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Financial Times 14,254 by Gozo

Posted by PeeDee on March 6th, 2013


I am a Gozo fan and always enjoy solving his puzzles learning much entirely useless information (the best kind) along the way.

As you will know Gozo puzzles are themed, this one is about transport with a heavy slant towards automobiles.  Thank you Gozo.


1 JOWETT Bradford car firm which produced the Javelin and developed Jet2 (6)
(JET TWO)* anagram=developed – The Jowett Javelin.  Jet2 is a UK budget airline based at Leeds-Bradford airport.  Funnily enough I travelled to Bradford only yesterday to pick up another car, sadly not a Jowett though.
4 DAIHATSU Welshman with bowler from Russia at oldest Japanese car firm (8)
DAI (Welshman) with HAT (bowler) SU (Soviet Union, Russia) – the Daihatsu Motor Company
10 AVIETTE Having lost odds, navvy is entitled to glider (7)
nAvVy Is EnTiTlEd with the odd numbered letters removed
11 ALLEGRO BL model’s speed (7)
double definition – the Austin Allegro from British Leyland – innovation ahead of its time, or just plain wrong?  You decide.
12 OPEL Work with the Spanish car firm (4)
OP (opus, work) EL (the, in Spanish) – a very old German automobile firm, now part of General Motors
13 HOVERCRAFT Dam leading offcer left and caught rough boat to cushioned transport (10)
HOoVER (dam) with O (leading letter of officer) removed, C (caught) and RAFT (rough boat)
16 SINGER Bass, say, at Coventry car firm (6)
double definition – Singer Motors Limited, originally a bicycle manufacturer
17 CLIPPER Hairdresser under sail (7)
double definition
20 MINIBUS Transport Ian Botham, initially into take-away (7)
IB (Ian Botham’s initials) in MINUS (take away)
21 BEETLE Say! Ringo has a bug (6)
Ringo Starr is a Beatle (sounds like “beetle”, say) – the Volkswagen Beetle
24 HANG GLIDER Henry Langridge lashed out at large kite (4-6)
H (henry) LANGRIDGE (lashed out = anagram) – I’m not wholly at “lashed out” as an anagram indicator here
25 TRAM Leading transport running round Moscow (4)
Transport Running Around Moscow (leading letters of) – I think this clue has a misprint in the online version
27 PHAETON Roofless Stanhope rebuilt as this? (7)
sTANHOPE* anagram=rebuilt – a style of car body, also various car models from Buick, Mercury and Volkswagon
29 TITANIC Liner – 1 it can’t crash (7)
anagram (crash) of I (one, Roman numeral) IT CAN’T
30 DRAGSTER Obstacle to progress that’s almost serious for Santa Pod racer (8)
DRAG (obstacle to progress) STERn (serious, almost) – Santa Pod in Northamptonshire was Europe’s first drag racing circuit.  Named after Santa Anna, a track in California, and Poddington the local village.
31 WYVERN Points out very different 1950s Vauxhall model (6)
VERY* (different=anagram) with NS (points of the compass) outside – the Vauxhall Wyvern
1 JEALOUSY Envy shown by nameless girl feeling bad (8)
JEAn (girl) missing N (name)  LOUSY (feeling bad)
2 WHITE ENSIGN Standard variation of nine weights (5,6)
(NINE WEIGHTS)* variation=anagram – a British naval flag (standard)
3 TUTU Archbishop’s dress (4)
double definition
5 ARABELLA Girl’s graceful horse turned up at heart of valley (8)
ARAB (graceful horse) and vALLEy (heart of) reversed (turned up)
6 HELICOPTER The police broke rule for a Chinook (10)
(THE POLICE)* anagram=broke R (rule, law) – a military helicopter
7 TAG Stagecoach’s label (3)
8 U-BOATS They’re fitted to a sub! (1-5)
U-boats are subs, the definition is &lit since the letters of ‘u-boats’ can be fitted into ‘to a sub’
9 VELOX French bike on cross for 31’s 1950s partner (5)
VELO (French bike) on X (cross) – the Vauxhall Velox based on the same body shell as the Wyvern (31 across)
14 AGENT ORANGE Amateur getting info for 28 that’s poisonous (5,6)
A (amateur) getting GEN (info) TO (for) RANGE (cooker, an Aga for instance)
15 MENINGITIS Illness of US soldier having to sit out under gate in Ypres (10)
GI (US soldier) having SIT* (anagram=out) under the MENIN gate war memorial in Ypres
18 AUDIENCE They hear German car in French church (8)
AUDI (German car) EN (in, French) CE (church, of England) – definition is ‘they hear’
19 PEMMICAN Emergency rations bringing out the camp in me (8)
(CAMP IN ME)* anagram=out, bringing=you will get from this… – dried meat used as emergency rations
22 SHAPED Formed from diamonds under loose heaps (6)
D (diamonds, cards) following HEAPS* (anagram=loose)
23 JETTY Pier for plane on outskirts of Tobermory (5)
JET (plane) on TobermorY (outskirts of)
26 STAY Support will last (4)
double definition
28 AGA Chief offcer from Alvis gains approval at first (3)
Alvis Gains Approval (first letters of) – an important ottoman military officer or official


4 Responses to “Financial Times 14,254 by Gozo”

  1. crypticsue says:

    Interestingly it turned out I knew far more about vehicles than I thought I did, even 1a was there in the back of my head somewhere.

    Thanks to Gozo and PeeDee too

  2. Conrad Cork says:

    Beautifully crafted, as always. Thanks to Gozo, and to PeeDee especially for telling me about Jet2, which makes the clue even finer.

    I can well recall the excited crowds around the Jowett Javelin at the Festival of Britain.

  3. pogel says:

    Enjoyable stuff. Although 25ac was also mispronted in the print version – the European edition at any rate.

  4. Rowland says:

    Neat, lovely, well-written clues!1


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