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Guardian Quiptic 694 / Pan

Posted by Big Dave on March 4th, 2013

Big Dave.

This puzzle from Pan seems to have achieved the right level for a Quiptic.

Most of the definitions given are from Chambers 11th Edition. Most of the standard abbreviations used in the wordplay are shown with the unused letters in brackets e.g. N(ame). Definitions are underlined in the clue and only included in explanations where further information is given.


8 Wise man hiding jug in waste disposal system (8)
SEWERAGE – a wise man around (hiding) a large water jug

9 Proof of innocence given by setter during arrangement of bail (5)
ALIBI – the first person singular pronoun (setter) inside (during) an anagram (arrangement) of BAIL

10 With which to wash small old age pensioner? (4)
SOAP – S(mall) followed by the abbreviation for an old age pensioner

11 Republican in state where progress is impossible with Southern hairstyle (10)
DREADLOCKS – R(epublican) inside the state where progress is impossible followed by S(outhern)

12 With this type of remedy get better taking peeled rhubarb? (6)
HERBAL – a verb meaning to get better around (taking) the outer letters of RhubarB – I would have thought that peeled indicates removing the outer letters rather than using them;  maybe “peel of” would be better

14 Note name given to Manchester’s last dealer in a specified trade (8)
CHANDLER – a musical note followed by a name and the final letter (last) of ManchesteR

15 Composer‘s special technique rejected by American soprano (7)
STRAUSS – S(pecial) followed by the reversal (rejected) of a technique, the two-letter abbreviation for American and S(oprano)

17 Row of houses with dog running round the Queen (7)
TERRACE – a verb meaning to dog or follow around (running round) the regnal cypher for our Queen

20 Alternative source of milk for ewe’s runt organised (3,5)
WET NURSE – an anagram (organised) of EWE’S RUNT

22 Way for holy person to be humble (6)
MODEST – A way or style followed by the usual abbreviation for a holy person

23 Creature offering advice to punters, dumping stuff illegally (3-7)
FLY-TIPPING – a small insect followed by a verb meaning offering advice to punters or gamblers

24 Originally, colonialists swindled African republic (4)
CHAD – the initial letter (originally) of Colonialists followed by a verb meaning swindled

25 Insect jumping from police officer’s cloth (5)
SERGE – drop the three-letter insect from the end of a police officer

26 Drinks interrupted by correspondence from gospellers (8)
APOSTLES – alcoholic drinks around (interrupted by) some correspondence


1 Smelling of particular type of wine before start of orthodox period of fasting (8)
REDOLENT – a type of wine followed by the initial letter (start) of Orthodox and a period of fasting

2 Have a quick look up and down (4)
PEEP – this verb meaning to have a quick look is a palindrome (reads the same up and down in a down clue)

3 Vehicle used by boy overturned by one damaging property (6)
VANDAL – a commercial vehicle followed by the reversal (overturned in a down clue) of a boy

4 Beg to live, going to diocese supported by church (7)
BESEECH – a two-letter verb meaning to live followed by another word for a diocese and CH(urch)

5 Male with Dutch tool for gathering up plant (8)
MANDRAKE – a male person followed by D(utch) and a garden tool for gathering up grass or leaves

6 Disturbed Derby’s second rider with odds fix (10)
DISORDERED – an anagram (fix) of the second letter of dErby, RIDER and ODDS

7 Choose the French condiment (6)
PICKLE – a verb meaning to choose followed by the French definite article

13 British weather event leads to sudden inspiration (10)
BRAINSTORM – B(ritish) followed by a weather event

16 Erotic dancer sees tourist after the end of gyrations (8)
STRIPPER – a tourist follows the final letter (end) of gyrationS

18 Actors with neat arrangement for half an instrument (8)
CASTANET – a generic word for the actors in a play followed by an anagram (neat arrangement) of NEAT gives a percussion instrument that is of no use unless it is part of a pair

19 Renewed performance from competitor swallowing extra Viagra, primarily (7)
REVIVAL – a competitor around (swallowing) the initial letters (primarily) of Extra and Viagra,

21 Fluffed lines — time to sign up (6)
ENLIST – an anagram (fluffed) of LINES followed by T(ime)

22 Mother given first bit of garden obtained grub (6)
MAGGOT – a two-letter word for mother followed by the initial letter (first bit) of Garden and a verb meaning obtained

24 Musical animals (4)
CATS – a double definition

Comments from solvers who are new to cryptic puzzles are more than welcome – and that doesn’t mean the usual suspects can’t add their thoughts as well!

5 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 694 / Pan”

  1. michelle says:

    This was a perfect Quiptic by Pan. First in was 10a, last in was 26a.


    I enjoyed learning one new word: FLY-TIPPING.

    Thanks for the blog, Big Dave.

  2. Robi says:

    Thanks Big Dave and Pan.

    Yes, just right for a Quiptic, I thought. I was looking for something more sophisticated for Republican until I realised it was just ‘R.’ [and so, DREADLOCKS was the last in]

    I agree that ‘peeled rhubarb’ would seem to mean ‘hubar,’ which is the way I took it at the beginning.

  3. una says:

    very easy and therefore just right for me.

  4. una says:

    Very easy and therefore just right for me and very enjoyable.I am on a little bit of a roll today so that probably means the rest of the week will be horrific !

  5. Libellule says:

    Just found time to look at this – I would agree with you. Spot on for a Quiptic.

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