no relation. He featured in January’s puzzle also so I thought I’d echo that with a further reference …

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