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Financial Times no.14,255 by Sleuth

Posted by Ringo on March 7th, 2013


Good morning, all. And happy World Book Day!

This offering from Sleuth was more Janet and John than War and Peace for me, but that’s not to say it wasn’t enjoyable (though I do have a couple of minor grumbles). A pleasant stroll rather than an energising work-out. Thanks, Sleuth.


1. SATIRICAL  [island] within anagram of last car I

6. STAMP  Hidden in paST AMPlified

9. EUROS  U [university] within reversal of sore [painful]

10. TRAFALGAR  RAF [Royal Air Force, servicemen] + a + l [lake] + g [grand] within tar [sailor]

11. MINESTRONE  Anagram of  men in store

12. PLUM  Double definition

14. HAULAGE  Haul [sounds like hall, Oxbridge term for a formal dinner] + age [get on]

15. REEDBED  Reed [sounds like read, study] + bed [place for flowers – or indeed reeds, making this component less than cryptic]

17. TRANCHE  Ranch [place for stock] within te [note]

19. ACRYLIC  Ac [account] + anagram of cyril

20. HULK  H [hospital] + l [left] within UK

22. LA ROCHELLE  Reversal of coral [pink] + h [hotel] + Elle [magazine]

25. ANTIPATHY  Anagram of in pay that

26. NOISE  N [northern] + Oise [French river]

27. KAPUT  K [a thousand] + aput [place]

28. CLEVELAND  Reversal of A-level [educational qualification] within CND [Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, protesting group]


1. STEAM  S [second] + team [group of sportsmen]

2. TARANTULA  Tara [woman(‘s name)] + NT [National Trust, conservationists] + initial letters of Understand Large And

3. RESISTANCE  Is within rest [others] + a + n [new] + CE [church (of England)]

4. COTERIE  Anagram of rite within Coe  [Lord, peer]

5. LEARNER  L [Liberal] + earner [source of funds]

6. SPAN  S [square] + pan [slate]

7. ANGEL  Double definition

8. PARAMEDIC  Anagram of I a cramped

13. GEAR CHANGE  Reverse clue: gear is an anagram [change] of rage

14. HATCHBACK  Hatch [mark with fine lines] + back [support]

16. BALALAIKA  A [indefinite article] within ball [dance] + AI [A1, first-rate] + initials of Knowledgeable Artist

18. ELASTIC  Asti [wine] within anagram of cel(lar)

19. ACOLYTE  Y [yard] within anagram of locate

21. LET UP  Let [sounds like Lett, eastern European] + up [at college]

23. EMEND  Looks like e-mend, which might be an online repair

24. SPOT  Double definition

One Response to “Financial Times no.14,255 by Sleuth”

  1. Bryan says:

    Many thanks Ringo & Sleuth

    This was very enjoyable.

    However, I made it harder for myself by entering GEAR LEVERS for 13d until common sense asserted itself.

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