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Independent 8235 / Klingsor

Posted by Bertandjoyce on March 7th, 2013


It’s Thursday, it’s Klingsor, so we expected to have to get our thinking caps on! The last Klingsor we blogged was a Saturday Prize Puzzle which we really enjoyed and this one ‘hit the spot’ too!!

It all started out reasonably quickly but we then slowed down with quite a few taking a while to parse. There was a good bit of misdirection in 2d – we needed a dictionary to check this one. There were also two lovely long anagrams at 1ac and 27ac which may not be to everyone’s liking but we enjoyed them. We did argue somewhat over the definition of 11ac. We ‘eat in’ most nights and do not resort to ‘takeaways’ but if you think about the fact that you are NOT having a takeaway at an Indian restaurant then you would be ‘eating in’. We thought 23d may be a footballer but once again we were being misdirected by Klingsor’s clever clueing.

We are on the move again today so if there are any errors. omissions or anything else that needs sorting out we may not be able to access the blog again until later in the afternoon.

1   Around America economists are breaking news that’s very welcome
MUSIC TO ONE’S EARS Anagram of ECONOMISTS ARE (anagrind is ‘breaking’) around US (America). Thanks to Graham Pellen for his rather delayed addition to the blog!
9   Extremely dire software requiring chap to come in to remove bugs
DELOUSE DE  SE (First and last letter of DirE and SoftwarE or ‘extremely’) around LOU (chap)
10   Two policemen arresting one close to dense thicket
COPPICE COP PC (two policemen) around I (one) + E (last letter or ‘close’ to densE)
11   Some dine at Indian or get takeaway?
EAT IN Hidden within the clue dinE AT INdian. You can either eat in or have a takeaway at a restaurant.
12   Steed, perhaps, that is first of all a carrion-eater
SCAVENGER AVENGER (John Steed as in this TV series created in the 1960s) after SC (that is, or namely)
13   I note working woman’s outside, showing a bit of leg
SHINBONE I + NB (note) + ON (working) with SHE (woman) outside
15   Jack’s tried speaking Cockney – that’s ridiculous
ABSURD AB (Jack) + URD (sounds like ‘eard  – tried)
18   Oriental’s not popular around East Lancashire?
CHEESE CHinESE (Oriental) without IN (popular) around E (East). The Lancashire refers to the possibility of it being a Lancashire cheese!
19   What extremely prolific parents will do last of all
REARMOST A play on the fact that prolific parents would have the most children so would REAR MOST
22   Don’t start being playful – that spells danger
RISKINESS fRISKINESS without the initial letter or ‘not starting’
24   Spy is not at all involved in special operation
SNOOP NO (not at all) inside or ‘involved in’ S (special) + OP (operation)
25   Bush reduced spending? Change of leader needed!
OUTBACK cUTBACK (reduced spending) with a change of initial letter
26   Mischievous Loki (not half) twice not providing transport for Thor?
KON-TIKI Anagram of KI KI (half of LoKI – twice) + NOT (anagrind is ‘mischievous’). The transport would be suitable for Thor Heyerdahl.
27   What better hopes for reforming those who rule?
THE POWERS THAT BE Anagram of WHAT BETTER HOPES (anagrind is ‘reforming’)
1   Overturned goal contributing to crowd’s fury
MADNESS END (goal) reversed or ‘overturned’ inside or ‘contributing to’ MASS (crowd)
2   I lose time struggling to protect song thrush
SOLITAIRE Anagram of I LOSE + T (time) anagrind is ‘struggling’ around or ‘protecting’ AIR (song). Thanks to Graham Pellen for his rather delayed addition to the blog!
3   A vessel that’s companion to another
CHURN CH (companion) + URN (another vessel)
4   Such is worker, say, following order?
OBEISANT IS + ANT (worker) following OBE (order). A worker would hopefully obey!
5   When talking, knocked back a right tasty beverage
NECTAR NECT (sounds like NECKED – knocked back) + A + R (right)
6   Tempers will become ragged, having to live confined for about 4 weeks
SEPTEMBER Anagram of TEMPERS around or ‘having’ BE (to live)
7   Growing wistaria just started out as cutting
AXING wAXING (growing) with first letter of wistaria reomved or ‘out’
8   Spread nasty lies about me (not quietly)?
SMEARED Anagram of SpREAD (anagrind is nasty) outside or ‘lies about’ ME without P (quietly). The definition is the complete clue – hence the ?
14   Son involved in racket’s in trouble – severe punishment results
BASTINADO S (son) inside BAT (racket) + IN + ADO (trouble)
16   One helps sort out wee problem
UROLOGIST A play on the fact that a urologist would treat problems concerning urine or ‘wee’!
17   Japanese ornaments and lace woman’s found around centre of Tokyo
NETSUKES NET (lace) + SUE’S (woman’s) around K  (centre of toKyo)
18   Drivers turned left to find place to park vehicle
CARPORT RAC (drivers as in Royal Automobile Association Club) reversed or ‘turned’ + PORT (left). Apologies to JohnF for the misdirection and thanks to Sil van de Hoek for helping out in our absence.
20   Group of Premiership players offering a joint?
TOPSIDE A play on TOP SIDE (perhaps a group of Premiership players) and joint as in a joint of beef!
21   Mild oath leads to louts endeavouring to disrupt meeting
HECKLE HECK (mild oath) + L E (first letters or ‘leads to’ Louts Endeavouring)
23   Amateur match is beneath Spain’s top scorer
SATIE A (amateur) + TIE (match) under or ‘beneath’ S (first letter or ‘top of’ Spain). The scorer refers to this French composer.
24   Soundly decline to work at the same time
SYNCH  Sounds like SINK (decline)

14 Responses to “Independent 8235 / Klingsor”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Another Place 56, Indy 0. Can’t be doing with that, can we, so I will be First Responder. Not that this puzzle needed resuscitation; as always with Dac, it was sound as a pound. Bit harder than your average Wednesday, I would say, but the long across anagrams top and bottom gave a way in. I’d normally back myself to get a bird clue, but SOLITAIRE was a new one for me. REARMOST my favourite today.

    Thanks to B&J and to Dac.

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Or Klingsor and Thursday, even … if I had a brain I’d be dangerous.

  3. Bertandjoyce says:

    All is forgiven Kathryn’s Dad. We began to wonder if anyone else was out there!

  4. togo says:

    You are not alone! Just to prove it, here’ a tiny correction: in 19ac, I’m sure you meant to highlight ‘last of all’ as meaning for rearmost?

    Thanks for the blog – and sorry it’s so quiet in here. But at least there’s two of you!

  5. Flashling says:

    Why so quiet, very hard I felt and b&j left little for folks to argue over. Middle line spells RATNER. Is this K describing his crosswords as cr#p :-)

  6. Flashling says:

    at k’sd #1 a real d’oh moment there.

  7. Bertandjoyce says:

    Thanks togo – colouring and underlining now complete!

    Just to update – Another Place 60 Indy 7! (Even this is a bit of a con given double entries by certain VERY welcome contributors!

  8. togo says:

    Not sure where my pedantry is coming from today, but I think in 11ac the hidden answer means ‘get (a) takeaway’ i.e. eat in (at home) rather than go out to the restaurant. So, not sure which side of your domestic battle I’ve supported. I think I’ll go and lie down now. Or perhaps nip over to t’other place and invite them over here…..

    Agree with Flashling – a tough one from Mr K, and (despite my pickiness) superbly blogged.

  9. JohnF says:

    Sorry for coming in late–many questions from over here. Don’t trouble to answer unless you’ve got time on your hands–I’m just whining, gradually sorting these mysteries out. Isn’t netsuke the plural of netsuke? Why is CH companion? Why the “just” in 7D? What does RAC have to to do with RAA?

  10. Sil van den Hoek says:

    I have just counted the number of empty squares in my print-out of this fine Klingsor puzzle: 25! [which doesn’t mean ‘factorial’ :) ]
    They are all in the SE, where ‘urologist’ was the only word I found.

    It started off so smoothly with the two long anagrams almost first in.
    1ac was quite clever, but I remember to have seen 27ac in a similar way in a Bradman puzzle about a year ago. But then, great minds think alike.

    Many thanks to B&J for the blog which gave me the explanation for ‘delouse’.

    Clue of the Day by a mile CHEESE (18ac).
    Brilliantly constructed.

    Thanks to Klingsor aka as the one who is “right back”.

  11. Sil van den Hoek says:

    John F @9:
    The plural of ‘netsuke’ can either be ‘netsuke’ or ‘netsukes’ according the Oxford Dictionary of English.
    CH = Companion of Honour, often clued in crosswords as just ‘companion’.
    Talking about ‘just’, you might be right about the use of it in 7d. That said, Klingsor’s wording can be justified IMO.
    As to the use of RAC in 18d, I don’t see any problem. RAC means Royal Automobile Club. So, no Association but you could easily have googled that, dear John F.

  12. Dormouse says:

    Didn’t think I was going to finish this one. Got less than half of it before going out for the evening and was having trouble getting re-started when I got home. Then, suddenly, everything slotted into place – without having to do word searches, and I don’t think I even opened Chambers, although there were a few answers I couldn’t parse and a few I’d guessed. No, I’d never heard of solitaire meaning thrush. Amazing how quickly a puzzle can change from one I hate to one I admire.

  13. pennes says:

    Seeing as I don’t use aids I reckon five clues left is decent going for me, as this was hard and three of those I didn’t know the word. I’ve not seen SC as namely before; Viz yes, but it’s not likely to be a setters favourite!
    Vaguely thought there might be something going on with chinese, wisteria ( a plant fron China originally), Loki/kon tiki, Indian, Japanese.

  14. Graham Pellen says:

    B&J (and other bloggers)

    1A The final “s” has been left off economists.

    2D Anagram of I lose t(ime).

    26A Sort of misdirection as Loki and Thor are both prominent characters in Norse mythology

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